The Truth is You Did Build That: How government creates legalized theft to mask their uselessness

Yes, You Did Build That

I always say that the rules are made by the losers, just like in the NFL.  Great teams from the previous year are penalized the following year with draft picks and schedule strength so that weaker teams can have a chance to win too.  There is a lot of socialism in American football, precisely the corporation that is the NFL.  Rules generally exist to help make things equal for those who aren’t so good in life.  And that is essentially the case for everything that government sticks its nose in; they use rules to associate themselves as regulators to economic creation so that they can loot off the productive efforts.  To mask the true nature of productivity, the government creates the roads through confiscated wealth in taxation. They regulate the power grid to manage its distribution and many other things to associate themselves with a concept of teamwork whenever something is created.  When they say teamwork and consensus-building, they mean they want to rob you of your effort and redistribute your success to those not so successful.  When they say fairness, what they mean to do is penalize you for success so that others might also bask in the glory.  And they do so with the false premise of justice in retaliation for how things work in the world. 

This has been on my mind since I watched the various activities of the G20 Summit, which was essentially a bunch of losers in the world looking for justification for their crippling socialism.  They have a friend in the Biden administration who is willing to play along with their game of effort redistribution.  They want American effort to drive their globalist desires. Still, now that Trump is gone, they want America to stand at the end of the group photo so that they can now take credit for the efforts of the G20 gathering.  Leaders in the center of the picture look all stoic and essential when they do nothing to contribute to the success of the venture.  They like Biden because he allows them to steal from the efforts of America, which makes them look much more courageous and essential in the world.  It’s similar to the classroom of people who are asked a question and only one or two hands go up.  Once a few people break the ice, more hands go up because they are followers.  They knew the answer when asked, but they didn’t feel comfortable holding up their hand until others did before them.  That is the way it is in the world.  There are very few people who lead, there are lots of followers, but when things are done, it is never the groups of followers who start the effort; it’s those few people who are confident enough to stick up their hand when nobody else has. 

When the socialist Obama said during his American presidency, and still whispers into the ear of Joe Biden, that “you didn’t build that, you had to have help,” its because his kind of government has always stuck themselves into the middle of a process so that they would have something to do while the real risk-takers did all the heavy lifting.  I was recently at a zoning meeting where a community resident wanted to build a barn for his various recreation equipment and was promptly lectured about how it wasn’t the community’s job to accommodate all the property owner’s toys.   The hatred toward the successful property owner couldn’t be more precise.  Here were some zoning officials who wanted to use their government power to force the property owner to beg like a dog for the right to do what he wished on his property and enjoy his success in life by playing with toys he had acquired.  But because of the zoning rules, the bureaucrats of the community were able to be associated with the property owner’s success.  So instead of the property owner just building the barn, he had to ask for help to allow the community to enable him to build the structure.  The same rules apply to roads, infrastructure, and even economies. 

Back in the Gilded Age, which has more and more value for as I study history, if Thomas Edison wanted to light up a city with his new light bulbs, he would also create his own infrastructure to do it.  Railroads did the same; the government needed them; they didn’t need the government.  The government back then had not yet figured out the value of all these mass inventions created during this exciting period, so they didn’t know to stick their noses into the business of the entrepreneurial efforts.  But like the United Nations of today, all government has learned to hide their own timidity by looting off the bold and courageous efforts so that their type can appear to be part of the effort.  The politicians might even show up to a ribbon-cutting ceremony to get a picture taken of their support for a project even though the owner did all the work, worried all those sleepless nights to make it happen, and ultimately have to run everything.  Meanwhile, the politicians go to lunch and forget about it.  They have their picture that they can use for campaigning and quickly move on to something else. 

So when it is said that someone didn’t build something and that they had to have help, it’s not true.  The reality is that all groups of people do get in the way. Their purpose is to rob off successful efforts, like what the United Nations is doing presently, and the Biden administration is set to accommodate.  In truth, if you don’t build that, or some individual is the first to stick their hand up to initiate a process, then nothing happens.  Nothing gets built.  Progress, all progress is started by the few.  The fewer people involved, the more successful something is.  When you have to drag a bunch of looting personalities along, things slow down and become much less by the time everything is done.  Group consensus is a limit, not an asset.

The United Nations are the last people in the class to hold up their hands to answer a question, but they want the world to think of them as “leaders.” They want to lead by title, not by all the efforts that make things happen, like leadership, embracing risk, and putting forth tireless effort.  The miracle is that even with all the government’s limits on people, anything happens at all.  But imagine what kind of world we could have if people were left alone to build and create without the looting efforts of the governments of the world?  Imagine the innovation and advancements to civilization?  But to mask their intrusion on success, they have stuck themselves to everything and tried to create the illusion that you need them to do anything when in reality, they need you for everything.  Always remember, if you don’t do something, it likely will never get done.  Much of what everyone would like to see, those who sit around waiting for someone else to do something, never happens.  You don’t need help to build something; what is really needed is for the losers to get out of the way.

Rich Hoffman

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