Everyone Understands Supply Chains Better than Joe Biden: When the government makes itself the problem, what we have is the result

Yes, Joe, We Understand Supply Chains, its You Who are Stupid to Them

If Joe Biden doesn’t understand supply chains, I’ll be happy to send the White House stacks of copies of my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, so he can learn how they work, as I said in the video above. I’ve wanted to cover this topic for over a week since Joe Biden stated that if you went to dinner and talked to someone at the next table over, that nobody understands supply chains.  That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard a president say or anybody in high office.  If you don’t understand supply chains, you have no business being an adult.  Specifically, in my book, I deal with supply chain problems quite specifically.  Everyone knows what the problem is with the Biden people, and playing dumb won’t help.  Essentially, this is a topic we’ll talk about a lot in the months to come, but all progressives are broken on a failed concept that was first really expressed in the Edward Bellamy book Looking Backward, which came out in 1888.  That was one of the first times a creative author tried to put Karl Marks communism into the context of a socialist utopia by justifying the government takeover of all industry and labor.  It is the fantasy of most big-government types who fantasize that they can better manage businesses than at the local level.  When the government gets involved in supply chains, they find that they become the constraint, which is why we have problems now, because through policy, they have tampered with the free market, and now the blame is on their shoulders. 

I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business to take readers back to Edward Bellamy’s time and defend capitalism in one of its rawest forms.  The Bellemy types were in love with Karl Marx.  I think there will always be those types of people, and as I say in my book, they have a useful purpose.  But you cannot give control of anything in your life to them because they are what I call “Below-the-line thinkers.” Actually, that term comes from a book I like called The Oz Principle, a popular book on business.  But I feel that not enough people understand how business books can help their lives, so my Gunfighter’s Guide is intended for a broader audience curious how we arrived where we are in history and what they can do to fix it.  I propose that we have to go back to the ideas that worked before all these below-the-line types sought to use Karl Marx to cover their timidity in life and shape politics toward centralized authority to mask their weaknesses about everything.  After all, that is at the heart of all communism, socialism, and Marxism in general.  The Bellemy types never figured out what was wrong with their way of thinking; they made assumptions in Looking Backward about the government taking control of all production and assumed that corruption and human frailties would be removed from the supply chain process and everyone would live happily ever after.  I don’t think people understand how destructive this way of thinking has been and how much it has shaped the minds of the modern progressive. 

When Bellemy wrote his book, to be fair, nobody knew what would happen.  It was an ideological concept by Marx created by people who were naturally lazy and timid types.  So, of course, the dog-eat-dog world of capitalism seemed cruel to them.  The titans of industry were “evil.” That is their perspective, but it doesn’t mean it’s the correct perspective.  History has shown the value of capitalism over the many attempts since to utilize Marxism in any way. My Gunfighter’s Guide gives a perspective history of how we arrived where we are today and why America produced the most outstanding economy in the history of the world.  We have so many options in America with a relatively small workforce instead of China because of capitalism.  We can get anything in just about any color at any time of day, and that is a culture worth talking about.  But what the Biden people are talking about, and the global greenie weenies want, is a government take over of all means of production and to force the world to live under their constraints, their limited government hours at the office, their bureaucratic cubical culture of lazy, below the line thinkers, their discontent minds who want to make a lot of money, but not wanting to work for it.  Essentially, the government workers of today like school teachers, IRS workers, and even the FBI, people who want to get paid, but they don’t want to work for the value of the job.  The government can hide those values if they are the only employer. Biden’s administration follows the Bellamy concepts to the letter with vaccine mandates, government shutdowns of industry, and setting rules that essentially annex human resource departments into becoming state agents through enforcement and penalties.  Then they dare to declare that they don’t understand supply chains. 

Supply chains work because they are created creatively by people who want to make a little money in the process.  They aren’t going to go out and risk themselves creating a new company if there isn’t a little “something something” in it for them.  And the government isn’t going to figure out what they need to fill a supply chain under a government takeover of the industry because they don’t have it in them.   The progressives and Marxists who loved Bellamy’s book never figured out why; they just insisted that the world would be a better place if they did.  So many of the same stupid things the world governments have done over the years have not changed since Karl Marx wrote his books in the mid-1850s, which provoked the labor strikes that Bellamy writes about in Looking Backward.  They created the labor problems with Marxism then proposed to correct them with a government takeover of the means of production.  They made their own mess, and history has shown the guilt.  I propose in my book to go back to before Bellamy, to attack Karl Marx, and to unleash capitalism with boldness.  Not the other way around. 

If Biden doesn’t understand supply chains, I would be happy to give him a class on the subject; I could speak infinitely.  I understand supply chains, and I know literally hundreds of people, many very smart people who also understand supply chains.  They are not a mystery to anybody who works and understands the wonderful concept of capitalism.  But for those who are into Marxism, below-the-line thinking, government socialism, well, that’s where they are trying to force a square peg into an undersized circle.  It’s never going to work, even if you try to hammer the thing into place with force.  Marxism was broken as Marx wrote it, and for all those big-government types who want to be important in the world without the risk associated with effort, it was always just a fantasy.  It was never going to be a thing, yet the world, what we call “elites,” is still in love with the ideas set up by Edward Bellamy in 1888.  The answers I will always say lay before that ridiculous book.  Once you understand that, supply chains are not a mystery.  But the real problem shows itself, which Joe Biden and his United Nations friends never figured out and are in complete denial.    

Rich Hoffman

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