Where to Get ‘The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business’: The Book Depository offers it at 10% off if anybody wants to flood Hong Kong’s streets with it to overthrow communism

Where to Get The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business

So far, my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, is doing what I wanted it to do; it has opened up a new kind of dialogue with my usual blog audience and expanded the message in ways that promote growth and hope. I’ve spent over a decade writing just about every day literally.  At this site, there are many thousands of articles that I have written for free that are good and relevant to the problems of our day.  But there is nothing like a book you can hold in your hand.  Many authors have published works about the opposition to our American Republic, such as Saul Alinsky, The Weather Underground, Antifa, and many others openly hostile to American life. People have read them as a recruiting mechanism toward the mess we see today.  Traditional Americans, I hesitate even to say conservatives, have not met the challenge for many reasons.  They looked at the insurrection possibilities more as a nuisance than anything, yet here we are.  These evil people have been vile, and now many of them are running our government.  And like a good sheriff from the days of the Wild West, we have to clean up our town, our country, and our very lives in ways we never thought we’d have to.  I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business as a purposeful strategy guide for undoing unprofitable enterprises in our political lives and our places of business.  At the foundations of productivity to preserve goodness and justice for all.  I will likely always write daily articles as I have, and I’ll do it because many people need to hear words of encouragement and some sense in a confusing and aggressive world.  But a book is different; when people buy it, they invest.  It has added value to them.  Then in reading it, there is the investment of time.  In the end, a book has a complete set of thoughts, from the beginning to the end.  A book projects a comprehensive view to behold and can direct the reader to a resolution, which is needed. The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business has been created as an option toward conceptual understanding.

The book doesn’t come out until August 28th of 2021. Still, just the initial links to booksellers such as Target, Barnes & Nobel, and The Book Depository have been encouraging. I’ve made many new friends from hopeful people looking for something just like The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.   As I have been saying, this is a book I wanted to read.  At this point, I have read over 1000 books in my life.  And am well on my way toward the next thousand.  Yet, I have not seen a book like this one on strategy ever written.  I meant for it to be Western Civilization’s answer to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War which we haven’t seen in 2500 years.  So when the question is asked, why me and why this book?  It’s because I got tired of waiting for someone else to write a book like this, and nobody has.  And there are no plans to do so by anybody.

Many conservative writers are doing good work, but there appears to be none who are audacious enough to presume that they have the authority even to attempt such a book.  We would assume that such a book would come from some great war general or even a country’s president.  Yet, in truth, most of the best things in life come from those who reach for the stars and get burned along the way and are outside observers of any historical trajectory.  It has become clear that institutional assumptions and the products of their effort will never produce such an unusual perspective to defend Western Civilization’s capitalism properly and audaciously as needed.  It would have to come from a unique perspective to answer popular classics such as The Art of War and Japan’s Book of Five Rings.   It’s not in following the rules of publishing either that any such book could come to be; it takes in some cases breaking those rules because the rules have been limiting the thinking in the first place.

The publisher of The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business has been great to work with Liberty Hill, a division of Salem Publishing.  I went with them after the whole incident with Parler, where Amazon shut them off their server.  I had been considering publishing with Amazon because of their vast resources and reach, but what Parler taught us was that if we fall out of political alignment with a host of our work, we could find ourselves canceled out of existence.  So I changed course after that event and found the very conservative Liberty Hill publishers, which were terrific.  However, they have listed me as to booksellers as a conservative author. That’s true; I am a very conservative author.  But I have already seen a stigma directed at me on search engines and product placement.  For instance, because Amazon is a bookseller, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is listed for sale.  Yet the Kindle version, which is available now, is listed on a different page than the print edition, out on August 28th.   Usually, all editions of a book are listed on the same page.  Little things like that will impact the buying experience where a purchaser may have to decide between a digital version and a print edition.  But the way Amazon listed it, they may not know they have a choice.   The book is available anywhere books are sold, so I’m not going to get hung up on little things like that. Still, it is an indication that wherever the marketplace can be manipulated against a conservative author, you can bet that some activists working for these companies will certainly do so.  It shouldn’t be a surprise, but rather, it should be expected. 

So far, the best price for the print edition has been coming from The Book Depository, which is offering it at a 10% discount off the usual price.  The Book Depository is selling The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business at $15.21 for the print edition.  There are also Nook versions of the book as well as offerings at iBook in a digital format.  We may do an audible version at some point, but the book itself should be different from what we do on the blog site.  The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is meant to hold in your hands.  It’s also meant to be divorced from the internet, meaning that the relationship for big brother is removed from reading it. It’s a book that some mass investor may want to buy and dump into the streets of Hong Kong or Cuba to teach them how to overthrow their communist regimes, much the way communists have flooded colleges and regions of activism with The Coming Insurrection and Rules for Radicals. It would be good about now to flip that script.  There is nothing like a book you can hold in your hand or stick in your pocket to read at the small hours of the morning over coffee and pancakes somewhere to refer to when the strength of the day has worn away, and a freedom fighter needs some encouragement.  Honk Kong could use a lot of that, so that’s my thinking on the hard print editions at this point.  If someone wanted to do such a thing as an investment, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.  If we can get them a 10% discount, I’m all for it. 

As I said, I have spoken to many good people over this past week who were very energized to get The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business to satisfy their strategic goals. It’s a scary world right now, and things do appear hopeless.  But I would argue that it is all entirely on purpose.  It’s like when a robber tells us to stick up our hands and people comply because they hope that by going along to get along, the villains will let them live and not just shoot them dead.  And that’s what we have going on a lot these days, especially when it comes to mandatory vaccination talk and the wearing of masks to submit to a tyrannical authority.  The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is all about how to eliminate that robber before they get a chance to hold us up.  And that is a very proactive sentiment that people are finding attractive.  All hope is not lost.  I would argue that we are just beginning to win absolute freedom for ourselves in these dark times.  For many, it just takes a slightly different way of thinking to make it happen, and from what I hear so far, we are well on our way. 

Rich Hoffman

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