Covid’s Goal as a Bioweapon was meant to Destroy the American Workforce: Europe and Asia wanted to flatten our tires

Covid is all About Controlling the American Workforce

The longer that Covid goes on, the more obvious it is that in Asia and Europe, where it was born, it was designed to ruin the American workforce hoping to handicap our GDP because the rest of the world cannot compete.  Sure they did Covid protocols worldwide, but you know what they want to do in the Davos crowd; they want to penalize America any way they can so their economies can catch up.  China has made it well known they intend to have the world’s largest economy in a few years. Yes, they want to penalize America in any way possible to surpass the incredible magic that America produces with only 300 million people.  Think about that, such a small group of people in the world produces so much GDP.  With all its 1.4 billion people, China still can’t produce as much as we can because they are communists.  Too much limit on wealth creation, of course, will stagnate production at the level of wealth creation.  At the World Economic Forum over the last several years, the word “Great Reset” has been attached to a build-back better approach from their point of view in a post-Covid world.  But who are we building back better for, and why did we tear it down in the first place.  Why did everyone in the world do what they did with Covid and not the SARs virus of 2018?  Because the white coat experts in government who run these health departments are Marxists, and they want to see America crippled, even within our own country.  So they have used Covid as an excuse to destroy the American workforce and cripple our GDP allowing other countries to overtake us finally.  Just remember, they can’t compete directly because they have not embraced capitalism.  Instead, they want to flatten our tires so that they can hopefully pass us up. They don’t plan to do better than us.

One of my goals with The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business was to assure anybody reading it that the only way to have a flourishing economy is by getting out of the way of productivity so that creativity can flourish and produce new things.  That is the essence of the American economy and why 300 million people can out-produce the world so quickly.  If you travel through Europe, you will see it.  People are pretty casual about work; they don’t connect it to their lives as Americans do.  Generally, service is terrible in Europe; people take too many breaks and for too long.  And they take way too many days off work.  Now, in Asia, the workers are very industrious.  They will work from sun up to sun down for a bowl of rice.  If only that element were considered, it has been thought that they would quickly out-produce the United States.  The trouble is, working is only part of the equation.  You don’t just need workers to fill a job, but you need riverboat gambler types to start businesses for people to work in, and in America, small business is the key to the whole puzzle.  That is why there is so much diversity in America, where there is somebody somewhere making just about anything.  So to create those businesses, individual risk-takers come into play in ways that the rest of the world has never figured out because their governments run everything.  They don’t have a means for self-initiation the way we do in the United States. 

It is evident to me that the rest of the world still doesn’t get it.  They have tried to penalize those types of Americans, risk-takers, and workers with Covid protocols to stunt their growth.  To tie them down with unnecessary regulation, CDC policies, and sheer fear of death.  But it hasn’t stopped the machine.  Every day, I see people thinking creatively to get around the regulations and invent new ways to be productive.  This is something that socialist countries and communist outposts like China do not understand.  Even with all their subject analysis, they are still grossly oblivious to what makes America work and the fresh ground of freedom that produces so much GDP.  The prospect in America that any class system, upper, middle, or lower class is just one lucky step away from wealth is the driver of the GDP.  When I say that my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business has the power to crush all these jealous countries, this is the way to do it, by unleashing the need for personal freedom.   What makes America different is that we do not have a class system.  Democrats and many RINO Republicans would like us to have one. They’d love to stick us all in the Middle Class and to take orders from the government.  But people in America want opportunities and find it fun to pursue those opportunities at all costs.  You can see this magic happening in cities in America where gambling is embraced.  Casinos show Americans best, not in the crazy lady who hasn’t bathed in four weeks smoking a cigarette at a slot machine at 3 in the morning hoping to hit it big after 40 years of gambling finally, but in the ambition to change their life status by a lucky win.  If it’s not in casinos, you can see the same in Fantasy Football and other sports. 

It used to be that Americans were considered jealous of Europe and Asia for their rich histories of culture.  They looked down on us because we didn’t have deep ties to literature and art.  The American cowboy and farmer up early and working to the sun setting without direction from some government was perplexing. They thought we only did it because we didn’t have any culture to enjoy.  You can see this attitude easily on display at the Louvre in Paris.  They think of Americans as hyper and impatient and always serving the all mighty dollar.  A dollar that has controlled the world’s economic standard for a long time now. Don’t kid yourself that they are so jealous of us that they wouldn’t torpedo our economy any way possible, even if it hurt themselves in the process.  They, and I mean “they” within the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, came up with Covid protocols the way they did to cripple the American economy and stagnate what they thought was the power of the American worker.  They wanted to see Americans on unemployment and calling off work over every little sniffle because they hoped that they could cripple the American GDP in such a way.  They hope Covid quarantine rules will take workers away from industry to slow down the machine of American business.  It was on purpose!  It always was.  It was never about saving people from a virus. Still, it was always about using the medical industry to control economic activity so that the world could join as one under the United Nations.  To do that, America had to come down off its high horse and be like the rest of the world so that global Marxism could provide the “Great Reset.” And your local health directors joined the cause because they studied in all the same places and think all the same ways, that Marxism is the way of the future.  And Americans were going to accept it one way or another.

Rich Hoffman

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