Senator Jeanne Shaheen Threatens Revolution: What happens when a death cult gains power

Jeanne Shaheen Calls for Violence over Abortion

We were all having a nice time at Kings Island’s Winterfest, enjoying the Christmas decorations, my family, and making plans for the Holidays.  My daughters, who are now in their 30s, were reminiscing on what we used to do as a New Year’s ritual, and they were thinking about wanting to bring it back.  For most of their late childhood and teenage years, every New Year’s Eve, then flowing over into the next day, we would watch all five of the Dirty Harry movies by Clint Eastwood.  We called it the Dirty Harry marathon.  It was my way of teaching my kids about the dangers of progressivism forming in San Francisco during the 70s and 80s and what needed to be done about it.  Well, now, 50 years later, we all see what happened to San Francisco and how progressive politics destroyed it and California in general.  And instead of Dirty Harry, we elected Donald Trump, a person from that time and still thinks right about things.  Our ritual lasted until my girls were married essentially, and now they have kids of their own, so it’s been well over a decade since we had a Dirty Harry marathon.  But after seeing how messed up the world is, my girls were thankful that I took the time to teach them right, steer them away from drinking on New Year’s Eve, and instead spend time together safe and sound as a family.  And they want to resurrect that ritual again soon.  Maybe not this year because their kids are too young for that.  But certainly, in the near future, which I, of course, am happy to oblige. 

And I see that trend everywhere, really.  It’s not just my kids reminiscing over their childhood and my unique rituals that are so appealing.  All people are going through it; they feel they have been suckered by progressivism and want a redo.  That is most obvious in the Supreme Court cases of late and the very real possibility that Roe v. Wade will be overturned due to the Mississippi law banning abortions to a large degree.  The Supreme Court took up the case early in December of 2021, which will have a decision in June of 2022.  All indications based on the presentation of the case to the court by observers indicate that the Mississippi law will be upheld and that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, which has the political left apocalyptic.  It’s really something that the left views abortion as a human right to such a degree that they think of it as a benchmark of their entire philosophy.  For them, it’s like gun rights for conservatives, which of course, is absurd.  It’s basing a political philosophy on the premise of a death cult.  The killing of babies.  And they are willing to go to extremes to preserve it.  Now, all this was forecast in the Dirty Harry movies, made in a different time.  Watching those movies and comparing them to our current times is a message in a bottle and warnings of this kind of thinking.  People who want to get back to the basics notice that what progressivism has led us to is not what we want.  That is one of the reasons people voted for Donald Trump, and 75 million people at that because they did not like what progressives have sold the country.  And instead of seeing that, they are digging in harder, which is a massive mistake for them. 

Just like in the Dirty Harry movies, the political left has made most all their gains, including Roe v. Wade, by threatening violence against the courts if they do not rule in their favor.  The communist-oriented left did this by social unrest and riots during the 60s and 70s, and the courts were intimidated.  The Supreme Court back then ruled on Roe v. Wade entirely on false interpretations of the Constitution as the ruling was made through force and fear.  Not the way to win people over to your way of thinking, by threatening to kill them for the right to kill off the next generation.  Do you want to live now, or do you want to live in the future is essentially what the political left said to everyone?  The Supreme Court did what they have done recently due to election fraud; they appeased the mob so that the anarchists didn’t come to their homes to rape them, rob them, and perhaps kill them at the end of a rope.  That is the only reason that Roe v. Wade happened.  It was not a law out of logic; it was done out of fear. That’s why Senator Jeanne Shaheen came out this week as things were looking bad for them and threatened that there would be a “revolution” if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.  It was an astonishing threat, especially given the fact that people like her are trying to make a big deal out of the January 6th protests over the election certification.  What this liberal senator is doing is following the playbook that caused Roe v. Wade in the first place, the public pressure of a mob to incite violence to influence the legal system.  Threatening judges, harassing juries, inspiring criminals to burn down cities if they don’t get their way, its all illegal and is a strategy built on force, not logic, and it was always wrong.  People put up with Roe v. Wade when it happened, but logic says that once people have had time to think about it, they will change their minds. 

If there is violence that results from the overturning Roe v. Wade, it will be the fault of people like Senator Jeanne Shaheen.  People are people, and that law was bad in the beginning.  It was always going to be a states rights issue; the federal government does not have that kind of authority.  It never did, just like the federal government doesn’t have the right to impose vaccine mandates.  The political left turned to violence; then, when that violence was turned against them during the January 6th protests over election fraud, it scared them.  Yet, they should have always known that if they didn’t win people’s hearts and minds over to their culture of death, that cult would eventually be overcome with logic.  People generally understand that abortion is murder.  They might participate in the killing of babies out of convenience.  But that doesn’t stop them from feeling bad about it.  And those guilty feelings won’t result in positive legislation.

Abortion is murder, and those who support it essentially argue that it’s a human right to conduct murder.  And the only way they have been able to gain public approval is through threats of violence.  That is what Senator Shaheen was turning to when she could see where the Supreme Court was heading with its opinions on the Mississippi case. If it wasn’t Mississippi, it would be Texas, Ohio, or several other states which will come up with their own version of protecting life.  The flimsy case of Roe v. Way was a time bomb from the beginning because the opinion wasn’t based on thoughtful law, it was an appeasement of the mob, and those fears have not held up over time.  The political left should have never expected it to.  So any violence that does happen because of it is on their heads, and their’s alone.  Death is death, and what they propose is murder.  Their only counterpoint is either now or later.  But it’s still all about death in the end. 

Rich Hoffman

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