China Limits Kids to 3 Hours of Video Game Play Per Week: A preview of what they want to do with everything

China’s Controls are just the Start

The deeper we get into the idiocy of the Biden presidency, we find that we’re not just talking about simple disagreements on philosophy and social endurance, but in subversion by a smiling enemy that intends to kill us completely and rob the wealth of our country under the weight of our own assumed guilt.  We should have never let China have the leverage they have over us today, to have the power they presume to use in destroying us from the inside out by turning many of our people against the ideas of America to blow on the fires to make it happen.  They say they want peace, and we are to assume that all the United Nations relationships established after the two World Wars were meant to entangle us all diplomatically.  But all it entailed was to tie up America with red tape while the jealous world of yesteryear and the communists of China could attack us without defense, which is what they have been doing.  Now we are so entangled with each other that it’s nearly impossible to have an outright war.  So that has left us with a worse Cold War mentality where deception and chaos have replaced the cold shoulders.  Now, we see a different strategy, and you can see it not by what China says but by what they do. 

You might have heard that China has cut down their under 18 kids to only 3 hours of video games per week, 1 hour on Friday, 1 hour on Saturday, and 1 hour on Sunday.  If they are good boys and girls, kids might play video games on national holidays, for a little bit.  Instead of playing video games, the kids are supposed to train their minds to be soldiers of the state and educate themselves for sacrifice to China and live and die for the party in power.  And that party wants to rule the world.  They have their fingers all over the Biden administration and several American politicians that have paved the way for the kind of censorship that China is used to, which Google helped them build.  Suppose they don’t like what you do in the world. In that case, they will turn you off from social interaction because the tech companies doing China’s bidding have steered our society to a completely online society.  By doing this, they control what you do and when you do it.  This is how they plan to keep kids from playing video games by monitoring their time spent on the games, and when they hit that hour, they can switch the kids off. 

We’ve seen it in the United States, especially with Twitter and Facebook.  That infrastructure is already in place, and they would like to push Americans into the same kind of centrally managed society.  How about that, kids? Do you still want to be communists, like your government school teachers have taught you?  Forget about playing Call of Duty for 20 straight hours on a Thursday night.  How about all the video game companies who have sold America out with wokeness to tap into the 1.4 billion people who reside in China.  And the movie companies like Disney have thrown out Uncle Walt’s values which built the company to give up on the American Dream and steer everything to that new Chinese demographic.  Of course, the Chinese told you, dumbasses, that they’d be fair and would work with you.  They wanted to lure your big dollars and company values to their trap.  The NBA has already fallen into it.  So has Nike.  Many have; most big companies have been headed there for years.  I warned everyone decades ago.  But nobody listened, and now you see the cost.  And you can see to what level of social control they intend for us all.  Covid was meant to train us for this new communist thought, just as they are doing with the video game industry.  3 hours per week. 

One of my daughters used to be a Gamestop manager, and we had long discussions about this trend a decade ago to move toward complete online gaming.  My wife and I had the same discussions when she wanted to take my years of National Geographic books and magazines and get rid of them going to online versions instead.  I reminded her and everyone else along the way what I said then that games, entertainment, and hard copies of books would always be valuable.  When you read a book or watch a DVD movie, or listen to a CD copy of music, you are detached from the controls of a centralized authority.  They can’t see what you are reading or for how long.  They don’t count your keyboard punches to feed an A.I. watching your every move and analyzing what you plan to do next.  You are private and disconnected from “them.” When video games moved from hard copies and complete online support, they lost control of their content.  Now governments could intrude.  They have let us play and get used to this new way of doing things.  But now, they think they can get away with making their power move, which they are currently doing in China.  It’s not the people of China who are the suckers; it’s the tech people who played nice, adopted the wokeness in exchange for market share, then had the rug pulled out from under them with the simple wiping of a hand giving a dictate from the communist party. 

There is a catch to all the digital streaming services, to the Apple music hosting that has gotten rid of all hard copies of music you might own.  Now you must rent your music from them for a monthly fee.  And if you are a bad little boy or girl, they could cut your account off in a second, and you won’t have any iTunes in your car to listen to.  The kind of world that American Democrats want is what they have in China, where they decide what you do when you do it and for how long.  And if they don’t like you, if you are part of an opposition party, they can cut you off of everything because they have managed to put everything online where a centralized government can regulate it.  My wife and I had that same recurring conversation just the other day at Costco, where I was buying up a bunch of new books that they had just brought out.  I told her that books would always have value.  I can read those books I was buying anywhere in the world.  I didn’t need electricity to use them, and they weren’t connected to any government for control.  And I see that as ultimate freedom.

The way to beat these oppressive governments in China and those licking their heels like the Democrats are in America is to get off their grid.  Get out of their schools.  Get away from their entertainment.  Get away from their medical industry, for which Covid has given everyone all the proof they need.  Disconnect from their control and make them blind. Don’t allow them to turn you off playing a video game after 1 hour of play, or what day of the week you play it.  Turn away from their controls and get back to the basics for which they have no control.  And then, and only then, can you have any hope of truly being free. 

Rich Hoffman

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