Dr. Fauci Has the Right to Remain Silent: After reading Kennedy’s book, he should

The Omicron is Here!

Well, the answer to Dr. Fauci’s statement to Ted Cruz about what happened on January 6th, 2021, when the senator advocated for the prosecution of the coronavirus government bureaucrat, is that nothing happened.  On January 6th, people were upset at the election fraud certification by lazy politicians who didn’t want to rattle the cage when the cage certainly needed to be rattled.  And if I were you, Dr. Fauci, I would advise that you have the right to remain silent, and you should do so because everything you say can and will be used against you.  After reading several books about Dr. Fauci’s career, especially this latest book by Robert F Kennedy Jr., I wouldn’t be poking anybody through the fence that he thinks protects him in the swamp.  The election fraud that happened was caused by his work with the Wuhan lab in China which made the virus, and he has a lot of explaining to do.  He probably shouldn’t be talking.  In fact, for lying to Congress, he should be in jail.  Not conducting interviews on progressive television news shows seeking to shield him from justice with new talk about some ridiculous Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus that has been so damaging to the world. 

The book I’m talking about, The Real Dr. Fauci by Kennedy, is hard to get, it’s selling like hotcakes, and it has the goods.  It talks extensively with significant research into the antics of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates in creating Covid-19, to begin with, and it is the defining book on the matter.  Fauci shouldn’t even have a taxpayer-funded job after what was revealed in that book.  Was it all on purpose? I don’t think so.  Not at the level of Dr. Fauci.  It looks like China knew what it was doing when it released the virus, likely to knock Trump out of the White House.  They were losing the trade war, and China wanted to strike out at the West and take down the president.  Without question.  Fauci was working with China, but his role was more on the bioweapons side, as usual in his deeply involved pentagon work.  In working on bioweapons, Fauci could command funding wherever he wanted, which was his motivation.  It was a chance for such a little man to be the big man on campus, which is why such an old man is still working in that government job.  He would never get so much respect in the private sector.  It’s not about money for Fauci; it’s all about respect.  He was and is still high on power which his unelected office gives him.  Fauci got caught playing with fire with the Covid virus funding gain of function research, then letting it get out of hand and becoming a bioweapon for his partners, the Chinese.  As bad as all that is, what’s worse is the cover-up.  Fauci sees this Omicron variant the way the rest of the guilty see it as a much-needed cover for their massive crimes now that books are coming out like Kennedy’s.  Public opinion has been turning against all these characters, and they need some way to deflect attention away from what we are all learning. 

What Bill Gates did is actually worse than all that because, without his funding, nobody is listening to anybody on vaccines and pandemics.  Gates created this Covid-19 pandemic, and the world followed his funded plan revealed at Event 201 for how the world should react as they role-played the whole thing out in New York during October of 2019.  Everyone wanted a little of Bill Gates’ money, so they played along doing whatever he wanted to do.  Yet, for Gates, he treated people management worldwide the way he did with Microsoft programs.  Through vaccines, he intended to put everyone on an equal playing field to control mass populations to fulfill his desire for a zero-emission world.  Gates has been behaving as a Bond villain for a long time and was the power player behind Covid’s worldwide domination.  With all the costs of the lockdowns, Gates has responsibility for them all over the world.  He funded it, and he owns it.  Clearly, his goal was to tamper with the entire human race for what he thought was a good cause.  But that was the justification Hitler had when he went to war with the world to advance the cause of Germany.  All this and a lot more are in Kennedy’s book, and the number of references there leaves the guilt of Gates beyond dispute.  Gates is a bad guy who got caught tampering with the world, and you can understand why he is hoping for a sequel in the Omicron variant.  If he could deflect attention away from himself with a new pandemic, nothing could be better for him. 

Then there is the Great Reset by the United Nations.  They wanted to shut down the economies of the world, and how else were they going to get control of all of them?  Well, they were going to use the coronavirus as the excuse, of course.  This was particularly well planned in advance; Bill Gates was on board and funding it.  Amy Acton in Ohio, the abortion supporting health director who worked for Governor Mike DeWine and was quoting Joseph Campbell while she shut down Ohio, then all the other states that followed, indicating it was all for the greater good.  Dr. Fauci loved the attention, and as a lifelong Democrat, big government, centralized planning supporter, he was all on board.  This all gave him a chance to be a hero and to be more powerful than an elected president like Trump was.  That is why we caught him snickering behind Trump’s back on stage a few times.  Because he knew a lot about the big plans that Trump had no clue about, they stuck Trump on stage to be the fall guy for his undoing.  Yes, they all thought it was funny.  But they had to punish Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.  They could not allow an America First policy to rule the world.  That was their job, so they were going to do anything to unleash the virus to cause chaos and havoc wherever it could, no matter what it cost. 

There are a lot of bad guys in this story; we could go on for days.  But at the center of it is Dr. Fauci because, without him, there wouldn’t have been a virus that jumped from a bat to humans without his NIH tampering with the process as a developing bioweapon.  We can see all the bad people who then used it for malice now as far as the eye can see deep over the horizon.  But it all started with Fauci.  And now that he’s in trouble and people are calling for his head, he hides behind the Omicron.  He and Bill Gates need a diversion.  Nobody is distracted by the Bill Gates divorce anymore or his connections to Jeffery Epstein even as James Comey’s daughter runs the trial that remains from that scandal, obviously to protect all those criminal scumbags who have always been involved.  They think they know something we don’t, so they commit these mass crimes thinking they are doing it for the greater good.  Yet the truth is that they are feeble people who have abused the resources they have in life, whether its money, political power, or just commercial influence; they all have it wrong in their own little ways, and to hide it from the public, they have given us the Omicron!

Rich Hoffman

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