How the Vaccine Mandate Falls Apart in Court: The Government is guilty of what happens by their decisions

The Holes in the Government Vaccine Mandate Case

So, these two lawyers have been disturbed about my position on the vaccine mandates for employers, and to settle some of our ongoing disputes, we met for lunch.  I essentially left that meeting and filmed the above video, so it was fresh on my mind how ridiculous they were in their assumptions that the same government that made and spread Covid-19 is the same government that is deciding what’s safe and not safe and that they can suspend constitutional rights, rights we have that protect us from government, based on their advice alone.  For me, this is one of the most obvious legal cases in the history of the world, and it’s quite clear, without a pause of contemplation.  There is no scientific evidence that the vaccines work; it’s all a Dumbo’s feather sentiment, not based on any actual science.  Yet, we have allowed our government to believe that it can enforce or even enact a mass vaccine policy that decides whether or not people can work or not work or whether businesses close or stay open based on government tampering.  They considered all those arguments conspiracy theory until we talked for a half-hour over a few hamburgers.  I can say that they did change their mind by the end of our talk, at least until they went back to their offices and mingled with people of their own kind, members of the BAR Association who have injected themselves into our fights of the day with sissy slapping and wordplay instead of the gun duels we used to rely on to settle disputes.  More and more these days, I’d rather just dual it out with adversaries.  There is something much more honest about the exchange that seems much more appropriate for these kinds of times.  But that’s beside the point. 

At the heart of the argument, which I guess they had to meet with me in public to gather the gravity of it, was that the biggest problem with the vaccine mandates that set up the government with serious litigious anxiety for years to come, is that they know the vaccine is dangerous to some people. Yet, they forced that danger on people by calling it safety which is not the case.  We all know people by now who have gotten the shot.  When you get it, they tell you to sit somewhere they can observe you for 10 minutes. I’ve been present when many people have obtained the shot, and before they get it, they are fine.  After they get it, they get sick because their bodies recognize the hostile agent that has been introduced into their bodies to attack it, so the immune system goes to work. It’s a strain on a body under any condition, but some people get very sick for a few days after and have to miss work anyway.  Some people are wiped out entirely for a few days because of the violent reaction to the vaccine.  It’s kind of the problem with the wordplay in a document that says you “will” do something as opposed to “shall.” When the government commands you “will” or “must” get the vaccine, they put themselves on the hook for the results.  They are responsible for what happens next.  If a person gets sick and loses time, they are responsible for the cost of that lost time because they caused the occurrence.  And that is certainly the case when someone who might be bordering on a heart attack anyway gets this vaccine and finds themselves violently sick, and the heart attack goes off.  The government just killed someone.  It doesn’t matter if the intentions were good or bad; it was the government’s decision that caused the death.  They interrupted the health of the person who had a heart attack by introducing a hostile element to their lives. That decision caused death if the heart attack victim dies, which reports indicate is often happening, not in every circumstance, but more cases than in “some” circumstances.  When the government makes itself the responsible party, it is then their responsibility to deal with whatever happens. 

What is astonishing in this whole vaccine mandate case, which has not been adequately challenged by any court yet because lawyers like these guys who went to lunch with me haven’t had a chance to wrap their minds around it yet, is how the government doesn’t want guilt for actions it committed.  That certainly has been on purpose by the government to take advantage of a shock and awe campaign to keep the legal system on its heels.  They use social status within the BAR Association to keep everyone in line and keep them from asking the proper questions.  Ultimately, that’s why these guys wanted to win me over to their version of reality was because they were more concerned about their peer review, which wants to punt their opinions to the conspiracy theory side of things rather than consider the culpability of the government in responsibility for knowingly making people sick with the vaccine mandate.  They might have a case if we knew that Covid was dangerous right out of the gate, and they were trying to save people, as they say, they are.  But we’ve been dealing with Covid for a few years now, and we know a lot about it.  Not many people are dying from it, and those who get sick get over it within a few days.  As it stands now, the way lawyers should look at this case, or prosecutors, at all the work the CDC did to create new quarantine laws for Covid, all the new things that were done that have made all our lives so miserable in the process, and that those actions were to cover up what the government knew about the virus, what role they had in making it, and what role they had in releasing it to the public.  I would refer to the Peter Navarro book In Trump Time, where the Dr. Fauci case showed that the NIH was funding and tampering with coronavirus, which led to the creation of Covid-19.  That is the answer we all need to understand before we do anything on a mass scale, especially knowingly putting people in harm by the aftereffects of getting the vaccine.

My lunch guests could see the point, but as they said, “who is going to take this to court?” I, of course, told them that they should be doing it.  I reminded them that this is the same government that is sending the FBI to raid the home of James O’Keefe from Project Veritas over information directly related to President Biden.  The Department of Justice is holding Steve Bannon in contempt of court for inciting a riot on January 6th, 2020, after George Soros spent millions of dollars paying rioters to burn down American cities trying to start a race war in America entirely politically motivated.  And that same government has their hands all over this; we know what Dr. Fauci knew and when he knew it.  He personally approved gain of function research behind President Trump’s back in 2017. He knew that is where Covid came from as he lied on television for many months after bringing our entire global economy to a crippling stop.  This government is conducting terrorism, and if the BAR Association and its lawyers won’t fight the court battle that must be fought, who will?  The government is counting on those guys to attack me as the path to what they think is the least resistance.  I might have changed their minds for that day, and they know the case’s merits fall as a burden on the government.  This government is not too big to prosecute, and eventually, it will be.  They have to be. Otherwise, there is no law and order in our society.  Anybody who knowingly causes harm to someone else is guilty of the result. The government, through these mandates, is guilty of what happens to those who have adverse reactions to the vaccination process.  It is irrelevant as to whether or not the government had good intentions in doing so. I’d argue they are doing it to cover up their much worse crime of making the virus and spreading it for political reasons.  But ultimately, the smoking gun, in this case, is the burden of responsibility.  It falls on the government what happens as a result of things they mandate.  And when those things cause death, that is squarely on them, and how they need to be attacked in legal cases from now on. 

Rich Hoffman

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