Larry Elder is Going to Win in California: Its all about punishing Gavin Newsom, and more will follow

Larry Elder is going to Win in California

Hey, don’t fret so much. Don’t let the opposition to America make you feel like the situation is desperate.  Remember, I told everyone at the start of all this, the day after the Election of 2020, that we’d sort all this out and things would make sense.  But the panic, purposely driven, would outpace the solutions.  It would take time to untangle the mess, but we certainly would, and now we are starting to see some of those sentiments emerging.  Gavin Newsom is losing in California; everything points to a recall of his terrible state handling.  He knows it, the Biden administration knows it, and the media knows it, which is why the pressure against Larry Elder is cranking up so intensely.  But I’m saying it’s too late.  Short of the actual election and the very real reality of election fraud, the hatred of Gavin Newsom in what he created himself is set in stone. That’s why there’s a recall election because Newsom has done such a terrible job as governor, and he abused people too much during the Covid pandemic.  He used his power, and now it’s time to pay for it.  Even though what the media is showing is the latest from Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry,” the truth is that good people are finally getting a chance to stick up for themselves with a vote.   Even Democrats are jumping away from Newsom in these final days of his administration.  And because of that, and no matter what Larry Elder may or may not have done in his life, he’s the one with the name ID, and in a race with over 40 other contenders, he’s by default going to be the one who gets the most votes in that California system.  So he’ll likely be the governor within a few weeks, and California can join Texas, Florida, and South Dakota as some of the best Republican-run states and save themselves from liberal doom, endless forest fires, degrading economics, and an out of control social safety net. 

Newsom is poised to be the first of many governors to pay for their mistakes made during Covid.  Americans are tolerant because they are free, and they are law and order types who will do what’s right so long as they trust the people defining right.  When Trump was President, and he locked down the economy because Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates told him he needed to, people listened.  They did the social distancing.  They put on the dumb masks.  They did what the government led by Mike Pence’s special team told them to do.  The Trump team wanted to solve the problem of Covid, and they bought the CDC approach of spending 15 days to stop the spread at the time.  Trump was trying to get the economy opened by Easter of 2020. People followed out of their good nature because they sincerely believed that Covid was a legitimate issue needing government supervision.  But as we quickly learned, Covid was an invention of the World Health Organization guided by China itself who had our own NIH wrapped around their finger.  Covid wasn’t about a virus at all, but it was all about the Davos plan to provoke a great economic reset, as they termed it, and several liberal governors knew all about it ahead of time.  Gavin Newsom was one of them, and he quickly took his state in a radical left direction.  Mike DeWine from Ohio was another, surprising only that he called himself a Republican.  Other governors such as Andrew Cuomo from New York also turned full tyrant. These governors locked down their people and their economies in unreasonable ways well into the summer and into the fall, well past the election. 

We all learned too late that the goal in America was to use Covid to change the rules of the election, which gave Democrats an opportunity to cheat in massive ways.  Earlier in the year, Mike DeWine did that very thing with a Republican primary that he was indifferent to the cost to the candidates, which sent chills down the spines of people who could see what was happening.  It was a dark time indeed and was very scary.  It still is because we learned that we couldn’t trust people we thought we could.  In Newsom’s case, he might have been a Democrat. Still, the hypocrisy that he displayed and his hunger for power went well beyond party lines and into the soul of the average American who distains that kind of display publically.  It scared people, the influence these governors utilized so quickly under the guise of Covid safety protocols.  And people went to their corners to plot the demise of these governors because they weren’t going to put up with that kind of behavior any time.  For the governors, they had bought the momentum of the Great Reset and thought that the change state of Covid would be permanent and that there would be a new normal for which they would escape prosecution.  But in Ohio, the senate got together early in 2021 and took away DeWine’s power through emergency health orders which are why Ohio hasn’t been forced to adopt all the current CDC nonsense.  And other states are doing similar acts to cap off the power of their out-of-control powers.  Last week, Andy Beshear of Kentucky had to remove his mask mandates due to the Supreme Court stepping in and forcing him to do so.  Now California, out of all places, which is a stronghold of liberalism, is turning against their governor to remove him from office. 

When California goes down, and New York has already lost their governor to sexual abuse issues, think what that will do to Democrats everywhere.  When Kamala Harris doesn’t hit the campaign trail to help Newsom out, it tells you everything you need to know.  Of course, the Biden administration wants to hide behind a mask and the debacle of Afghanistan.  The honesty of their incompetence is too much for them.  Not that they screwed Afghanistan up so badly on purpose, but like in the case of Andrew Cuomo getting busted for sexual harassment, it is better than being removed from office for nursing home murders.   Nobody wants to think of the families of their loved ones who had to watch behind windows forbid to even hold their hands into death because of CDC Covid restrictions.  Cuomo getting out of office over grabbing some ass is a concession that is too good for any governor.  But justice is happening; it’s just not occurring in some cinematic fashion.  We expect things to be tied up in a nice knot as we see in our movies, but in reality, it’s more like a book.  The endings are complicated over several chapters, not just the last 15 minutes of a 2-hour film.  I knew we’d get to this point, and the bad guys are going to be punished.  In the case of Newsom, his state will recall him from power because he abused his authority.  And the people do and will exercise that power within the law if they have the chance.  If that chance is taken from them, then they’ll do it at gunpoint.  January 6th was nothing.  And the government has grossly abused its power in holding people without due process in that case.  These things are only stacking up, but payment will be demanded by those who employ these politicians.  They won’t put up with being pushed around.  California is just the first.  There will be more, and that is the state of the future.  

Rich Hoffman

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