Yes, FDR Knew Pearl Harbor Would Be Attacked: It’s the same game then as we see now

Never Forget Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Day isn’t as celebrated as it used to be, and I think that’s sad.  People need not forget what it meant for a surprise attack against America, which drug us into World War II.  We didn’t want to be in the war; Americans didn’t want to be in World War I either.  And when we refused, the Japanese attacked us anyway, forcing us essentially to answer the call and join the world war to end all wars.  Then in the wake, we were known worldwide as the new empire, and socialists around the world tried to demonize us into the territorial conquerors and second coming of the British Empire.  Most of us have forgotten history or didn’t learn much to start with, but for me, thinking about Pearl Harbor Day, knowing what we all do now, looking back, the hindsight is quite clear.  I would refer to one of my favorite books, The Way of the Fighter by Claire Lee Chennault, the general of the famous Flying Tigers. I am quite confident that President Franklin Roosevelt knew that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor.  He kept the carriers at sea and only put noncritical battleships in port in the harbor there in Hawaii.  Things that big don’t happen by surprise, but FDR wanted to drag America into the war, like all progressives and globalists desire.  It wasn’t the first time, and it certainly wasn’t the last.  We also know that the FBI knew about the terrorists of 9/11, and I said of Covid that it was the launch of World War III.  China was attacking America with a virus they created with American money and partners of our own government for a globalist agenda fulfillment in the same manner that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  No, that’s not a conspiracy, we have the records that show it all, and now that we do, we can say with certainty that FDR purposely allowed for Pearl Harbor to occur because, to him, it was an effort at the “greater good,” as he saw it.

It is clear, especially after the “Red Decade,” where communism was very much alive worldwide, especially on the political left, that the Roosevelt administration supported its growth worldwide.  As a progressive, like Woodrow Wilson from World War I, when the results of that war almost put Americans into the League of Nations, the global desire for a one-world government would not disappear.  As I have said before, it might be remembered that while France, England, and America were dividing up the spoils of the world at the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler was created there.  And so was Ho Chi Minh, who would end up being the communist insurgent in Vietnam, which caused the war there.  Few people know that Ho Chi Minh was a busboy at a local restaurant near Versailles. He tried to get an audience with Woodrow Wilson to plead with him to relieve Vietnam of French influence as it was a territory at the time jealously guarded.  Globalism was always a thing; those efforts never went away; they only got worse as technology made the world smaller.  The spirits of the perpetrators were always vicious.  Ho Chi Minh was inspired by the American Revolution and wanted to free Vietnam from the French with American help.  But, Woodrow Wilson had no intentions of bringing harm to the claims of his friends, the French, so Ho Chi Minh, as a very young man, was swatted away.  So he went with the communists down the road, who welcomed him with open arms.  Several decades later, we had the Vietnam War.

Yet that was the warning Claire Lee Chenault had in his famous book. If we did not stop the communists coming out of Russia into Northern China, America would be drug into fighting the communists in the wake of World War II in the East perpetually. Of course, many years later, with Covid, he was correct.  We had a war with North Korea, which is still a political problem.  We had a war with Vietnam which the world was quick to proclaim that the American Imperialists lost, of course.  We have a very real economic war with China now and their desire to take over Taiwan and destroy the economy of America for daring to challenge them with new trade deals, which Trump was successfully implementing.  They had to get rid of him, to knock him off the great chess game these globalists had been trying to play for over 100 years, since air travel and telephones became possible to shrink the world.  It all started at the end of World War I. By the time World War II was provoked by the same characters, poking Hitler, molding him then once the war was over, taking those Nazi’s and making them Americans for the space program, the game in the East was to deplete Japan and China into collapse so that the Chinese communists could grow into power.  This is what happened just four years after World War II, and the United Nations was created to keep the world from ever fighting again.  It was kind of like what we did with the Patriot Act after the 9/11 bombing or the Covid protocols in 2020 to set the course for Democrats to conduct legal election fraud. 

We’ve seen this game over and over.  The point of World War II, by the globalists at the time, Neville Chamberland and the Royals of England were not stupid; they worked with Hitler to help him and force the world to unite to defeat him.  And in the wake, communism, socialism, and the United Nations would be created.  And whenever the nations of the world needed to unify, they would come up with some new war to steer our opinions, like the Gulf War, the war with Iraq, or Afghanistan.  Once those wars had done their public relations, the globalists would just turn off the machine and get back to the global agenda; global communism disguised any way they could sell it to the public.  So there is no question, given all that, FDR knew what he was doing; he did what all progressives in his position have done for the last century, George W. Bush included.  They played the globalists’ game and did what the Skull and Bones Society at Yale said to do in their lobby, make “War” in the world so that social progress could be aligned to those who intended to rule us all.

Americans had to drop their sense of independence and had to be kicked into World War II, and FDR was going to play his part.  He sacrificed a few to go after what he and many considered the “greater good.” Just as Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci are doing now, not with tanks, planes, and guns, but with control over the medical industry and our very health.  Why kill people with bullets when you can kill them through a doctor or control them with their medical history?  Yes, we don’t want to forget about Pearl Harbor.  Our government knew about it and killed their own soldiers to drag America into a global alliance with other nations who didn’t want to be our friends.  They just wanted to cut us down and bring us under their control.  And they still want to do it today.  But we have more clarity with history than we did at the end of World War II.  This time, people are on to them.  This is why studying history is essential, and those who have, know all this all too well.

Rich Hoffman

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