Lebanon Schools Shut Down Over Covid: Using ‘How to Lie with Statistics’ to drive a climate change agenda with health worries as an excuse

It didn’t take long for all the Cincinnati government schools to impose mask mandates, even though there is absolutely no scientific need for them to do so.  This is what happens when government corrupts science for the desire of social control.  The government, in general, is so lazy that they are always inspired to make mountains out of molehills which paves the way for a more leisurely day at the office for them.  Government workers are some of the laziest people in the world, and anything they can do to make their jobs easier, they will certainly do.  So it was a perfect trap for the government schools such as Lebanon, Ohio, Monroe, Lakota, and several others to impose compliance masks on the students to reduce their liability to the inaccurate measurement of severity regarding Covid.  It’s what I have been saying all along.  Bill Gates loves the book How to Lie with Statistics. That is what they used in Lebanon, Ohio when they quarantined over 1000 students due to covid, then used that incident to panic parents and school board members into runaway cases of Covid fueled by the media.  Lebanon City Schools ended up shutting down entirely due to the panic since so many kids were out of the schools because essentially, the health guidelines were so ridiculous that nobody could continue to operate due to the CDC-recommended quarantine period of 14 days.  It didn’t matter how severe those cases were, only that with the mandate by the government schools to enforce ridiculous policies created by the book, How to Lie with Statistics, schools felt they had to do something to show some concern in managing a made-up statistic.  Health action by case counts instead of the actual severity of the virus. 

Nothing scientific says that what the CDC came up with in recommending 14 days to contain the Covid virus is effective or even necessary. I’ve covered this topic a lot; all the best methods of managing a virus of any kind are with ultraviolet light, such as UVC.  The washing of hands and the sanitizing processes are excellent but not all that effective in a mass area where many dirty people are touching doors, toilets, and sink handles.  The idea of containment in quarantine by the CDC has more to do with harming the American economy from the socialists in government who want full-blown Chinese communism in America.  They want to see the lost time work, the panic in the schools, and a narrative to cover up all the government’s crimes in abuse of their roles of authority.  If they wanted to solve Covid, they could be utilizing many options, including lots of available medicine.  But that isn’t the goal; the government always intended to use Covid to control mass society, and schools for them, which they control, is a good place to hit the panic button and impose arbitrary measurements to drive their plan for panic.  By pushing the kids out of class by counting cases, not actual danger levels of Covid, the government schools were able to apply alarm on the surrounding school boards to show that they were doing something to fight off an invisible menace.  That menace people could only see with mild cold symptoms that parents would have laughed at a few years ago.  But now, with the government abusing the CDC’s trust with the public, there are enough panicky parents and overly trusting people out there who want to believe that what our health departments say is trustworthy and worth their merit. 

But that’s why Bill Gates and other radicals like him like that book, How to Lie with Statistics.  It’s all about your measurements in statistics, in how you measure, or what.  It’s not always about the truth of the matter; in fact, it seldom is.  Convincing people that a logical method of managing Covid was to count cases then impose a 14-day quarantine would effectively force society to shut down and stay home.  The goal for these government radicals isn’t to stop the virus but to use the virus to drive our society toward a zero-emission world.  It’s ultimately all about climate change for these people and nothing more, breaking the patterns of work culture, driving to work, or driving kids to school, to get people to start thinking of staying home instead of starting up their car polluting the environment.  But even there, the measurements for global warming are done with the same math, the same How to Lie with Statistics method to evoke fear rather than logic.  We only have a few years or a decade to save the earth based on the voodoo accounting that no logical person would accept at face value.  But when you measure things like forest fires that haven’t been managed in California as a driver of climate change or hurricanes that hit the United States every September, then you see it’s not just Covid that the government and their employees are using to drive panic, to drive change from a capitalist country to a communist one, which they propose to run, but its everything that the government says and does which we cannot believe. 

The sad thing about Lebanon and the rest of the government schools in Cincinnati that are putting masks on kids are that they are playing the old trick of holding kids hostages to impose a social change.  It’s just like when it’s school levy time, and the government schools use faulty cost accounting to suggest that we have to raise taxes or our kids will grow up to be stupid.  The fear is that if we don’t pay teachers more money as the union demands, the teachers won’t do their jobs and teach our kids.  There are always a few dumb parents who fall for the scam and vote for more money to throw at the school to get educated.  In truth, all government measurements are proving to require scrutiny over everything they say.  Covid has been a bridge too far.  Some people will wear the masks and take the vaccine shot to shut up the government as they passively-aggressively fight back in other ways that undermine the government, then some people know better and refuse to do any of it.  For parents and the government’s need to make a point where governors of most states have lost their ability to shut down their economies this time, the government schools are the targets of radicalism.  Most people have kids or grandkids, and that is how the government can personalize Covid in a way that forces people to look at it.  Most people want to forget about Covid and to move on with their lives.  But the government had a taste of that power in shutting down a capitalist society. Due to their religion of climate change radicalism, they are turning to their old friend, How to Lie with Statistics, and using it to attack children so that they can get to the adults. 

There is nothing logical that says that quarantining students at Lebanon City Schools would do anything to help fight Covid because the measurement that the government schools are using is case counts.  A few years ago, nobody would have even thought twice about coming down with a virus or cold.  They would have gone to school.  Other kids would have gotten it and gotten over it.  If some people came down with a severe case, they might go to the hospital for treatment.  But we would have never thought for a second about shutting down anything for any amount of time, let alone 14 days of quarantine.  You see, this is that danger of letting the government have their way, and now they intend to abuse that trust that some people have in them.  Many others have lost their faith in government that will never be won back in the centuries to come.  But the radicals of climate change do not care.  For them, this is a do-or-die moment, and they have seen that people will budge a bit when they fear their health and safety are in danger.  But as to the reality of the Covid problem, it’s all made up science meant to use faulty statistics to change the world from capitalism to communism.  And it’s nothing less. 

Rich Hoffman

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3 thoughts on “Lebanon Schools Shut Down Over Covid: Using ‘How to Lie with Statistics’ to drive a climate change agenda with health worries as an excuse

  1. Disgusting. I’m surrounded by Maga teachers and they believe it all when it comes to covid.
    It’s completely oxy-moronic.
    No one will ever accept a cold or the flu again for what it is. Heaven forbid if you have allergies and walk thru a store sneezing in a kleenex!
    I can’t wait to move! I detest living in Lebanon.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I suppose. My mind just can’t square that.
        One thing is crystal clear. Many are willing to live with what they get than fight for what they have,


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