Decertify Biden: There is a way out of this mess

Decertify Joe Biden and Fix America

I’m quite aware that I am inviting massive shadow banning by mentioning anything about election fraud in this article’s title.  But considering how much I write and broadcast, as a totality, I am one of the most shadow-banned people in the world, and I consider it an honor.  Even though the laws are murky about it right now, the Internet is essentially a public utility created by taxpayers for our society’s use.  All those who are manipulating access and use of it are breaking the law.  It’s no different than some pirate confiscating water in a public water line to your house or poisoning that water at the treatment plant.  Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many others do not own the Internet.  They have just used it to make their money, which our government created for our use.  They are lawbreakers just like any other thief, and knowing all that if they want to shadow ban something I do, I enjoy knowing that.  I write as much as I do over the years because, by nature, it gets out anyway, no matter what restrictions they put on my site.  It happens by sheer mass.  But it doesn’t change the circumstances of this article that is pointing out the obvious and inevitable.  That the solution to many of our problems in our country right now is to decertify Joe Biden and to remove him from The White House and thus, to destroy all the plans that the political left has planned with this global insurrection once and for all, and to let history measure the embers of the aftermath. 

I am proud to be affiliated with the America First Policy Institute, which is the group behind the Trump lawsuit against Big Tech. It’s a good move, but by the time it’s all resolved, the Internet will be viewed as a public utility, much the way water, roads, or electricity is used, and those doing the kind of censorship that Big Tech is guilty of will be known as criminals.  But for now, we will all just have to fight it out.   The truth is the truth, and the bad guys can’t make the truth what they want it to be.  Joe Biden did not win the election of 2020, which is why all these criminal conspirators feel they must shadow ban information and censor reality because they hope that the truth doesn’t get out.  Joe Biden likely didn’t get much more than 60 million votes.  Trump broke 75 million, and he’ll do it again.  Can you imagine if the next election is watched and the Post Office is prevented from destroying hundreds of thousands of votes by dumping them on the side of the road?  Trump may very well break 80 million votes by the end of the vote count, well beyond the Democrat’s ability to cheat in the election.  They only got away with it in 2020 because of all the goofy Covid rules.  They can’t cover the margin without that, and Trump will be back in the White House.  Nobody on the political left is ready for that; there is no plan in the liberal playbook to deal with that reality.  They are hiding from it now, hoping to run out the clock somehow, but the clock is not their friend.  Reality is knocking on the door, and they think that by not opening the door, they can avoid paying for what they’ve done. 

Yet, as we look around at the mess that Joe Biden’s illegal administration has created, we should not be surprised.  Afghanistan was just the start, of course.  When you cheat an election and put in place someone the people didn’t vote for, what did they expect would happen?  We don’t want this socialist infrastructure bill.  We don’t want social spending bills in the trillions.  We don’t want to be losers on the world stage.  We don’t want the fake science of climate change.  We don’t want the United Nations.  We don’t wish to have high gas prices.  We want our shelves stocked.  We want employees in our drive-thrus saying “yes sir, have a good day,” as they give us our fast food.  We want our stuff in 20 different colors in a few days, not weeks.  We want competency.  We want a secure border.  We want schools that honor the parent/child relationship.  We don’t want to bend the knee to China in any way.  We don’t want a liberalized Hollywood.  We don’t want a radical FBI who does political hits for the Democrat party.  We love our history, we want to teach it to our children, and we want an America First policy that the world can follow if they want to.  We don’t want Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030.  We don’t want to run and hide from viral outbreaks like the manufactured in a Wuhan lab coronavirus that Dr. Fauci was involved in creating.

We want to erase all these problems, and we can do it very simply by just following the law and decertifying the 2020 election results in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  And for good measure, Michigan.  We also need to perform audits in all the states to put to bed the actual numbers, which will show that Democrats are not competitive.  The country is not so evenly split down the middle.  That has been a lie, too, meant to make the horse race look closer than it really is for those who like to bet on horse races.  Just decertify the election and make all these problems go away by removing Biden from The White House.  They need to be taught a lesson, they need to be embarrassed, and they should have thought about the consequences before they pulled what they did against our Constitution and all of us who need to believe in the voting process.

Just think of how it will be when Trump runs again.  How will Fox News cover the Republican nominee when Trump talks about the election fraud of 2020 over and over again.  What will Facebook do and Twitter when they censor everything Trump says.  Before, in 2020 they thought Trump was done for and would never return because that’s how the Swamp works.  They never had a plan for Jonah to return from the belly of the whale.  History tells this story well; a leader in exile usually comes back to a triumphant return.  When Trump is back in the news every day, how are the censors who have broken the law through mass censorship through a public utility going to deal with it?  It will be a bloody mess, especially after the 2022 elections pretty much destroy the Democrat Party.  The Democrats took their shit shot and tried to destroy America before we caught on to what they were doing, and now they’ve been caught.  So we either deal with it directly on our terms, using the legal system to correct things, or the Democrat Party gets destroyed along with all their corporate conspirators.  What choice is there?  Either way, Joe Biden will be removed from office, and those who artificially propped him up will be exposed.  There are no assassinations or personal censorship that will stop that process by force and intimidation. Instead, the more that the Swamp lashes out at us for asking and stating the obvious questions, the madder we are getting.  And that is not a place that anybody on the political left really wants because they are not the majority.  They are the minority by a lot, and they damn well know it.

Rich Hoffman

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