UC Davis Makes First Move For Gun Confiscation: Why buying guns is the best vote that they can’t steal to save the republic

Buying More Guns is Great

It’s not as if we didn’t see this coming, but here is the case established by a liberal from the University of California Davis setting the story for anti-gun legislation under the Biden administration.  This is how the game goes, as I explain in the video above.  Garen Wintermute published a report in the Journal Injury Epidemiology stating that “upward trends in firearm purchasing, violence, and political extremism are converging to put the USA at risk for disaster in the months ahead.  We have no time to waste if we are to prevent the loss of thousands of lives and emerge with our democracy intact.” So this was one of the goals of Covid-19 was to establish the relationship between mass public health emergencies and the rights government could or should have under them.  When the government says something is a public health emergency, you see, that is the trigger for a suspension of constitutional rights. That’s the way they are playing this game.  And this professor at the liberal University of UC Davis is playing his role as an “expert” with an informed opinion that then demands legislative action by the political class.  (Yes, this is why I’m one of the most banned people on the internet.  All my IP addresses are shadow-banned, but the information gets out anyway, even in drips.  The bad guys don’t want you to know these kinds of things)  But the game is there for all to see.

Of course, what is never discussed is why tensions are so high in our country and so divided.  Well, that’s simple; it’s the political left who has attempted to drag right-minded people to their side of things with coercion and violence, or else.  That tends to make people angry, so angry that they are looking for some retaliation.  Some people do bend the knee and cave to the political pressure socially.  But there are many, around half the nation, who just won’t. I’d say the “absolutely won’t” is about 30% of the country with approximately 30% who are what they call “independent,” people who are indifferent to politics until it hits them in their homes.  They stay out of all conversations about political topics and positions of morality until the price of gas or milk goes up, then they become engaged.  But the political left has attempted to drag people kicking and screaming toward socialism and communism that has caused the reaction of buying more guns to defend themselves, which is the subject of this concerned political hit piece by the professor from UC Davis. 

With more than 300 million guns in America, there are very few shootings, statistically.  Those that do happen don’t usually occur by NRA types. It’s the drug users and sellers, the gang bangers, the lost pot smoking liberals who shoot up schools.  People from the radical left, not from the conservative right, use guns to kill people.  So this article has no basis in actual reality, only in building up a perception so the Biden administration can entertain the basis for gun confiscation.

In contrast, they still have the power to try it.  With the poll numbers being what they are and a change of party in the House and Senate coming, the Biden administration knows it doesn’t have much time to act on its radical gun-grabbing plan.  So that is the function of this liberal loser, writing this article as a “gun expert” about the possible public health emergency that gun violence could cause due to the rough waters ahead in a divided country.  The political left, after all, will be losing lots of seats, and to defend their loss of political power, they will attempt to create riots in the streets and harm people for it because—well, that’s all they know how to do.  They use violence and the threat of it to get power.  And when they lose power, they use violence and the threat of it to get it back.  That is why people have rushed out to buy so many guns because it gives them some political insulation from this insanity.   It makes people feel safer to have a home full of guns because they can’t trust their government. 

This has been the story of Covid-19, to establish an epidemiology case, to argue not on the merits of the Second Amendment, but on the grounds of public health, a new way to approach the issue of communism, that the public good outweighs the rights of individuals.  Did you see that coming, dear reader?  Pretty slick legal trick they are trying, but that’s the playbook.  Notice how the mass shooter from Las Vegas was never heard from again?  Or the many mass shooters in public schools were revealed to be marijuana-smoking liberals?  Or how the FBI tampered with evidence in the San Bernadino case during the Christmas season a few years back where they allowed the media into the killer’s apartment a few days after the shooting disguising it as “being transparent” when the real goal was to “destroy evidence at the scene of the crime.” That’s how these liberals get away with their crimes; they provoke the problem, then attempt to erase their footprints in the process.  What we have here with the professor from UC Davis is a radical in the crime approach, setting up the story before the crises could be announced to the world by the Biden administration.  It’s all so fascinating. 

Of course, Americans are correct to buy lots of guns, as many as they can afford. It’s the exact reason that we have not yet lost our country to the criminal attempts of the climate change United Nations insurgents who are controlling the Biden administration.  Imagine if we didn’t have guns?  How far they would have gone during Covid at stealing away our rights as a free people?  These attackers were behind the Great Reset targets that started gain of function research at the Wuhan lab sponsored by the American government’s Dr. Fauci, all to set up this legal merit to using public health issues to destroy constitutional protections.  If there were no guns, what would give them pause in their aggressive actions—the law, which they have shown they are willing to break openly?  Many Americans see what the political left is up to.

I certainly do, and my many readers here do, too, even with all the shadow banning.  In many cases, people are only getting this information at sites like this one.  Even the most alternative media out there doesn’t go far enough to explain these processes as they occur.  But enough of us see the writing on the wall, and we have responded with a healthy protest of buying guns to protect ourselves from this out-of-control, criminal government.  Knowing people who buy lots of guns and use them often, I can say that they haven’t given up on the ability to vote these losers out of office.  I certainly haven’t given up on our republic.  But before we turn to a socialist or communist government under the United Nations, we need to know that we have insulation from the attacks of our government against us.  And that is why gun sales and ammunition are so much higher than they have been in the past.  There is no shame in it. I’m not worried about any of my many neighbors and friends who have enough guns to fight off an army from their homes.  It’s not them who are the threat. It’s the intentions of this Biden government who has no problem stealing elections, selling us out to the United Nations, and creating Covid-19 under gain-of-function behind Trump’s back in 2017 under Dr. Fauci to create a bioweapon dedicated to the Great Reset goals of the United Nations.  Guns are our last line of defense from being sold out to other sovereignties, and I encourage people to go out and buy more, more and more.  In many ways, it’s the most honest vote we can have, one they can’t steal. 

Rich Hoffman

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