Bill Gates and his Army of Prostitutes: What $319 Million can buy with the media

What Bill Gates is Buying

Obviously, we are dealing with it; it’s a global drug dealing operation where pharmaceutical companies are tied to government to maintain a market.  For instance, it was no coincidence that the day after Thanksgiving in America, on Black Friday no less, a new variant of Covid announced from the World Health Organization was unleashed upon the world, the Omicron (Sounds like a Transformer), which shut down travel to and from the country of origin, South Africa.  But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or in this case, the many members of the administrative state who want to advance their drug dealing agenda as they have received millions of dollars from people like Bill Gates to do so, who pull the levers of the media and politics to advance their agenda.  On November 24th, South Africa asked the pharma companies J&J and Pfizer to stop sending vaccines.  They only had 35% of their adults inoculated, and now they were going to stop asking for more vaccines.  So what was the retaliation? Well, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the world’s governments did the deed and came up with a new virus to scare everyone so that South Africa could feel the financial sting of a travel ban.  Thus, you have the new war on the world, and Bill Gates and other billionaires like him are the new Hitlers and Stalins.  The fight this time isn’t with military equipment on the other side of the world; no, this time it was in our own homes and businesses as this new interconnected world was run not by our governments, but by the people who fund it with dark money, soft money, and the allocation of grants from charitable foundations.  And Covid is their creation to change the world to their image. 

I think the new Robert F. Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci is the damning testimony to this long ordeal, and Bill Gates has been caught once and for all. It’s the hot new book that is hard to get.  Millions of people are going to read this book. For me, it’s similar to the Judy Mikovits books that came out before and during Covid, which I had read and kept me ahead of the inside track on what the coronavirus was really about.  Kennedy, in this new book, whenever you can manage to get your hands on one is the court case that all of society needs to have on this matter.  Every media company involved in shadow banning the Kennedy book, every act of censorship of any kind regarding Covid-19 and the perpetuation of its continued terror are guilty of crimes such as sedition and treason to America, and the advocates should be hung for their actions.  Bill Gates by himself has committed gross terrorism against America and the world in general purely on his rationale to use his money as a weapon to steer the world toward zero emissions. From his perspective, we can save the earth from human beings.  Personally, I think Bill Gates lost his mind a long time ago, back when Windows 95 came out.  I don’t begrudge anybody from making a good living and making all the money they want to make.  But they never have a right to use that money to alter my life in any way or to rule over me or any people for that matter.  And that is what Bill Gates has done with his money.  He has decided, and George Soros falls in the same category, that he has more money than all government and should use it to take over our republic forms of government and become our dictators in the process. 

It was reported recently that Bill Gates had poured $319 million into the various media outlets to promote Covid over the last few years essentially.  That is money well beyond the millions he has given to China, the WHO, and various foundations promoting vaccine research and tying it to pharma companies.  If all the money is considered, he has spent in the billions advancing his agenda, bringing up an interesting problem that we all must deal with.  What does $319 million buy in media influence?  Well, I think of these kinds of things like prostitution; what would a prostitute do for $100 or $1000?  $319 million isn’t much money by itself, but if you are an influential leader in the media and you get checks in that amount, or free vacations to some exotic place because you do favorable stories for Bill Gates, then why wouldn’t the media go out of their way to show him and his intentions in a good light?  We are not talking about philosophical geniuses here; we are talking about parrots who repeat what they are told and often take the path of least resistance to a story.  I read over the holidays another great book, The Nixon Conspiracy, by Geoff Shepard, and I will forever have a different opinion about the media, which is still going on.  Essentially the Deep State that we have apparently just discovered has been operating in the background for a long time.  They obviously were involved in the killings of the Kennedys, and they certainly set up Richard Nixon in the same way that Trump was set up.  The FBI was caught with Trump, so all this is much clearer in hindsight than it was at the time, but there is no question we have people in our government, and in these billionaire classes who do not respect the concept of “rule by the people” or any form of “self-government.” And Bill Gates is one of those people.  They use their money like Hitler used tanks and airplanes to invoke influence.  The fear of death is just a method of delivery.  But make no mistake, that’s what we are dealing with, these kinds of authoritarian minds. 

The evidence is abundant, and I would point you, dear reader, to those books.  But the bottom line here is that we must stop the influence that people like Bill Gates and George Soros have over our government or companies and our media so to keep them out of our lives.  We can’t have the money of Bill Gates tainting the prostitutes in the media into retaliating against a country of the world just because they aren’t complying with the vaccine mandates that Gates wants.  And the people enforcing his desire want his money like sluts in a strip club on a Friday night in Vegas.  We don’t have journalistic integrity to police corruption.  We have people in these jobs who will do anything for the money, and it’s been like that from the beginning.  Watergate was all about the media being used by a Deep State to shape governments not by elections but by sentiment.  Anybody who doesn’t think that the election of 2020 was stolen because Trump was a threat to the plans that Gates had, George Soros had, and many other billionaire insurgents who are looking to rule the world with their money, not elections, isn’t being honest with themselves.  Why do the world’s governments think it’s OK to attack South Africa over their vaccine policies?  Well, they’ve gotten away with it in the United States.  They stole a popularly elected president.  They shut down the entire economy.  They created the virus in Wuhan with American money and a partnership with communist China.  So why wouldn’t they attack South Africa with travel restrictions because they aren’t complying with vaccine mandates?  For people like Gates they own the media and everything they broadcast.  Just ask Disney-owned ABC News why they still put Dr. Fauci on as the expert when he should be in jail for lying to Congress over funding gain of function research in China.  Because the message is clear to us all, Bill Gates is in charge of an army of prostitutes, and they’ll do anything for him to get some of it. Including destroying our nation and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

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