The Original Sin of Taxation: Getting rid of the Revenue Act of 1913

Taxation is Legalized Theft

Based on the behavior of the Biden administration and the reckless antics of Congress and the senate over the Build Back Better Green New Deal’s massive taxation they are working on to satisfy their masters in Glasgow, the only conclusion that can be made is that the government is guilty of tax abuse.  Given what we’ve witnessed under this Congress and this presidential administration, it’s clear that we will have out-of-control spending problems like this in the future unless we take some drastic measures.  And one of those measures needs to be the elimination of the Revenue Act of 1913, which was the start of progressive taxation in the United States.  After more than a century of observing the behavior of government and its desire to grow continuously, we have more than enough history to make arguments that more free-market applications need to be applied to the government, instead of giving them the ability to legally steal our money all in service to a more bloated government that seeks evermore to grow well beyond what can be regulated with logic.  I understand that this is an issue that few are prepared to deal with, and it will take time to let it sink into the population in general.  Too many people have just accepted that this level of taxation is just the way things are.  But, we are at a point where we must ask, why have we let them become that way without debate and a proper understanding of what the government objectives are. 

One of the key reasons I set many arguments for American economic exceptionalism during the great gunfighter’s era of the Gilded Age of western expansion is that we have clear evidence that many of the progressive experiments have proven to be socialist failures.  For much of the last century, we have been living off the greatness passed down to us from the economic expansion of the Gilded Age.  Soon after 1913, specifically with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the implementation of the Revenue Act, America had let socialism into the door to get warm at our fires out of compassion.  But the bastards have been seeking to poison America as we slept and loot our country for all they could while we facilitated their comfort.  Until recently, we dared not show a lack of hospitality toward all thoughts of the world so that we might not be called capitalist pigs or tyrants of imperialism.  But really, all that America was ever guilty of was sharing the great benefits of capitalism with the world, and this jostled the feathers of globalists who did not want to be shown up by the young, agile country.  And since the explosion of economic growth that we have all enjoyed for many decades started during that gunfighter era, we have taken the power of our economy for granted.  This is most obvious in how the Democrats have pushed for all-out socialism in 2021 under the flag of Covid-19 and a stolen election by Big Tech, inserting a reckless insurgent of progressive thought and erasing the vote of millions across the country. They’ve always looked for this opportunity, and we should take them very seriously in the future.  We are no longer talking about conspiracy theories among Democrats.  They have shown their intentions to crush capitalism and rebuild our American society as a socialist state, and their method of achieving their evil has been taxation.

We should have never let the government set its level of tax rates they desire.  I first noticed this ridiculous notion while fighting school levies in my local school district.  It was clear to me that the labor unions ran the schools, and they controlled the school boards as to what their expenses would be.  All government school budgets were then runaway trains of big government spending that the taxpayers were always expected to bail out the stupidity of government.  But it was never just the schools; it was all government, from the military to the losers in Congress.  Are we getting value for what we pay?  No.  If we applied the same market conditions that McDonald’s must deal with while competing with Burger King, the government would fail 100%.  It’s kind of a running joke with everyone, even liberals; government is ineffective and never good at what they do.  Yet, we spend fortunes on the government to manage our affairs. When we continuously give them a blank check, they perpetually provide us with chaos and power grabs funded by the money they legalize themselves to steal from us with various methods. 

Hidden in these massive multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plans are all kinds of tax increases, and with each, we should be asking the question, what value are we getting for the money spent.  Do we like our government, and do we feel that it’s worth the money?  We ask that question from our fast food to our hardware stores with all other things in life.  In a capitalist economy, we have options, and those options drive down prices.  But when the government can steal the money, they can’t manage it the first time around; why are we standing for any of it?  Well, part of the problem is the payroll taxes that started due to the 1913 Revenue Act.  People paid the tax before it ever hit their pocket, so it was hidden between an employer and the worker, which was a mistake.  Just as we now must look at the John Dewey-designed public education system and admit that it was a mistake from the beginning, we must do the same with the way we are taxed.  The government ultimately is our government.  The people of the United States own it, but they have allowed themselves to forget that they are in fact in charge.  The government has shown that it is power hungry and must be defunded to a minimal level to keep its influence in check. To do that, the burden of value must be shifted from how it is now, hidden in paychecks, and revealed in the light of day, so people consciously see how much money the government steals from them each year. 

If all taxes paid are considered by the average taxpayer, the use taxes on bullets, on soda, on beer, on gas, then with all the local, state, and federal taxes, if people could see like they do the ingredients of a can of food how much they spend on government, they would be shocked and forced to place a more wary eye on what the money is spent on.  The Biden administration’s current government has no care or respect for how much money they steal from hard-working Americans. Otherwise, they would not seek high taxes from the new infrastructure bill and more IRS agents to enforce their authoritarian theft.  Rather than looking at the money the government steals as their property, too many people assume that a portion of all their work will always be stolen by a greedy, bully government.  They have grown to accept this as a fact.  When all along, it should have been heavily scrutinized.  Yet that was always the intention of the Revenue Act of 1913, to pay for a government that didn’t deserve the money and progressively increase the cost of that government through legalized theft over a long period.  The government does not respect us because of it. Before we can change anything, we must go to the source of the problem, 1913, when the government made it so that taxes were stolen from everyday people and that they could take the money without earning it, at whatever rate they decided was appropriate. 

Rich Hoffman

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