No Surprise that Glenn Younkin Won in Virginia: The Garlic that always kills the Democrat Vampire

No Surprise Here in Virginia, Its Just Math

I wasn’t all that surprised by the Glenn Younkin win in Virginia.  I suppose I always knew some of the things I’m going to talk about in this article, but 2021 was the year that I went out and verified my thoughts.  After the steal of the election from Trump in 2020, all the smoke was cleared away.  The case of Younkin’s win in Virginia is simple math; it’s all about red areas competing with the few blue regions in the country where voter density is higher by the nature of cities.  Conservative voters are constantly moving away from blue voters, so they spread out across empty areas of the nation, leaving most of the country red as a result when you look at a map.  I confirmed this with my wife as we were traveling in 2021 all over the United States through most of the states in the Union.  The nation of America is very conservative, much more so than most of the coastal media wants to admit.  And far more conservative than the climate change summits that the United Nations puts on around the world.  The critical indicator is in how we measure political persuasion.  When we discuss center-left or center-right, well, who sets where the center is?  I look at the modern media interpretation of center and see the hand of Karl Marx.  Many who claim to be centralists are soft socialists with an eye toward communism.  Center-right thinkers are socialists who draw a line between socialism and communism.  Where center-left are authoritarian communists and beyond.  What I could call centralists the media would call hard right, which isn’t the way it is in America.  It might be that way if you are looking at Europe as the measuring stick, but America is on a scale of its own.

In Virginia, the voter turnout was 55.2% which is unusually high for them, and much of that was driven by the CRT issue in public schools and the excellent candidacy of Glenn Younkin himself, who provided someone voters could feel good about. “Experts,” of course, get everything wrong because they look at all this information with the wrong measures of assumptions; they’ll say the high voter turnout as a result of early voting and mail-in ballots were the key indicators.  But in truth, those traits only help Democrats as Republicans show up and vote on election day because they are task-oriented people.  Democrats are usually out of work, on vacation, or taking sick days, so they have all kinds of time to vote.  Democrats have to do whatever they can to engage those voters.  They typically use anger or fear to drive their base because, in essence, that’s all they have.  And they hope that nobody figures out the real issue, which I’m going to explain here, the secret to all Republican success and the garlic that kills the Democrat parasitic vampire. 

I was able to be behind several extensive campaigns in my local area of Northern Cincinnati, where the voter turnout was around 20%, which is good for a place that has lots of Republican voters.  Some of the candidates running who were Democrats I had been saying to people behind the scenes were going to get around 5000 votes guaranteed because friends and family support them even in conservative areas.  But their cap-off point is around 7000 to 8000 in a population density size of 100,000 people.  So for the Republican candidates to win, they had to exceed those thresholds, which should never be a problem because there is far more conservative voters than liberals.  That is also the case in cities.  But in cities, they usually have younger people who don’t think their votes matter, and the people who show up on election day or before are those looking for Democrat-free stuff.  What needs to be done is encourage voters with a higher turnout rate by giving them candidates they can feel good about voting for. 

With all the talk about Trump and why he has such a hold on the Republican Party, Trump inspires higher voter engagement. He knows how to communicate a message.  To me, Trump is a Democrat, even though he identifies as a Republican.  Trump is way too big government to be the kind of Republican I want.  But I love Trump because he is sincere and independent and is the perfect candidate who can drain the Washington Swamp, which I want to see.  But as far as governance, I think of Trump as a Democrat.  But he’s the best that Republicans have, and he knows how to turn out voters in red states and counties.  Proof of this was in the 2021 election, where he received more votes than any other president in history with over 70 million.  If you consider all the fraud, including the United States Post Office dumping Trump votes by the thousands on the side of the road to be destroyed, Trump pulled a lot of votes out of the red districts, more than enough to crush Democrats in any election.  Democrats don’t have that many liberal voters, so they want open borders because they hope to get them through the free stuff giveaways.  But in truth, there are many, many more Republican voters out there than Democrats. Democrats only give the illusion that we are a divided country because they have encouraged high voter turnout for their base with early voting and other tricks while frustrating Republicans to stay home with more compromising RINOs. The latter isn’t inspiring to get behind; getting along with Democrats is not what engaged voters want to see.  They want to see their candidate taking down the bad guys, and yes, Democrats are the “bad guys.” They are not our friends.  In that way, Democrats have managed to trick everyone with this smokescreen of the illusion that we are a divided country.    

But in truth, the secret sauce, whether locally or nationally, is that a Republican candidate only has to encourage a 5% to 10% voter participation increase of turnout on election day to get a win.  Democrats like in my local example have a ceiling, and once reached, they can’t go any further.  For Republicans, the ceiling is much higher because there are always more Republican votes than Democrats, even in cities. Success is always assured when a candidate like Younkin can tap into them, Trump, or anybody similar.  I supported in this last election over 54 different candidates with behind-the-scenes actions across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, and they all won.  It’s not a magic trick; it’s just math.  Democrats never have the math on their side, so I always say that if they can’t cheat, they can’t win.   If they can suppress the vote and expand access for their base, they have a chance.  But they also always have a low ceiling of participation by their very nature.  If a Republican candidate out engages them, they can’t win anywhere, which is why Younkin outperformed in Virginia throughout the evening, even in challenging blue county areas.  Through CRT and other education issues, voters were engaged to support their Republican sensibilities, and Younkin won easily.  The margin was too significant to close the gap with cheating with the nation watching so closely.

There is still too much scrutiny over what happened in 2020 within Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.  Democrats didn’t get away with the steal, the cases are still pending, and they couldn’t afford to do it again in Virginia, so they cut the Democrats loose because they had to. That’s how you beat these losers.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Trump, or Greg Younkin, or DeSantis.  If a candidate can get voter engagement, the gold mine is there ripe for the taking.  Republicans need to learn to mine it better but not take just the nuggets Democrats let them have.  Going a little deeper is where the real treasure is, which is in the voter turnout number.  Get a little more than average, and Republicans will always win. 

Rich Hoffman

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