Gavin Newsom is Wrong In California: Guns are Constitutionally protected, abortion is not

Abortion is Murder, Gun Rights is about Protecting LIfe

The best thing about the last few years in America has been that people have read and understood the Constitution more than ever.  I remember well that our local Tea Party used to have Saturday classes to teach the Constitution.  My son-in-law also took a lengthy class at Liberty University as an immigrant from the United Kingdom that he valued quite a lot.  Many in the world have understood the Constitution for a long time, the law of the land, and our country.  Without those laws, we don’t have a country.  Otherwise, there is merely a mob of power-hungry bureaucrats who live to tell other people what to do, like Dr. Fauci.  Little people like him gain a lot of power if there is no constitutional law, so there are apparent forces at play to erode our laws so that a bureaucratic expert class can take over.  For instance, if people had just followed the law from the outset of Covid, there wouldn’t be many of the problems we have now.  We don’t change our laws to solve emergencies, even government-made ones like Covid-19 and manufactured variants.  We use science to solve those kinds of problems, and while that occurs, we stay on target with a law-and-order society.  Those are the rules, and more people than ever understand those rules.  So, it didn’t take much for people to see through the problem quickly of California’s Gavin Newsom’s attempt to turn the world upside down to rally progressives to their increasingly losing cause.

Newsom and other progressives were upset about the trajectory of the Supreme Court, specifically a Texas law that allows for legal procedures against abortion clinics that enable abortions after six weeks.  They attempted to flip the script and apply the same methods to firearms in California.  The effort gained a lot of press from the communists, socialists, and soothsayers of public education who work in the media, but nobody seemed to understand the differences.  Many media types referred to the abortion law of Texas as an attack on a constitutionally protected right, whereas removing gun rights in any form was somehow validated.  This is where a decent understanding of the Constitution comes in handy.  Every American should understand it.  It should be taught in public schools when we are all little. It’s the essential thing you can learn, yet obviously, that has not been the case with most people in politics.  The Supreme Court made a mistake with Roe v. Wade that will be rectified after a few decades of analysis.  The trajectory of the law is that it will be revisited, and that decision that allowed for abortion will be reversed because it was never a constitutional right.

Meanwhile, gun rights are in the same mold in that their effectiveness has been eroded unjustly because they are a constitutionally protected right.  Thugs and losers posing as a mob threatening to destroy the lives of members of the court were how Roe v. Wade came about in the first place.  And if guns had played a more central role in the protests, preventing acts of violence from being threatened, then a more logical court decision would have transpired, and we wouldn’t be talking about all this now. 

The trajectory meanwhile of gun rights, despite the progressive controls we see all around us from the government, is that restoration of legal purity is underway.  In Ohio and many other places, we aren’t just talking about Concealed Carry; we are moving toward Constitutional Carry, where you don’t even have to let the police know you are armed if you get pulled over for a traffic stop.  Carrying a gun should be as common as carrying a wallet, and that’s where many of the mistakes progressives have made are taking our nation to a more pure appreciation for the Constitution in the first place.  I say it often; I have copies of The Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers next to my reading chair, which I look at several times a week for pleasure.  I see them as works of philosophy emerging from western civilization resulting from centuries of trial and error.  They are incredible human achievement works, and I often remind myself of them by sifting through their pages during football games and other television programs.

Additionally, I have a copy of the Ohio Constitution that I do the same with.  These are law and order components of our society which has worked well for all people.  And I stand by them.  On the other hand, I don’t have tolerance or understanding among law enforcement or politicians who do not follow the rules.  What happened to General Flynn, Roger Stone, even Brad Parscall won’t happen at my house.  I will defend it the way the Constitution specifies.  The legal system doesn’t get to suspend my constitutional rights while they figure things out as a slow, dim-witted, bureaucratic society.  In their world, people like Dr. Fauci are king.  But in the world of the constitutionally protected, kings are rejected, and their powers are limited to some useless office position behind a desk somewhere.  They are not allowed to bring their nonsense into our lives. 

Now, regarding that California proposal, which is just air coming out of the mouth of Gavin Newsom, looking for revenge and intimidation meant to hurl at the Supreme Court if Roe v. Wade is overturned in the summer of 2022.  Gun rights are legal and constitutionally protected.  They are intended to protect us from overreaching authority figures like Gavin Newsom and Dr. Fauci.  And yes, that means that gunfights are expected and patriotic if a government goes bad and comes to spread their “badness” to constitutionally protected people.  Not desired, but neither is government abuse.  Gun rights are the last right of defense against an out-of-control government, and over the previous several years, we have seen just how bad it can get.  It’s one thing to warn about these things before people know for themselves how dangerous government can be and what we saw from the government over Covid should be enough to rattle the foundations of anybody.

Nobody wants to shoot people in self-defense.  But living under tyranny is worse.  So that is why there is a trend in states toward even fewer gun restrictions instead of more.   And this has all happened as the government is trying to bankrupt the NRA financially.  Like Trump, through the NRA, the government thought those were the forces behind gun rights, so they attacked them in ways to destroy them.  No, the NRA was just a collection of over 5 million people who supported gun rights.  They would continue to support gun rights whether or not there was an NRA.  One did not create the other.   There are no rights to apply to anti-gun advocates seeking to use the Texas abortion law to gun sales in California.  Guns are constitutionally protected.  Abortion is not and never was.  Only threats of intimidation allowed for abortion, and that portion of the law will soon be restored to constitutional observations of life.  Guns are meant to protect life, liberty, and happiness.  And abortion is about killing life.  Now that more people appreciate the Constitution, we see a restoration of its legal value.  And from my observation, that is a wonderful, new trait that I welcome tremendously. 

Rich Hoffman

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