What a Tyrant Is: Why freedom is more important than order

What a Tyrant Is

Clearly, the United Nations is making their long-planned move to pull the United States under their umbrella, to satisfy the ultimate strategy of progressives over the last century. That is a one-world government that they control.  And in America, the Democrat Party is fully committed to making that happen, so much so that Joe Biden and the John Kerry types are pushing forward a radical progressive agenda despite what voters in the United States might think of it.  They are already functioning from the change state point of view where the world will be operating from one government brought together through rules of climate change, which they made up entirely to fulfill their cause.  Covid was created in a Chinese lab to crush the world’s economies and create a “Build Back Better” socialist plan that would lead to the Great Reset.  None of that is speculative fiction; in fact, it’s the truth of 2021 as we move into 2022.  Given what these people have shown they are willing to do, can you see now why they committed massive election fraud in 2020 to get rid of Trump?  Trump and the MAGA supporters were in the way, and they couldn’t have that.  So they got rid of him for this new globalist agenda, and they didn’t care what rules they had to break. 

This, of course, has shocked many people, leaving them to declare statements about how unconstitutional it all is, how unfair, how tyrannical.  Biden has responded by mocking our cries for freedom because the plan was always to use safety over freedom to drive people like herds of cattle toward the cesspools of globalism.  To crush the American economy and redistribute the wealth elsewhere.  That is, after all, how all our jobs over the years ended up in China.  But few know what freedom means or even what a tyrant is. How can we say that a school board is a tyrannical organization or a presidential administration?  How could those puffy Pillsbury Dough Boy socialists in the United Nations be “tyrants.” They look like Santa Clause in most cases who want to help people.  Without a proper definition and value of what freedom means, our arguments against this wave of globalism against our American sovereignty come out flat and uninspiring.  So let’s set some definition parameters for the use of argument. 

To define a tyrant, I always think, as I said in the video above, of a parent who sends their kid to gymnastic practice hoping that they’ll become so good that they might someday make the Olympic team and be national heroes on the cover of a cereal box.  That is ultimately the kind of neurosis that the people in the United Nations think of their billionaire sponsors and us.  That if we would only listen to them, they’d have our lives all figured out, and we’d thank them later.  This parent-child relationship is prevalent in our society.  Lots of parents move to schools or send their kids to schools that have healthy sports programs hoping that a college recruiter will notice their child and that a path for success will be established for them just by being in the right place at the right time. It’s the dream of many parents to see their kids achieve the success they were never able to accomplish in life.  But, the problem is, when parents act in such a way, they are taking away the child’s free will and forever harming their future development.  The parent might justify that it’s for the child’s own good; what can a child know that a grown adult has seen for themselves.  So the child should just shut up and listen.  This is what a tyrant is. 

A tyrant is a person or an entity of any kind that lives through the lives of other people.  And people who declare they want “freedom” essentially say they don’t want to be connected to such people.  When we say we want “freedom,” we say we don’t want our lives directed by other people.  Yet the Democrat Party and their partners in the United Nations, the globalists as we like to call them, insist that we all connect and that they must live through us the way a parent lives through a child who is enrolling their child in sports programs, not for the health of the child, but the ego of the parents.  The parent wants the neighbors to be in awe of their sports star child; they want respect from the child’s antics by their peer groups.

In the same way, the tyrant of every kind must live off the life of others so that they can associate themselves with success.  They are natural parasites to the order of the universe, and what’s worse, they think they are doing good.  They justify their actions because it is in their nature to be parasites.  So when we say we want freedom, we aren’t talking about the Revolutionary War in 1776 against the English.  We aren’t talking about Republicans starting a Civil War with Democrats in the American South to free the slaves.  When we say freedom, those are expressions of freedom, but we genuinely want not to be chained to those who demand that we live our lives through other people.  We want to be free to live our own lives in our own way.  Not at the expense of others but under our own accord. 

When Biden mocks the American notion of freedom, it is because he has already signed America up to serve the masters of the United Nations, the socialists of France and Portugal. They live vicariously through their histories, sipping wine in art museums.   Not only do these people live through other people, but they loot off their histories, claiming them as their own, even though the wars and conquests of the past were not even closely associated with the modern day.  They use such justifications to treat America like a child that has gone astray and now must be spanked in front of the world and be told what to do from now on.  Yes, we want “freedom” from that kind of idiotic behavior.  We want to be free of people who think like that.  We don’t want to live our lives preplanned in the halls of Europe by stuffy old losers who are too timid to live their own lives and make their own histories.  They are looking for cover, and they need us to do it.  That is why Joe Biden mocks us.  He is an old man who has lived his whole life through other people, so it’s too late for him.  And he knows it.  The way he hides such a thing from his own mind is to bring the whole world into a similar condition.  In that way, he would never be remembered for being such a loser.  Yet, that is just how it will be for him and all those in the United Nations who have plotted against America and all of us with such elaborate plans.  Just as the parent who finds their 16-year-old daughter suddenly screaming rebellion once they are old enough to make their own decisions.  The little girl who went to gymnastics since they were five years old suddenly wants to be their own person, and the parents, of course, will be devastated, but that is the nature of freedom, and what every living thing on planet earth craves, whether or not they know how to express it. 

Rich Hoffman

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