They Banned Me on LinkedIn: Another case of a private tech company doing government work as an arm of censorship

LinkedIn Banned Me over Election Fraud Discussion

I’ve never been a fan of social media.  Sure, to promote the blog and some of my work to people interested in it, I have used Twitter in the past and YouTube. I’ve never done Facebook. I’ve always viewed it as garbage for a lot of reasons.  When everyone in the world was using it, and I wasn’t, people thought it was odd.  But as is usually the case with most things, I turned out to be correct.  Facebook is a creepy attachment of the government, which took over a private company to do its public bidding.  Eventually, the courts will work it out, but I’m not giving away free stuff to the government through Facebook data collection until then.  But I have a book out and on my professional profile on LinkedIn, which I’ve had forever since it started as a site; I was banned because I accepted election fraud on my feed as I was talking about my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  They saw my responses and found them detrimental to good conversation, and they banned me, which pissed me off.  The thought of some weak-kneed progressive pieces of crap having some influence over my life was more than enough to set me on fire, which I’m sure they’d enjoy knowing.  But that’s what I get for participating in their stupid free social media platform.  It’s their playground, and we all chose to play in it on their terms.  Yet, I won’t be going back to LinkedIn.  They are no different from Facebook or Twitter, and all the rest of those government traps put on the internet freeway to manage society from a new kind of compliance standpoint.  Accept that 2+2 is 10, or you will be banned from the platform and not allowed to play in any reindeer games.  They can pound sand.

Oh, of course, they try to kill you with niceness.  LinkedIn keeps sending me emails telling me how many hits my site is getting, trying to contact them to turn the site back on.  They want me to produce a government I.D. of some kind, either a driver’s license or a passport with a photo of the front and back, and send it to LinkedIn to review whether or not my site has been banned by accident.  What bothers me is that they should know my personal information.  By forcing the government I.D., it has a creepy orthodoxy that is all too related to what’s going on with the attempted vaccine mandates.  My message to all those skinny jeans losers running LinkedIn who are dumb as a rock; it’s a free site.  It can come and go, and I could care less.  They were better off with me being a content provider. They’ll miss me more than I’ll miss them.  I am not accepting a partnership between a professional social networking tool and government intrusion.   They are acting as agents of the government, and that’s where I draw the line. I’d rather spend my social media time on platforms like Gettr, Gab, and Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech. 

Yet think of the audacity of these social media platforms inspired by communist China.  They view themselves as members of the government, censoring the public.  For LinkedIn to become an arbitrator of truth over election fraud, for instance, is way over their mandate.  As a professional, if I want to talk about election fraud, it is part of the public debate.  It might harm me professionally, or it might help.  That is up to the marketplace to decide, and I, as an individual, determine how I want to play it.  But LinkedIn took it further; they were editing speech and claiming it’s for civility causes that they made up independently.  Essentially the goal of LinkedIn is to create and enforce wokeness in corporate culture, not just to connect people for job placement or professional engagement.  Their goal is to lure in professionals with the nectar of professional communication but to embed in them wokeness as established by the global rules of government into thinking what they tell you to, and keep an excellent lucrative job, for you to follow those rules without question.

I had put on my feed on LinkedIn a good video by Anna Perez from Real America’s Voice about Larry Elder and the election in California.  I commented that Democrats wouldn’t have a chance if they couldn’t cheat, and for that, LinkedIn freaked out, pulled down my page, and started the process I reported on the government I.D. issue. It’s the same argument about a private versus public company.  If LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter, or any of the rest of them want to be employees of the government, then they need to announce that.  It’s not their job to shape the argument of election fraud, which is a problem.  They don’t get to hide behind a private façade to avoid litigation for a government conspirator doing public work.  Yet that’s what they did; they participated in the election narrative by limiting one side from presenting the evidence to facilitate the false report that there wasn’t election fraud.  Well, professionally, if a company or CEO is trying to operate a business in California, isn’t it something they would be concerned about to know if Larry Elder was going to be the governor and Newsom was going to be recalled?  I would think so.  And if LinkedIn were concerned about the “business community,” they’d want to see such speech conducted for the betterment of society in general. 

However, like the rest of those older social media platforms, LinkedIn was created to do what they are attempting to do in 2020 and 2021, tell people what to think about things and be soft arms of government agency and compliance.  Ultimately, they are how wokeness has been spread into American culture, and we should be pretty angry about it.  I am more infuriated that I gave them a chance than anything.  It was disappointing to be so right about them; I was hoping for a bit that maybe they were different.  But no, they are just as bad as the rest of the communist scumbags.  And I am done with them forever.  Rather than send them my government I.D. so I can play in their sandbox, I would instead put 100 times more energy into seeing their demise.  Fighting for election integrity, change the governor of California and ultimately the tech companies that reside there, and putting Trump back into office to fix all these massive screw-ups that we have seen at a record pace since Biden was put into power.  All those woke companies who have been seeking to erode the American Constitution with social media bylaws created by tech geeks and their Starbuck’s-stained fingers have attempted a coup.  They deserve punishment, which will come their way very soon.  They never had a right to operate as government censors.  They can do what they want as a private company, but when they involve themselves in public work, well, that’s a different story.  And that day of reckoning will come quick.  For my part, I won’t miss them, and when the opportunity comes to sink them, I won’t hesitate.  They crossed the line, and there is a cost for that.

Rich Hoffman

The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business
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