‘Looking Backward’: Where the liberal snipers have been hiding

Finding the Snipers by Looking Backward

I talk about it all the time, but if you are new to all this and have been getting your news from more mainstream sources, well, maybe you didn’t know about the successive tyrants of the world, the World Economic Forum who recently announced their Great Narrative from Dubai.  That is, of course, the same group behind the Great Reset, which Covid was created to implement across the world to shut down all the world’s economies simultaneously.  Then to have a managed restart under the United Nations using climate change fake science to drive the need.  I was catching up on all the latest climate crises, United Nations propaganda, and Davos Great Narrative updates while playing the new Call of Duty: Vanguard.  I was on a specific mission where you had to cross a vast field with broken-up buildings off in the distance full of snipers.  You had to work with a teammate to draw out the sniper fire, determine which windows the snipers were in, and quickly shoot them to advance.  I couldn’t help but see the parallels to what I was listening to.  The political left has kept themselves concealed in darkness for a long time, forcing us to focus on their specific positions.  As we put our sniper scopes on them, they’d shoot us from a different place.  When we changed our priorities, they’d shoot us yet from somewhere else.  But I like to look at the whole battlefield and pay attention to all the muzzle flashes from the various snipers to see them as one big story.  And that’s what the Great Narrative revealed to me; it was essentially a word-for-word utopian update of the old Edward Bellamy book Looking Backward.  This time, climate change was the driver toward global socialism and communism, taking over government over private enterprise so that the state could justify the power grab.  Since people resisted the first attempt, which took over 100 years to try, the political left has now turned to climate change to drive the justification, and it is evident to anybody who had a mind to look at the big picture. 

Looking Backward was essentially a short evolutionary novel meant to soft-sell Karl Marx to America and was in 1888 the third most popular book behind Ben Hur.  There was a massive following for the socialist utopia that the book describes when the hero wakes up 130 years in the future after being put to sleep with hypnosis only to suffer an accident in the process.  When he finally wakes up, the world has evolved into a socialist utopia, complete with the state taking over ultimately the means of production. There is no crime, everyone is equal, and the government maintains that fairness at the expense of all else. It’s a fluffy sort of fiction that, looking forward, was every bit like science fiction as Star Wars. Still, the premise was intentionally real, and a considerable following erupted from 1888 to 1900.  It only ended because Bellamy had died, and the movement took on a new shape.  But it’s a period of history that hides behind other things like the Civil War, the invention of the airplane, the electric bulb. The Model T. It’s a socialist movement that completely infected our education system at all levels, starting with John Dewey, who designed our public education system around the premise of Bellamy’s book.  So this wasn’t some fringe movement, it was the evolution of Karl Marx right in front of our faces, and it happened at the turn of the century.  What evolved after it became the stuff of nightmares, the creation of the Federal Reserve, the centralized control of money, progressive taxation, the big government politics that would lead to the New Deal.  The attempts at creating the League of Nations, then finally the United Nations.  It all started with that little book that replaced the gunfighters of western expansion and the liberalized easterner’ desire to assimilate the new nation’s success. 

People called these strange new socialist lovers “elite” because, at the time, they were the ones who were in our education system and teaching us.  They were the education system, the professors of our colleges, and they were our intellectual guides in a time when many people still couldn’t read.  Because many who founded America as a new country were suffering from an inferiority complex with Europe, these socialist lovers had the ear of many people we trusted to teach us things we didn’t know due to our lack of culture and history.  We didn’t know that much of what they were teaching were things we didn’t want or need to know.  We just knew they knew something we didn’t, so our society listened to them.  This went on for several decades, getting worse and worse over time.  As communism took over in the Soviet Union in 1917, then socialism moved into the collapsed German government with Hitler in the 1930s. China with a total communist takeover in 1949, Cuba in the 1950s, then Iran in the 1970s, the long march of global domination of communism has been moving along at a predictable pace.  Liberals in America’s own government were always sympathetic. They sought to teach Americans the ways of socialism and communism in our public schools and colleges the entire time, so there is a bit of socialism in just about everyone these days.  And always, the turn toward communism was through financial pressure and forcible military conquest.  That is certainly the case in Germany, where their financial system completely collapsed after World War I, and China after fighting in World War II.   The same playbook was at work on America now in 2020, and if you know how to sniff out the snipers to see where they are shooting from, you can see what’s been happening quickly.  I read the book that they are still following almost verbatim.

Of course, there are flaws to this plan that these losers have never worked out.  They don’t understand where socialism went wrong from its beginning plans, which Bellamy never figured out.  The failure of these so-called elites is that they assumed that if the world’s governments could unite and issue fairness, they could take over all industries and never miss a beat.  But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, all the flaws from the beginning all the socialist academics were in love with were never resolved.  The Bellamy novel was fiction at best when it first was shown to the public.  Because it appealed to the below-the-line people out in the world, they ignored that socialism defied the essence of human need.  It was a fantasy written by the mind of a child, and it had migrated into a governing force that still insists on trying it over and over again, even though it never worked.  These educated elite have shown themselves not to be very smart.  We gave them the benefit of the doubt looking forward, but looking backward, as the book suggests, they had it wrong from the beginning, and they never had a chance ever to get it right.  Yet that is the very premise of the Davos crowd of the World Economic Forum people.  They are as lost as they ever were, and they, in their most profound thoughts, want to rule the world as all tyrants have over the many centuries of warfare.  And they expect America to fall like all the other places in the world have, especially since they’ve spent over a century building the momentum.  But I would argue that we see where they are shooting from now, we know where their snipers are, and we can win this game now that they are exposed.  They may have hidden that book, Looking Backward, from history, but they can’t hide the result.  It’s time to pay, and the evidence points to a bad day for all of them. 

Rich Hoffman

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