How To Lie With Statistics: Bill Gates and his big secret

Bill Gates and the Way to Lie with Statistics

I’ve been watching all the press for Vivek Ramaswamy’s new book Woke, Inc: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam and Mark Livin’s American Marxism, and it has been frustrating.  They are poking around the rim to a much deeper problem, and that’s a baked-in ingredient to the original scam.  And that scam is very much a part of all our lives, a recent invention that touches us at every possible level.  For that very reason, I set the conditions of my recent book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, at a time before the progressive era.  We need real answers to these problems, not just asking the questions. That’s not to say Woke Inc or Mark’s American Marxism are not good books.   They are great books, and everyone should read them.  But they are short on solutions.  We all know that first you have to ask the questions, but like most things in our modern world, the answers are never entirely within reach, and many people spend their whole lives looking for their fulfillment.  But they can’t get it because of a bit of scam that started at the start of the academic age where technology passed over the airwaves and into people’s living rooms.  Where television and advertising attacked people’s intellect in ways they had no previous intellectual defense mechanism.  And an age was created where billionaires and corporations could function in ways that no king of England ever could, through subversion of all national sovereignty hiding behind a façade of free-market capitalism when in fact, the villains are among the worst dictators the world has ever known.  Bill Gates comes to mind.  Gates is a guy who gained a lot of wealth early in his life.  So he replaced the ambitions that typically occupy paying off mortgages and raising children with climate change and vaccination obsessions. Over time, it has warped his mind into a villain for all liberty lovers everywhere. 

I guess I had read it before.  The book was so old that I read it first years ago.  But I didn’t know until recently that Bill Gates had put his blurb of approval on the front cover when the book was released to the public in 1993, at the height of Microsoft’s rise to power.  The book How to Lie with Statistics was initially published in 1954, and much of it reflects a time long forgotten when the average income for most American homes was much lower than it is today.  Seeing one of these modern versions of these books with Bill Gates’ name on it, after all the Covid mess, the election discrepancies, the push for a Green New Deal, the multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, it was to me like a Batman villain leaving behind some hint that the source of the crime was within reach, but that the villain knew people were not smart enough to figure it out.  It was as if Bill Gates was saying, “the answer is right in front of you fools, but you do not have the minds to see it.” His endorsement of this old book by Darrell Huff is pretty much mockery if you look at it in reverse, from the comfort of hindsight.  What Vivek and Mark and many other modern political pundits and writers missed when analyzing contemporary events was that the villains of our day were using the methods of this little obscure book.  Well known among the billionaire activists of the world are books like this, to commit open crimes right in front of our faces.  Rules for Radicals come to mind, as well as The Communist Manifesto.  They have positioned themselves as the most intelligent people on earth who have the most money, so naturally, we assume they know what they are talking about.  But what they want is revenge for being geeks or domination of the world, such as George Soros has always been after.  If there is any law we need in this world if we are not going to have honest elections and put our billionaire in the White House, then we need to eliminate certain kinds of donors whom we know use their money for evil to undo our Constitution.  George Soros certainly falls under that category, but then again, so does Bill Gates. 

Bill Gates little Secret

Lying with statistics didn’t start with those modern terrorists.  Human beings worldwide never really figured out how to filter media such as radio and television once our private time went from fixing tractors to suddenly watching I Love Lucy on tv each week and the ads that accompanied them.  Suddenly, we were inundated with statistics of every kind because statistics told a story, such as how many people like to ride school buses and how much meat men and women eat on Tuesdays.  We never solved the validity of statistics in any society on earth and who tells the story.  What happened to us was that honest people continued to earn honest livings on farms and factories, coming home to their families each day as dutiful Americans. Still, the scum bags, the shysters, and scam artists of every kind and the activists who wanted to rule the world found a new game in town, the art of manipulation through mass media and the ability to lie with statistics so that social movements could be moved toward those who wanted power.  Bill Gates knew what he wanted to do with his life.  He was already rich and could have anything he wanted in the world.  But what his money couldn’t buy was public sentiment for his religion of global warming.  But he could use his money to influence opinion with all kinds of statistics, and that is how it started with him and where we find ourselves to this very day. 

How the scam works

All the villainy we have seen involving Covid-19 is described in the book How to Lie With Statistics.  Without question, Bill Gates endorsed this reprint of the book as a kind of hint, a game he was playing with the world, a catch me if you can sort of thing.  He did it again in 2015 when he put the book on his summer reading list with other books about vaccines and other troubling issues.  It’s an easy book to read; it’s certainly not complicated.  Other books like it have been written since, yet Bill Gates picked this one to endorse personally.  Not exactly the book of a modern genius. Instead, it’s like the Rosebud from Citizen Kane, where Gates would destroy the world to save it from human beings and their statistical improbabilities of climate change, only to leave everyone confused as to how it all happened.  But Gates can laugh and look in the mirror, declaring that he initially gave us all the hints.  But we were too stupid to see it, so in that way, he can then transform all his guilt onto us.  After all, he was the honest patron who told us how evil he was and what he planned to do.  It was our fault that we let him do it.  Do you see how that works?

All the math on Covid was wrong, purposely misleading just as they say to do in How To Lie With Statistics.  When colds used to be counted by deaths, this new method measured everything in cases.  Like the example in the picture of the farms that increased over a five-year period, it wasn’t farmed property that changed.  It was just that the rules were changed to give more properties the qualification of being a farm.  What governments worldwide did following Bill Gates and his money began to measure things differently regarding colds.  They did it because they wanted Bill Gates funding, something that Gates had the money to give away even though he could care less about any of it.  Money could buy for Bill Gates love or homes.  But what he wanted was influence over power-hungry people who didn’t care what statistics Bill Gates gave them.  For a fee, they’d take it and run with it, and in so doing, people like Gates were able to purchase up most of the media culture.  And people never noticed faulty statistics from honest ones because everything was hidden behind a common assumption in all media, that other people more intelligent than we were made all the statistics we heard about.  But what the gag and crime were always meant to hide was that the people making the statistics weren’t so smart.  They were vicious and evil.  But to mask it from themselves, they even gave us the method they planned to use against us, to our doom.  But they knew we would not even look at it and would fall for their scams anyway.

Rich Hoffman

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