Brian Williams Signs Off: The smoke on the horizon that all progressives see coming

The Smoke on the Horizon

I had some very interesting thoughts about Brian Williams signing off his show on MSNBC, The 11th Hour, for the last time.  About the same time on Fox, the long-time news guy Chris Wallace was leaving for CNN, and Steven Spielberg, along with Disney, was reeling from the rejection of West Side Story that had just been released to theaters.  All kinds of mystification were transpiring at many levels of our society. Still, it all pointed back to one essential thing, something that had been brewing since the creation of America really.  Brian Williams could see, as they all could, that with Trump gone from the White House for a year, Democrats controlling all the levers of power couldn’t duplicate the success of the previous administration, and now they were folding under the pressures of their party.  The cracks were just too big.  Dr. Fauci had just been caught representing our government in creating a bioweapon, Covid-19, in a lab in partnership with China to cause a great reset in the world, and he had been caught.  IN CASE NOBODY WAS PAYING ATTENTION, Robert F. Kennedy’s book, The Real Dr. Fauci, was still the best seller on Amazon for several consecutive weeks.  That meant that millions and millions of people were getting their hands on the content to learn just what role Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci had played in a global insurrection using Covid-19 as the cover story.  And to pave the way for that plan, many Democrat types had got themselves involved in some form or another in election fraud, to steal the election from Trump and give it to their hand-picked guy, Joe Biden.  And that wasn’t working out too well.  People weren’t buying it, and institutionalists like Brian Williams have been some of the first to see the direction the world is moving in. 

To see the story clearly, I think you need to look at the history of the United States as a whole, at the time when the Whig Party broke up and split into two factions, the Republicans who would go on to become the party of Abraham Lincoln and the “Know-Nothings” which was advocated by America’s most famous novelist and sensationalists, Edward Z. C. Judson.  Why were they called the “Know-Nothings” you might ask?  Well, when people asked them about their existence, members would say, “I know nothing.” They were a secret society of the Native American Party who were very skeptical of global powers moving to America as immigrants and bringing dumb, European ideas with them.  Democrats at that time were pushing to split the country in two because they were all about slavery and wanted to preserve it.  Those forces were at work against each other for most of the 19th century. Of course, after the Civil War, many factions were guilty of serious crimes, and progressivism from Europe came in as the Know-Nothings feared always they would and steered our country into a different direction using institutions to help the pill go down.

This went on for over the next hundred years, the rise of institutionalism and the class structure that European immigrants had brought with them to America to turn a free country into just another European territory essentially.  Sigmond Freud came along as a seller of institutionalism to discuss the practices of sex.  Albert Einstein sold physics, Carl Jung sold dream analysis.  Many fields of science arrived from universities copying Europe to create archaeology, paleontology, geology, astronomy, and many other “ologies.” The European answer to the problem in America was more education that was controlled by Edward Bellamy’s fans and the book about socialism Looking Backward.  Institutions were formed to give a tapestry to society that showed sophistication and innovation, just as the novel Looking Backward did projecting society into the future of the year 2000, all in an attempt to sell the work of Karl Marx to a gullible public on their heels after the Civil War.  The political left from Europe, the come lately that the Know-Nothing Party had warned everyone about, led to the Astor House riot and several others across the country that were very violent over essentially immigration issues.  The Know-Nothings believed the Come Lately’s did not have the country’s best interests in mind, and history showed their suspicions to be correct.  Yeah, compared to those riots, the little thing that Democrats saw on January 6th, 2020 was nothing; it was kiddie pool stuff. 

Progressives from the Democrat and Republican Party hoped to mask all these issues with institutionalism which worked for a while thanks to a few World Wars and several other regional wars like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  But essentially, the worry of mid 19th century Republicans and Know-Nothings who had formed out of the former Whig Party was still very much alive.  The concerns had not abated generationally because they were human in scope.  People who came to America came for freedom, but different people had different ideas of what freedom was.  And Europe, then later, the rest of the world was all too jealous to allow such a thing to occur, and people, real people who have to make a living every day, saw that as the case.  Now being someone who reads a lot of history, I knew a lot of this, but after Joe Biden was sworn in under the most scandalous circumstances, I hit the road with my wife to see what America was really about.  I learned that much of the country is still as it was initially.  They didn’t like institutionalism and wanted to be free of it.  It had nothing to do with President Trump.  He was just the latest vehicle that they thought might give them insulation from global nosiness.  They were still very much rebels in their hearts and minds, which the institutionalists know.  They know how many people really voted for Trump, and they know how much they had to cheat to make it happen.  They know what they did with Covid, and they expected to hide it from the public.  But, the public isn’t buying it because institutionalism is not providing the cover that Democrats and other liberals expected it would, as it had in the past. 

The failure of institutionalism has been evident for a long time, but you can really see it when films like West Side Story come out, and the early reports from Disney about their Star Wars Hotel, which is falling flat on its face with woke politics.  People don’t want that garbage; they never did.  People don’t care what college celebrities like Carl Jung say about dreams or scientists say about global warming manipulating data as they have with Covid to create a political platform.  People see through this stuff, as they always have.  And they want options.  And now that progressives went all-in after over a century of planning and manipulation, they are suddenly like the teenage daughter who was full of rebellion, wanting to run off with her boyfriend, smoking, and getting tattoos to declare her independence.   Once she had her freedom, she realized that smoking ruined her skin.  The tattoos stretched out as she got fat sitting around on her third husband in 10 years while she waited for a government check to arrive in the mail so she could get groceries.  The rebellion of instituting institutionalism was long over, and now people like Brian Williams could see the smoke on the horizon headed their way.  It was the same angry Americans who had been abused and treated terribly by these classes of people looking for social insurrection.  And now the table has turned on them, and it’s only going to get worse.  I should know, I’ve seen these people up close, and they are not happy.  

Rich Hoffman

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