Do Not Fear the ‘Metaverse’: Remember Facebook cheated in the 2020 election the old fashioned way, they aren’t that powerful

Do Not Fear Meta, They are More Bark than Bite

I’m not going to say that we shouldn’t worry about this new “Metaverse” concept that Facebook has changed its name to.  But I will say that it’s not going to work out the way they have planned.  Of course, this is referencing the rebranding of Facebook after they have been caught in election fraud, as outlined in the Molly Hemmingway book Rigged, and have undergone a significant name change that they say will incorporate virtual reality.  There has been a lot of talk about this move and fear about it because the tech companies, in general, have acquired entirely too much power in our lives, which we’ve given to them willingly.  They have made communication with other people over vast distances possible.  I remember not that long ago where long-distance phone calls were a very real thing, so to go to what we have now, where you can speak to anybody anywhere in the world free of charge over the internet, it’s quite astonishing.  Then to have what we can see coming on the horizon, to engage other people in virtual environments all hours of the day, anywhere in the world is attractive.  But we all knew that the villains of the world would attack us from that front at some point.  The definitions are still dripping wet, so much of what we have seen over this last decade caught many by surprise.  Tyranny was always going to attempt to attack from that sector of the economy through all this new technology, and to date, many think it has won. 

Yet, I have different thoughts about the nature of technology and the technocrats who have looked to use it to become the new masters of the universe.  Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook company were always about information collection, and that is undoubtedly what they are hoping to do with this new move toward a “Metaverse.” They want you in it because they want to control as much of your life as possible, as any company would who want to make the consumer relationship easier on themselves.  I noticed the start of this concept of being everywhere anytime actually, the last time I was at Disney World a few years ago, and used their bracelet system to get into all the parks and take care of purchases along the way.  Obviously, this concept was sold to us out of convenience. Still, the companies using the technology wanted out of it to be the biggest brother in our lives they could get away with so they could control the customer experience well outside the jurisdiction of the amusement parks themselves. Facebook’s Metaverse looks to take their wall platform where you can talk to all the people in your life that you’ve ever known and carry it over to an all-encompassing virtual environment that will embody artificial intelligence and the future of bioengineering.  It sounds big and scary at first, but there are significant limits associated with technology that many aren’t considering, even if it did get away from us the way many fear and become the plot of some Terminator movie.  The problem with technology is that it’s soulless and will continue to be.  And to fulfill that gap, companies like Facebook and Disney expect to trade-off convenience for the lack of customer experience that ultimately will follow. 

The great fear is that we are moving behind the human experience of existence. Soon, computers and programs, in general, will be so advanced that they will exceed human intellect and rule us all without our control.  Many within Facebook’s Metaverse and Google’s many data collection platforms believe they have successfully mapped out the behavior of human beings to the point where artificial intelligence will take over the world.  But let me remind everyone that they, even with all their ability to map out the human experience with “like” buttons and comments on their homepages, have been analyzed to scrutiny beyond reason, were not able to stop people from voting for Donald Trump for president.  Or to stop the MAGA movement and populism in general around the world with all their technology.  Facebook, in fact, out of a promise to its employees, ensured the 2020 election would be taken from President Trump and that the tech companies themselves held all the power now over elections.  Of course, the young millennials lacking experience in the world believed Zuckerberg and the climate freaks at Google.  It still took half a billion Zuckerbucks to buy off voters on the ground one carload at a time to stuff ballots and tamper with paper votes.  Facebook didn’t have near the influence over the population they had been selling to the public, and much of what they were doing for shareholders was smoke and mirrors.  What we learned was that people liked to send pictures of themselves to grandma halfway across the country on Facebook and that they might hit the like button on her recently baked pie. Still, there is much about human beings that they hide from these data collection devices.  As it turns out, all Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others could muster was inspiring the animal instincts of human beings and nothing more. Indeed not the eternal aspects of human behavior, their hopes, and dreams beyond their desires for food, sex, and economic fulfillment. 

I love video games, and I love virtual reality, but I have to say, and this is undoubtedly the case on popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty, which I play a lot; it always feels like a condom as opposed to an authentic experience.  Programers and the artificial reality that results from massive computers analyzing all our online moves only capture what a programmer thought to identify as a value.  And the artificial intelligence that follows only builds its perception of the world based on those limits.  I can move a lot better in real life than in Call of Duty.  It’s an exciting environment worth the technology, but it does not account for many human attributes such as imagination which has connections to many-dimensional aspects of experience.  The soul of a human exists way beyond the life of the body we inhabit, and this is still a mystery to the tech dictators at Google and Facebook.  Therefore, behavior still is and will continue to be a problem for them well into the future.  All their data collection only helps them understand the consumer experience. It has no way of understanding such things as to why people voted for Donald Trump despite their efforts to stop him or us from voting for a populist movement.  Much of the reason they had to conduct so much censorship during the last election and the use of medicines to fight off Covid-19 was that they had to hide from the world their limits because investors were watching.  Zuckerberg and Facebook already had this Metaverse all mapped out as part of their future, but as it turned out, it had severe limits and would continue to because it was soulless.  It lacked the elements that the soul of human beings truly desires, and that little secret only expands as the math problem of artificial intelligence programming expounds. If you get intelligence wrong at its birthplace, it only exacerbates the situation the more you use it.  So instead of artificial intelligence taking over the world as the newest power-hungry dictator, what you end up with is a nuisance.

The power of technology will be in its computing power, in being a beneficial, powerful calculator. It will not be the next excellent football star who can throw a ball down the field between two defenders for a touchdown with only seconds to think.  Because humanity has imagination, and artificial intelligence requires humans to explain imagination and the soul before writing a program to make it.   Yet, the humans programming these things don’t understand it themselves even though they may experience it.  They can’t identify it or its value.  So it doesn’t get measured and programmed, leaving all technology woefully dull and limited in what it can do.  So before you panic over artificial intelligence taking over the world, remember, they couldn’t stop Trump or us from voting for him.  They had to cheat like Democrats have been doing the old-fashioned way for over a hundred years, and for Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech dictators, they know that’s their ultimate weakness.

Rich Hoffman

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