Rules are Made by the Lazy: Socialism with a mask of safety to hide it

Rules are Made by the Lazy

It’s interesting to see what woke terms are considered “hostile.” The video above talks about a recent posting there, which got me banned for a few days. It’s a quote from The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business that says, “never forget that the cheaters and the lazy made the rules of the world, so to make things easier for themselves, not to serve justice.” Well, it’s an accurate statement that is describing a condition that needs to be fixed.  Yet for the Linkedin crowd, it was too harsh, which came to my mind is an experience I had over a recent weekend, which I’ll talk about later that is a real problem in America in a post-Covid world.  And I say “post” because the coronavirus is over and has been for a long time.  But political exploitation of it for a whole host of reasons isn’t. They’d like it to go on forever for all the reasons we’ll talk about here.  But in truth, I expect to get flagged, especially on social media, a lot.  It has been happening to this blog site increasingly for years, and when it comes to the book, well, I meant it to be as honest as possible, and there are many bad guys out there profiting off dishonesty.  So, of course, they won’t like it.  Yet it doesn’t change the nature of the comment, that the lazy are usually the ones who make all the rules the rest of us are expected to deal with.  You don’t often see the best in a field making many rules because they are good at doing what they do.  The rule-makers are the ones who are looking to handicap the good to give the weak a chance to win. 

In a perfect world, competition would determine who wins and who loses.  The objective would be well defined, and various parties would fight it out to see the best.  Someone would win, someone would lose, or a whole lot of people would lose.  The losers would know if they could practice and get better for the next competition, and in that way, everyone would get better, and the world would be a better place as a result.  However, and it’s certainly out of the bag now for mainstreamers, socialism and a mixed economy have taken their toll on our intellects over the years.  So much so that we no longer know the purpose of competition.  In the quest for equality, we have given rise to a society of rule makers who are always seeking to penalize the winners so that the losers in life can win more often.   Worse yet, the value of winning has been so much attacked that many don’t even want to win anything.  They don’t want to be targeted for various social attacks and the stigmas that come with it.  Granted, these positions are not innate to the human being.  Humans all want to strive for the best they can get in anything. Still, the social pressure to embrace meekness is incredible and has given us a society of lawmakers who enjoy controlling the mass of humanity with equality measures meant to cripple the best to prop up the worst. That has given us many of our modern problems. 

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Of course, the excuse for rules makers to always make more regulations is always the pursuit of safety.  The socialist always looking to conceal their loser tendencies wants desperately to take away opportunities for danger to avoid complex discussions about their timidity.  So rules and regulations in an overly litigious society are the perfect cover.  Under the undeclared socialism of our times, the banner of equality takes precedence over victory in every way, meaning that a safe society preserves human life in one fashion only to destroy them in thousands of other ways.  But for a community of rule makers, the more rules there are, the more value that losers have in the world.  I can think of a few blue pill examples of this kind of thing that most people would understand.  In the video above, I give a few examples of the NFL in how socialism has been generally accepted to make the game appeal to the overall mass audience of the product itself.  In 2003, after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, there was a change to their invented Cover 2 defense against the Bump and Run rules.  The Buc defense used to be able to manhandle receivers constantly on their routes, but after that year, it was changed to 10 yards of coverage; the hands had to be off.  Now it wasn’t the Bucs who proclaimed this trend to be unfair.  They had just won a Superbowl.  The rest of the NFL was upset that the Bucs had such a dominant defense that caused the rule change.  And as a result, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t win another Super Bowl until 2021. That’s just one small example out of hundreds of thousands of similar rules tampering quandaries that we all deal with every day.  But in dealing with them with such frequency, we have forgotten what a life with many fewer rules looks like and how much better our society could be without those rules. 

That, of course, brings up the many rules of business and how rules are used to either crush competition or stabilize the best in dominating a market.  Once a company sticks its head up and shows itself as a contender of excellence, it comes to the parasites to either loot off the efforts or penalizes the company with more rules and regulations until they are worn down into complacency. That’s about the time that the management takes up their open collar shirts and deliberately shows the world that they aren’t so great because they hope to get off the radar of the rules and regulations class.  Too many rules inspire people not to play the games of life, and it is in the games that we find the most value for everything.  That, of course, is the point I make in the book, but on a professional site like Linkedin, you’d think that they would value such talk.  But then again, that’s what wokeness is all about.  Wokeness is about destroying the good and the best to make way for the average and the complacent.  It is just another byproduct of socialism, the quest for sameness, not perfection and dominance in a particular field.  Rules are sold to us through safety, but they intend to eliminate risk, which drives the world’s economies.  And once those who have acquired great wealth and no longer want to be challenged, they can then hire the rules makers of governments to prevent that competition from knocking them off their pedestal.  That is when rules and regulations are used to preserve the best and to allow them to become complacent because nobody is allowed to compete with them.  And that in itself is sheer evil that is allowed to be brewed right under our noses. 

Well, I’m OK with getting banned on all these various platforms. I’m going to do what I do, and the message does get out.  Maybe not to the extent that would be possible without all the rules and regulations tampering.  But the honesty of competition cannot be ignored.  When everyone wonders why the world has many of the problems that it does have, look no further than the impact that rules and regulations have on society as a whole, and you will find the beginning to your answer.   The way to fix any society is not with the burden of more regulators but with more competition.  Not in sameness but in uniqueness.   And once that idea is embraced, we will all see vast improvements in our social discourse.  The skinny jeans tech geeks who flag all these postings aren’t the arbiters of quality and performance.   Winning is. That’s how all societies grow and prosper, is in winning despite all the rules. 

Rich Hoffman

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