Dr. Fauci and the Lost Giants of Ohio: Government science is not real science–its cover-up

Giants of Ohio

Yeah, we’ve seen this trick pony do its one-act before.  That is precisely what Dr. Fauci meant when he said that “he represented science” on Face the Nation.  Science is not the allocation of government money to distribute to various researchers so that they’ll say what you want them to.  For instance, several glaciers are retreating in the Grand Tetons, which I recently returned from. Because it’s such a popular area, it gets people’s attention with short attention spans.  The scientific evidence shows that the advancement of glaciers and their retreat is a continuous cycle over thousands of years.  Glaciers were retreating before there were people to cause the action.  When state science gets involved in giving people money to say that glaciers retreating have been caused by man-made climate change to fulfill a communist political agenda, that is not science.  Like hydroxychloroquine from people trying to manage Covid, a government-made virus in a Chinese lab intended to drive the Great Reset of the United Nations, hiding therapeutics is not science.  Gathering evidence and learning what that evidence means is what science is, and the definitions over time can change with future discoveries. What’s true today may not be true tomorrow with more evidence.  But governments want to use science to gain control, which was one of the main topics in the great American novel Atlas Shrugged.  What Dr. Fauci is talking about regarding science is the State Science Institute in that book, and that is what we see in our governments.  Hijacked science manipulated to fulfill a political agenda.  Today it’s Covid-19, yesterday it was the exploitation of Indians by suppressing information about the real indigenous people of America, the Giants of Ohio.

Now for evidence of what I’m about to tell you, you can visit the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia to see the 7′, 6″ skeleton of a giant of the mound-building era.  That particular skeleton was purchased from Northern Kentucky and is on display to avoid controversy; they use it to explain the effects of pituitary gigantism.  It just so happens that I first learned about a giant race of prominent people in North America while I attended the Mothman Festival in West Virginia several years ago.  One of my most popular articles out of all the many thousands that I have written was my Giants of Ohio article that still gets a lot of attention.  Since I wrote that article around 2010, many other people have joined the questioning process of science with further evidence.  The skeleton in Philadelphia is just one.  As it turns out, before the progressive era of state science came along to develop a narrative they wanted to use to argue the creation of America in the first place, the science of discovery was finding these giant bones all over America and the world.  There were plenty of hunters and gathers running around during the Archaic period that fills our books on archaeology today.  But there were massive empires of these very advanced people who were also very large that would have filled that book of Genisis in those early chapters, perhaps the Book of Enoch, for instance.  There is a lot of information from that period that did not make it into the early Roman versions of the Bible.  Yet, the bones were discovered and kept in private and public collections in abundance.  Yet, the study into those people has been turned off from academic circles just as hydroxychloroquine has been discouraged through modern censors because, for governments, it’s about an exploitation narrative that justifies their change state.  And for all others involved, it’s about money.  If you want government money to study these giants, you won’t get it.  If you want money to learn the mating rituals of a lizard, you could get that money if you could show that they were going extinct due to housing developments.  But you would not get money to excavate an Ohio mound to discover more about these giant people who predated the Indians in North America.

So it was on a map of the paranormal that I bought at that Mothman Festival, I first learned about giant sitings in Ohio specifically.  And there were many in Northern Kentucky where that one from the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia came from.  They call them on that map the Augusta Giants.  There was another collection up by Cleveland.  Since that map was published, we have found through private investigations many more.  It used to be so well known that President Abraham Lincoln talked about them at Niagara Falls when people could still speak freely about their observations on reality.  It’s been something I’ve been interested in for much of my life.

Still, people thought it was a kooky thing to think about because the science funded by academics associated with a liberalized government made sure that new evidence of our ancient past stayed concealed so that a new order of government-driven takeovers could occur unchallenged.  Modern progressives intend to erase America from history using slavery and the ruin of what they call “Native Americans” as the public narrative.  To learn that the Native Americans were just another failed society of the Vico Cycle does not help their cause, but it looks to be the case.  When Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492, the Vikings had already been to North America.  It seems like the culture that built Stonehenge had as well, and many of these giant people came explicitly from them.  It also looks like Egypt and Phonecia came to America before there was a Roman Empire to mine copper.  The Chinese were coming in their giant ships that sailed the world to show their intent for global domination.  Some things never change.  When we thought natives lived in harmony with nature rubbing sticks together to make fire, there was a complex society obsessed with astronomy. They existed coast to coast before even the Mayas of the Yucatan came on the scene.  America was just another attempt at civilization as others had tried and failed in history, leaving behind what we call the Indians of today, failed cultures barely getting by, not thriving in harmony with nature as state-funded science would have us all believe.

Governments want people like Dr. Fauci to rewrite history; I’ve been screaming about it for years at the top of my lungs.  If not for the Trump presidency, where all these deep state types have had to come out of the shadows to conceal their work, we might never have seen some of this.  Even the book I showed that I was reading from some of the most recent investigations into this matter by Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira in their excellent book, Giants on Record, is just scratching the surface of what is known.  Science is all about discovering evidence then figuring out what that evidence means.  As you get new evidence, you get new meanings, so to get to the truth of a matter, you always have to gather evidence and take it to where the truth is.  Government science contains the fact that the funded science can justify the state’s power distribution.  That is precisely what’s going on with Covid-19.

Treatments have been concealed so that the virus can advance and change the nature of society with the government in charge of the result.  The evidence of these giant bones changes what we think about indigenous people and the politics that has been exploited with the concept of the American Indian.  The modern governments of the progressive era want to erase America in favor of a new global government run by the United Nations.  Convincing people to give up their country to new bosses in the United Nations is easier if they feel guilty about the slavery that Europe and the Democrats had brought to the south.  Or in the eradication of the Indian through Westward Expansion.  So it is for that reason, the new evidence of these Giants of North America and the world really is concealed.  It’s not science that we are discussing regarding government interference in the evidence that would obviously change what we know and how we know it.  It’s called a conspiracy, and that is what the science of Dr. Fauci is in all its glory.  And for proof, just as you can visit the Mutter Museum in Philly to see one of these giants, the evidence of this cover-up scandal is with Dr. Fauci every time he goes on television to say one thing when the reality is something completely different, based on the evidence. 

Rich Hoffman

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