Sheriff Jones: A National Treasure of Butler County

I really like what Joe Statzer and others are doing in Butler County to get some official media to cover all the good officeholders concentrated in the northern suburbs.  With their new YouTube channel True Spoken GOP, Joe has collected several interviews with stars of the GOP and future stars.  And yes, I think stars is the right word because it takes a lot of guts to put themselves out there and work the ropes in ways many people have no idea about to make the world a little bit better.  We work hard in Butler County, Ohio, to make its government-run well, and at the top of that star-driven pyramid is Sheriff Jones, who is world-famous.  I am very proud to have him as our sheriff because if he wasn’t, it’s likely that things would have been much worse during these Covid overreaches that we have seen out of the DeWine administration and, ultimately, the Biden administration.  Sheriff Jones has held firm, and recently, he gave an excellent speech at Big Bul’s in Ross, Ohio that was a lot of fun.  I recorded a few sections of it for my article, but I had wanted to hear it again.  Thankfully, Joe and the great people operating True Spoken GOP captured it pretty much intact and put it up, which I think is worth sharing. It’s people like Sheriff Jones who will stand up to any communist infusion first coming from the Biden administration.  But over our shores and beyond our borders, there are schemes and plots from the Davos crowd working with China to overthrow America’s influence worldwide.  And it can look pretty scary, that is until you go to one of these GOP events and Sheriff Jones speaks.  When he does, suddenly, the world makes a lot more sense. 

Sheriff Jones Speaking at Big Bul’s in Butler County

I can’t get to every event, but I try to go to as many as possible.  I have been participating in more GOP events lately because there is a real political need to help in some of these areas, and I do what I do to help.  I see it as a community thing, in helping shape the kind of government we want.  Sometimes money isn’t enough, nor is it just volunteering. Occasionally other items are needed, and with the way things are right now, people are required to help make things better.  We can’t just sit around and complain about how we’d like things to be.  We need to help make them better, and as I say often, politics is like a blood sport.  Competition makes it better, but sometimes even with the heat of the pressure, there needs to be some strategy that everyone can agree on.  And sometimes, like that event at Big Bul’s, it’s just nice to sit back and let other people talk and to show everyone that there is more of a fighting chance at surviving the problems of the present without losing ourselves along the way.  That night Sheriff Jones opened up for a speech by Corey Lewandowski, and for the audience, it was something they needed.  Both speakers are part of the inner workings of the Trump campaign.  Sheriff Jones has been to the White House a few times and worked directly with Trump, and that night, people wanted to be close to Trump, and Sheriff Jones was a suitable representative.  It was a good night.

I remember the night well when things looked bad for Trump, a few days after the Access Hollywood  blast from the mainstreamers sought to kill Trump’s campaign right before the election in 2016.  I was at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, which was filled to the top with about 19,000 people.  I had to do an overseas meeting with some people I work with at the same time that Sheriff Jones was speaking before Trump arrived, and he was so loud I had a hard time finishing the call.  There was no place in US Bank Arena that I could go to where I could hear the other people.  Sheriff Jones was so loud that night.  But I wasn’t mad.  I managed through it.  I was more grateful that Jones had the guts to stick with Trump during a tough week.  It looked like our hopes of getting Trump was going to fall short and that we’d be stuck with Hillary Clinton.  But Sheriff Jones showed up with Rudy Giuliani, and they lit up the audience before the arrival of Trump.  And once Trump did arrive, after that evening, I felt that he was still going to win, no matter what the media was telling us.

That’s how it felt at Big Bul’s during that speech that Sheriff Jones gave there.  He went around the audience beforehand and shook everyone’s hand.  I had a chance to talk to him a bit.  We both love our cowboy hats, and I had just picked up a new one from a recent trip out west to Jackson Hole, which he noticed.  And I just felt proud at that moment to have Jones in our corner within Butler County.  Some brutal battles have been fought over the years, and he’s always a reminder that good does beat evil. That’s how I felt before the speech.  After the speech, I felt even more confident than I did after the US Bank Arena speech that we would win this modern tragedy involving the Biden administration and a global cabal who wants to destroy everything it means to be American.  That night at Big Bul’s, the real Americans showed up on a steamy evening in August of 2021 and drew a line in the sand.  We weren’t going to be conquered by the progressive left.  We were going to stand up to them and do what we had to do.  But for a moment in time, we’d crack some jokes, shake hands with one another, then we’d pull down our hats and do what had to be done. 

Sheriff Jones has been a great warrior in Butler County.  I hope to have him for a sixth term, or perhaps even a seventh.  I hope we have him for sheriff for many more years.  But I am grateful for the times we have had.  It’s mainly because of him that we do have good officeholders in Butler County. He’s done an excellent job of leading by example and exerting influence leadership in the blood sport of politics.  Because in the end, we have won a lot more than we’ve lost, and we have survived to tell stories about it.  And I have a feeling even many years from now; there will still be stories of Sheriff Jones and the leadership he provided when the community needed it most, as hope looked like it was fading.  Only for us to realize that we were only a joke or two from beating back the progressive advances of a maleficent force of antagonists who want to destroy everything we stand for.  But not so fast, not at Big Bul’s in Ross, Ohio with our white-hatted sheriff, a direct connection to President Trump who has been exiled from the White House, only to return, with all our help, to retake our country and push out the thieves caught trying to steal it.  Revenge is coming, but that doesn’t mean we have to take things too seriously.  There will be time for that later.  Now, while the time comes near, it’s the mark of a good leader to know how to ease people’s minds with a bit of laughter and camaraderie.

