Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium: The race to communism

The Race to Communism

It’s happening on Frank Speech.com on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of the first week of August 2021, the Cyber Symposium that shows clearly there are founded questions about the 2020 election that at least casts doubt on the results.  I would offer professionally that Mike Lindell will show vast voter fraud that stole the election away from the people’s pick in Donald Trump.  Instead, they gave us a phony corporate shill in Joe Biden, a rubber stamp selling machine that seeks to trade American sovereignty into global unity.   I always say, don’t listen to what people say because people, for the most part, will lie and say anything out of self-preservation.  But always pay attention to what they do, such as the CNN hit piece against Lindell ahead of the Symposium where they always preface this story as “false claims” without having any idea if there are actual claims.  And to always point to their support foundation of “election officials” as the arbiters of truth because they are the experts in the matter.  Just like Dr. Fauci, who has been caught funding gain of function in Wuhan with communist China cooperation and millions of dollars of funding from the NIH, we are all expected to accept what “experts” say without paying any attention to what they do.  The election officials of 2020 in the controversial areas in question got caught rubber-stamping the results as they do in every election, and they weren’t prepared for a challenge. Now they are all involved in a cover-up of their guilt.  That is what the smart money says happened, and the proof is coming out. That’s the point of Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, after all.   As CNN noted, they hired nine cybersecurity experts to poke holes in Lindell’s theory.  But remember, Lindell is offering 5 million dollars to anyone who can prove him wrong.   Wait and see if any of these nine experts go to the Symposium to collect.  Of course, they won’t, because what they say is not the same as what they do.   CNN inspired them to say Lindell was crazy.  But they didn’t pay them 5 million dollars.  Mike Lindell is, and do you think a single critic will go collect the money?   There is your proof in Lindell’s favor.

The great race presently was mentioned on that CNN piece.  The fear that the insurgent side has, which is the radical progressive left, the corporate soothsayers who have bet their company’s futures on the Chinese domination of America, and the international globalists who have always been jealous of America, is that American voters will lose faith in the election system and of the institution of government itself.  Should that happen, which I would say for many people has already occurred, the ability to scam the public, in general, will be lost, and terrible conflict will follow.  That is why CNN and other news organizations from the outset claimed that any reference to election fraud was “false” and “without proof.” Because they couldn’t afford for America to lose faith in its elections, but after what they did to Trump over the last four years, and how they did not rally behind a popularly elected president, that hypocrisy will always live with them.  They are guilty and forever will be of taking those first shots in this new Civil War.  They will never be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again because it was they who pushed him off to break into thousands of pieces, to begin with.  Harassing Mike Lindell from putting his money behind uncovering voter fraud will only push people further toward Lindell and the eventual truth of the matter.  And that is the race that the left is engaged in.  They know that it’s coming.  Right now, it’s a portion of Trump supporters, roughly 30% of the country.  But when that number increases over 50%, which is happening now, the real danger begins for the established order. They hope that Covid, mask mandates, and lockdowns might push people into socialism. The acceptance of centralized authority functioning with complete control might occur before people get so angry that politics will change forever.

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And that’s what I referenced in the video above, the gulf between people like you and I who are always out front on these issues, sometimes by decades, and the mainstream blue pill types who are always slow to come to the realizations.  It is hard for many people to realize that there is so much corruption because acknowledging that requires them to do something.  And they don’t have time or energy to do anything about that.  Most people are raising kids, dealing with elderly parents, illnesses of their own.  People all work somewhere or want to be.  Then there are lots of video games to play, lots of shows to watch on streaming services, television cable, going out to eat.  There are many things to think about; nobody has much room to think about a corrupt criminal government.  And that’s why so many criminals became involved in government because they knew they could get away with crimes, and nobody would notice.  The reporters these days are lazy; they want to get their 400-word articles done as quickly as possible.  The TV people say what writers tell them to, and everyone is just going along to get along, so there hasn’t been a check on the system for years.  Of course, there was election fraud.  There always is.  The difference this time was that the political left panicked when Trump got over 70 million votes despite everything that was done to stop Trump.  So on election night, many political factions committed fraud without coordinating well with each other, and they ended up stepping through the wet paint they had painted themselves in the corner with.  And we can see the footprints going off in lots of directions.  Some of the cheating was cybercrime from China.  Some of it was the mail-in ballots.  The dead people.  The wrong paper.  Some were suppression polls, such as calling Arizona early while people were still in line voting.  The election fraud came from many panicked activists who threw a hail-marry for the end zone late on election night after the Vegas odds had called the election for Trump.  The election officials, some of who were Trump-hating Republicans whose own financial interests had been compromised, and in their laziness of being caught rubber stamping, found themselves in the middle of a controversy none of them were prepared for.  After all, nobody ever checks election results.  America always accepts them, until this time resulting in nobody knowing what to do.   But it was CNN and many others on the left who opened the door to election integrity.  They were the first to pull the bricks out of the wall that is now coming down. 

Everyone knows the story is getting out, and the mainstreamers are starting to question things.   That is the race to implement massive socialism, and even communism in America before a majority of the people wake up enough to do something about it.  For the Trump voters, they already did something about it when they voted for Trump.  I went over this past weekend to a funeral in Southern Indiana, and let me tell you how many Trump flags I saw lined along people’s property.  I stopped counting at 200, and there were many more than that.  People get it.  Lots of people get it and are fully awake.  It’s not Mike Lindell that CNN fears, and the government in general. He’s just a guy putting his money where his mouth is.  Mike knows; that’s why he’s paying 5 million dollars to anyone who can prove him wrong.  But what CNN fears and the government of Biden does even more so is that people will figure all this out before converting America into an authoritarian state similar to China, Venezuela, or Cuba.  That is their only hope that they can delay the inevitable until they have complete control.  And that is the truth behind everything we see.  Just always remember, it’s what people do that matters.   

Rich Hoffman

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