Biden Was Created to Represent America’s Demise in the World: China’s master plan

Biden is Just the Mask

Hey, I’ve been talking about this for a long time.  Many who have read here and have known me for the last twenty to thirty years, even longer, know that I am seldom, if ever, wrong.  Eventually, the things I say end up happening exactly as I said they would, and I’ve been doing it long enough to have a vast track record.  So, when I tell you that Afghanistan was a phony war meant to empower terrorists, to justify a global shift in power structures, you’ll understand that there is some merit to the statement.  As I said in the video above, you could fit the whole Taliban army into an American football stadium for the NFL.  Why didn’t we win the war?  Well, we weren’t allowed to, starting from the top.  Who is the top? Well, I’ve told you that too. It’s the people talked about in the book Tragedy & Hope, from Carroll Quigley.  They exist beyond the governments of our nations, they pour the money into building those governments, and they consider themselves beyond Constitutional laws, or any laws so far made by any legislative body, anywhere. It’s the precise reason people like George Soros are left to roam free instead of thrown in jail for all the tampering with the operation of the American republic that he has conducted.  In the end, his money runs our government and the media that acts as its mask against reality.  These forces built the Taliban to appear ominous, to scare us into accepting a global reality. Still, in truth, they are just a small group of people who could easily be beaten if anybody wanted to. 

When Joe Biden gave the speech when the Americans were killed at the Kabul airport by suicide bombers, he put his head in his hands, giving a picture that would show the world that the American Empire was falling, it looked to be a little too staged.  Old Biden was doing what “they” told him to, just as they had practiced it.  After all, like his wife, Dr. Biden, Joe cares about how the world will remember him, and he wanted to go down in history as an American President.  He would have done anything to get that title, including selling out himself ultimately to get it.  He was just the pick for China, which it will be revealed controlled the election process of 2020.  The set-up was years in the making, including setting up the dejected Russians to be the future fall guys.  By the time the actual election fraud would take place, people would be tired of the topic. They would ignore the power move China made with electronic voting machines to allow massive tampering and a coup of an American president.  China created and unleashed Covid to create a smokescreen of election fraud during 2020 and torpedo the American economy while China tried to repair itself after the Trump tariffs.  And they picked Joe Biden out of all the Democrats because he was an old broken man who represented the America that had been.  China and the rest of the Davos crowd meant to put Biden in power, remove Trump, and sell America’s decline to the rest of the world.  And that’s how Biden ended up with his head in his hands the day those Americans died in Kabul.  It was a staged event from the start, and Biden was playing his part. 

That’s the thing that everyone is having a hard time with getting their minds around.  We have a corrupt government in America that became that way because we trusted all the wrong people too much.  The vaccine mandates likely have a more menacing future as planned, but for the present, it’s all about Big Pharma buying government to push their products the way they always intended Obamacare to do.  The chaos of the news cycles is meant to hide from our minds the criminal conduct of governments across the world into trying to unite all power under communist China. They’ve said as much themselves; it was our fault that we didn’t listen.  And they showed that power off by sabotaging our election and watching us act like fools crying about the Constitution while our country was burning to the ground looking for some lawmaker somewhere to sweep in like Superman and save the day.  Only this was real life, we’d have to do it ourselves, but China bet everything that we wouldn’t.  They put in place the weakest of all the presidential candidates in Biden, a feeble old man that represented America to the world.  Old, a fading memory, bumbling, falling, a mockery of disrespect.  And they showed that they could push out a real tough guy in Trump and that the American vote didn’t matter in the least.  It was all part of the plan.  Biden was put in power by foreign interests; the evidence was on the Hunter Biden laptop.  People have seen that evidence, but the people who saw it were attacked rather than be allowed to expose it.  We are dealing with unimaginable evil here, which is beyond the capacity of most people.  Yet, it’s right in front of our faces.  Biden was made, and he’s sold to the world to represent the end of a dying country.  Once that is established, China will be free to make its power move and rule the world.  They intend to use Biden to start that process. 

Just remember, the whole trouble with the Taliban and all the military equipment left there in haste to arm them, just as we did with ISIS in the Middle East, was to fuel destabilization where another world power could fill the vacuum.  China plans to be that force, and Biden did precisely what they told him to do.  Oh, it wasn’t China directly, but it was the communists who are so in love with Mao in the Biden administration who took the next page of Mao’s Little Red Book and wrote the next Biden speech.  Of course, Biden was too stupid to ask questions. That’s another reason they picked him.  While everyone thinks that Biden is the leader of the free world, China knows better.  So do the communists in the Biden administration, like Susan Rice and Jim Comey working from the shadows as an influence leader in the intelligence community.  Of course, they didn’t like Trump; he was working on our behalf to stop all these plans.  But they wanted more than anything to show us that they were in charge and were going to stay that way.  They wanted us to feel hopeless and to give up.  To rob us of our belief in self-government.

Meanwhile, they have been pouring tragedy after tragedy on us, hoping to overload us into just tapping out forever and to surrender our republic to the forces of the world that have always been jealous of it.  It wasn’t like 70,000 Taliban would have been easy to beat if we fought all these things directly; we have more than enough freedom fighters to take back our country.  But because we remain caged and obedient, arguing about wearing a mask and threatening to kill pushers of the mandatory vaccine, the real villains work in the world unencumbered.  And as long as they enjoy that freedom, the world will continue to burn.  It won’t be enough to re-elect Trump to office.  No, we’ll have to help this time, and we’ll have to be involved in the fight.  Just remember, I told you so.  The sooner we act, the better it will go.

Rich Hoffman

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