Rich Hoffman

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The Legal Case Against Dominion: How it will all come down between public versus private

How the Dominion Case will Play Out

Literally, everywhere I go, I’m being asked about what will happen with Mike Lindell’s discovery of election fraud and all the work Dr. Frank has put into the effort.  At the Cyber Symposium, Dominion pulled the nuclear button. They had help from the judicial system, US District Court Judge Carl J. Nichols.  This is the same judge who had not upheld the TikTok ban from President Trump, so he’s one of those guys.  An activist who looked good on paper until the bombs and missiles of real philosophy challenged his judicial opinion.  That judge was a philosophy minor in college, and you know what that means; he studied all the wrong people adopting too much Immanuel Kant and a heavy dose of Plato.  Under pressure, we saw what he did, so it’s no surprise at all that he failed to give a proper First Amendment defense when Dominion pressed for the advancement of the lawsuit against Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, and Sydney Powell.  The point of the lawsuits was to shut those guys up and make them afraid to reveal what was possible with the Dominion machines.  And it worked with most of the networks; Fox News wouldn’t touch anything on election fraud for fear of lawsuits, CNN was flat out pretending that everything was on the up and up, while smaller networks like Newsmax, OANN, and Real America’s Voice flew under the radar for a while, until Dominion started to turn their aggression in that direction.  I was interested in what Alan Dershowitz was going to say on the matter as a defense, and once I heard it, it’s all obvious now.  So, here’s the latest translated into common sense.  If you have been following this story on Frank, you might have some framework to work with, but it’s still very murky, on purpose, and filled with chaos to keep the essence of the case shrouded in fearful speculation.

The threat is that this is a free speech debate and that if Lindell and the others lose, then we will forever lose our free speech and thus any hope at Constitutional Law in the future.  But I see a bluff, much like Biden has tried to do with Covid.  It’s not much different from a football game where an offense tries to trick a defense into jumping offsides on a 4th and 1 with a hard count.  Everyone needs to relax and not jump offsides. Don’t let them bait you in a panic. Dominion’s most robust case is to scare people into inaction because they don’t have anything to stand on if they have to go to court. After all, their argument is weak.  They want to be a private company acting in the public interest.  Dershowitz revealed his argument while filing an appeal on the case movement, and it pretty much nails down the bluff to a silly banter.  They may have a lot of money to throw at appearing threatening, but in a court of American law, they can’t hope to be both public and private, which is just what they are proposing.  Dominion can’t have it both ways. 

It’s essentially the same argument that Facebook, Google, and Twitter have.  They have allied with a private company with the governments of the world while behaving as state actors, and that’s going to fall apart.  They developed a lot of power to abuse this paradox out of the good graces of a trustworthy American public, but they burnt that same public.  Now it’s time for that legal challenge to occur.  It’s slow because they’ve poured so much money into the political system, and many politicians have taken it.  But people are voting out those bought-up candidates and replacing them with firebrands like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Tylor Greene.  I can report from personal knowledge that from school boards to governors to Senate races, a new breed of fighting Republicans is coming, and by the time it’s time for Trump to run again in 2024, it will be a very different world.  These court cases have a shelf life, and for Facebook and Dominion, their strongest hour is present.  They will only get weaker over time.  So for them, they took a risk to go all-in on these lawsuits and committing themselves to election fraud and the cover of it.  Many of these plans were created in secrecy with an unsuspecting public.  Well, they aren’t so gullible now, and they will demand legal action.  Of that is the separation of public versus private endeavor.  Can a private company act in a public capacity?  Well, no, not without destroying the very essence of a republic.  And even activist judges will not go that far because they would lose all their power if they did.  They are willing to play around with such ideas, but they won’t destroy their professions when the rubber hits the road.  And that will spell doom for Dominion and the other tech-related companies involved in the very public 2020 election.

You might ask, how do I know these things?  Well, let’s say I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Yes, they have teams and teams and swarms of teams who are working on these cases.  But much of it is a bluff; it’s a 4th and 1 on the 30. They’ll take a timeout, take the 3 points, and hope to play keep away for the rest of the game before Trump gets re-elected in 2024.  Meanwhile, we have the House and Senate to win majorities in, and these court cases need to play out in the waiting game.  Just remember that each month it goes on, public support for Dominion will erode.  Facebook is bleeding off-market share as younger users turn to alternatives.  Facebook is the thing their grandparents used.  Their market model was built for public tampering. Once this legal issue of private versus public ownership is settled, they will already have reduced support from the public for their platform, and they will die off, just as MySpace did.  They are very vulnerable to destruction based on their actions. They have bet all in on a global society that will abolish the American Constitution and replace it with some global charter that they helped create. 

I talked to a well-respected judge a few days ago. He felt that there were no other means of dealing with the federal government but with armed insurrection that our only hope was to rebuild our country from the ground up in our local communities.  And I get that.  That sounds fun to me. I’d love to be part of some historic gunfight that took back our country from the evils of globalism.  And while I respect him too much to correct him, I think it will all go down another way.  It’s going to come down to this legal issue of public versus private, and the judicial world will have to go against the tech companies, like Dominion, for their survival.  When judges must pick between the mobs who will attempt to lynch them at a local restaurant or their ability even to make a living, they will choose the living and bolt the doors to their homes to keep the punks and losers out at gunpoint.  And when Trump returns in a few years, the stage will be set for a massive revolution of capitalism that people will be more than happy to embrace.  But all that will be triggered by the work that Mike Lindell has been doing, legally.  The pressure may be scary, but the path out of it has been revealed, and Dominion has shown us the way to their destruction.  It’s just something that hasn’t happened yet, but it will, as sure as you’re reading this. 

Rich Hoffman

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