The History of Communist Attack in America: We are most vulnerable where we work, and they always knew it

They Attacked Through Where we Work

It’s not just Karl Marx around the 1850s who launched the idea of communism globally, but more popularly, the novel, Looking Backward: 2000 – 1887, which came out in 1888, which provided the battleground playbook for the next century.  The goal was to destroy, to stop the culmination which was evident in the world during the 1840s where America was growing in frightening ways away from the homeland of Europe, and the losers of the old world wanted to cripple that growth.  So they attacked Capitalism because it threatened to grow away from their control.  Historical context must be considered to understand.  Not only did England lose the colonies to rebels in 1776, but they were also defeated a few years later in the War of 1812.  When the Spanish American War failed to stop the growth of America but instead expanded it rapidly, the world worried that it was growing too fast for them to compete with.  Thus came the government-backed works of Karl Marx, long after his death, to stop Capitalism from growing western cultures, and that attack vector would proceed for the next 150 years.  Of course, we had an internal war, the Civil War, to destroy what was left of European aristocracy, which the American South, specifically Democrats, deeply craved within the institution of slavery.  Republicans ended slavery, then off where the shackles toward Manifest Destiny.  World War I was a created war hoping to make a League of Nations in the aftermath.  Americans rejected the idea of such an arranged marriage with Europe.  So they tried another war, World War II.  After that war and the gross atrocities meant to end all wars, Americans finally signed up for the United Nations.  We had more wars fighting communist ideas worldwide but were tethered to this United Nations concept which greatly limited the scope of success.  As we were distracted by these wars, the United Nations promoted globalism and corporate expansion, and thus, entered into the legislative lives of our great American companies.  By this method, they intended to destroy America once and for all because all their previous attempts had failed so badly. 

MANY WERE PERPLEXED when I was writing my most recent book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  I was an expert Lean practitioner who knew all kinds of inside business tricks that many found extremely useful.  They didn’t understand why I wasn’t just cashing in like everyone else was and making a lot of money off being a consultant and letting the world go where it would go, oblivious to the direction.  I would say that the next attack on American sovereignty was coming from our companies and that I wanted to stop that from happening.  Of course, I would get eye rolls and charges of mass conspiracy. “From whom,” they would ask as if baiting the question for a laughing response.  But I had seen the attack vector and was a frequent target all through my adult life, sometimes in ways that are preposterously crushing.  I was a target of cancel culture well before anybody had a name for it. Indeed, before, there was a Donald Trump in politics.  But I had read all the books, and I understood the motivations of the political left, which were measured in European centuries rather than American decades.  And this was how they were sliding their attempts of communism under the doors.  They weren’t planning to fight us with guns and troops.  America had more guns than any nation in the world; that would be a stupid idea.  Instead, they planned to attack us through our human resource departments, crush us with rules and regulations, and get us to commit economic suicide, all in the name of compliance.  I planned to write a strategy guide for people to defend themselves from that kind of attack, which has turned out to be right on the mark. 

I would have been met with extreme scrutiny if I had said all this even a year ago.  I certainly had that reaction from my publishers. But the Biden administration has shown their cards, and their Covid vaccine mandates have led to what I have said to be true.  The fight of our times would not be in the streets and fields of the world on battlefields of orthodox.  It would not be an individualized fight. Instead, this new kind of war would be in where we make our livings.   Our domestic economies would be attacked, and our means to an income.   That is how to make a mass of people capitulate and take away their means to make a living.  Take the food off their table and their ability to even make a family.  That is the ultimate goal of the global communists, which set their intentions in apparent motion in 1958’s The Naked Communist, which I have covered extensively over the years.  But even then, the attack was well in action.  In her many books, Ayn Rand tried to warn everyone about these plots, most notably The Fountainhead in 1943 (right in the middle of World War II) then Atlas Shrugged in 1957.  For people who don’t read a lot of books, they likely wouldn’t have noticed.  Much of academia was in love with the socialist book Looking Backward, which became the source of why our modern media is mostly all in on the game.  They all want the same thing, the end of America and the birth of a state under the socialist United Nations.  It would be easy to miss all the clues unless you read a lot of books. 

My point was to set my book before this socialist/communist incursion, to the point in time where Capitalism was working and doing great things not just for America, but the world at large.  And if any company wanted to be profitable, it had to fight off these globalist ties to their board of directors and CEOs.  Because the first thing any company must do if it wants to be profitable and productive is to get independence from the world’s aggressions.  The fight for freedom is not with individual people this time.  We already have our independence represented in our Bill of Rights and various constitutions.  No, what we need now is a declaration of independence for our companies and set free corporate America to share our individual independence with the places we utilize to make our livings.  In this long military history of communist thought, they attacked where we were most vulnerable.  They didn’t come in the front door where we had dozens of guns pointed at them, but through the back where our companies had rules against guns and self-defense to provide a “safe” work environment for others.  It is in our corporate charters that communism was slid into our American culture, and the gains of the many outweighed the needs of the independent.  And that is how wokeism was born in our nation and then used to do what the nations of the world couldn’t do, attack American Capitalism and force companies to bend the knee to the fear of mass protests and revolts as Karl Marx had outlined.  And in that way, the vast evil of communism could be unleashed to the world and united under the United Nations in ways all the previous wars of the world couldn’t have ever imagined.  The book I wrote helps teach people how to stop that process. 

Rich Hoffman

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