Republicans Can Always Win: It’s all about turnout, not issues–people don’t vote issues, they vote for a winner

Republicans Can ALways Win

Maybe a year ago, I would have been quiet about this little secret, but now I think it’s safe to let it out of the bag.  When Steve Bannon on the popular podcast War Room says that “we” are two-thirds of the country, he is right. I’ve been out in the world and verified it for myself.  Democrats can try to play games with election fraud, and illegal immigration voting is a form of election fraud to skew the popular vote, but the truth is, there are a lot more red areas in America than blue.  Democrats have only survived with a bit of trickery in high population areas. Keeping voter suppression down to something that lets them win and every community has a magic number.  But if they can keep voters home on election night while activating their radicals with early voting, and keep the overall participation rate down to around 20%, then they can have a chance.  Much as I knew it would happen in a local election in my area with a school board race, and several trustee races, I knew that the limit for the liberals was under 18%.  If Republicans showed up and voted with more than 18% or higher, all conservative candidates would win, just by simple math.  There are more conservatives in most areas than liberals, and if voter participation rates are higher than average, conservatives could theoretically always win.  So one of the tactics Democrats use to keep Republicans home on election night is to make the whole thing seem pointless, which works with a certain percentage of the population.  But when you get a Trump in a race, or a Glenn Younkin who can make voters want to get up and out on election night, then there is always a chance to win.  It’s not some magic trick. It’s just simple math. 

As bad as it is now under the Biden administration, I hate to say it, but it’s a positive thing for people to see.  People like me have been warning about the cost of progressivism for a long time, and always progressives loomed with their socialist agenda in the background of “what ifs,” daring Americans to give them a try.  They were like the seductress tempting greener grass if only you might give them a try, only to find out how toxic they are once you are deep in the arms of a homewrecker.  Sometimes if you don’t find out for yourself, you will spend your life wondering about it, making it all that much more appealing.  Now, with people stuck with Joe Biden and his Democrats of global conquest and communism for all, people are finding out for themselves what we were always warning about.  Every day that Democrats have power, the worse their brand for the future is.  By the time a few more months go by, people likely will hate them so much that they may never vote for one again.  And I see a tremendous opportunity for the political scale in America to be reset to something more appropriate, an America where Trump is a Democrat, and someone more conservative would represent the Republican Party.  Years ago, I said on a radio show that I saw an end to the Democrat Party around 2021.  I think Trump accelerated those plans in many ways, and here we are with Democrats showing all their ugly cards.  And people who thought they were getting a moderate in Biden have had to learn a hard lesson.  To me, it’s good for people to see just how bad Democrats are, especially when the contrast to the Trump administration was so good just a few months prior. It’s not like Biden inherited a bunch of problems.  It was all set up for him to do great things off the coattails of the Trump administration, and they blew it fast. 

So I wasn’t at all surprised that Glenn Younkin won in Virginia to be the next governor. I’ve been to Virginia a lot, and it’s not a purple state.  It takes on a blue hue when you get near Washington D.C., which certainly isn’t fair to the rest of the state, which is a hard red.  But really, it’s a numbers game, and Glenn Younkin was a nice enough candidate that he was able to get people out to vote on election night and show just how many conservatives there indeed were.  The education scandal certainly was an issue that provoked voters in an off-year to get off the couch and vote when they might have otherwise stayed home.  But what was bizarre was the Democrats kept using President Trump’s name in their campaign as if hate for him would give them the win.  News flash, President Trump was very popular, especially outside of cities, all over America.  County by county all across North America Trump is a name that activates voters to action.  It showed in the last election, voter fraud aside.  Trump managed over 75 million votes, actual votes.  Reminding people about Trump is not a good way to keep voters on their couches on election night.  By reminding voters of the progressive education problems and that Trump was still out there, Democrats never had a chance. 

And that is the little trick that could be used anywhere, even in California.  It’s all a numbers game.  Republicans lose because they typically play by invisible rules of engagement that Democrats have set up, like woke issues that voters glaze over when they hear them.  When voters hear Republicans, we call RINOs talking about the issues Democrats establish as important; all they do is keep their voters from getting excited and going out to vote for them. In the local race I mentioned, many brilliant political people were worried about the labor union influencing the voters toward the incumbents with the school board.  But I knew there were only so many voters out there of the 100,000 or so that were available that would vote for the liberals.  In a race under 18% voter participation, the liberals win.  If the vote count is over 18%, the Republicans will always win because statistically, there are many more Republicans in my county than Democrats.  And that is generally the case everywhere.  If you can get candidates who can activate a more significant percentage of the voting population, you will always have a chance for Republicans to win.  Democrats have to keep Republicans home and stretch out their window to get the small percentage who support them.  They make it always look close, but that’s not the actual condition of the country.  It’s a reflection of the actual voter turnout.  Because of all the nonsense, too many Republicans throw up their hands and order a pizza on election night.  They don’t participate.  Glenn Younkin was a good candidate, so people voted.

In my local case, there were good candidates, and people could feel good about them, so they went out and voted.  Trump will run again and win again because he can activate the vote.  He can get people off the couch, out from in front of the TV, and out into the night air to vote. That’s why he is still around.  It’s not about mean Tweets.  It’s not about policy.  It’s not about playing nice.  It’s about, and it’s always about, winning and convincing voters that you’re worth getting up and supporting because nobody wants to do any work for a loser. 

Rich Hoffman

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