How The Left Traps You: The story of Covid and what we can learn from it

The Way the Left Plays the Game

Just as an example, the way the left plays the game is like the classic argument with a woman when she suddenly asks out of nowhere, “are you cheating on me.” Of course, you’re not, but the accusation puts you on your heels instantly, and the entire conversation is all about you proving that you didn’t do something instead of the merits of what you did do.  Like perhaps holding the door open for a woman which observed was easily misconstrued. That’s what happened to the Trump administration and his supporters in the media and within the cabinet.  Trump was accused of killing millions of people due to his early response to Covid-19 by Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, so it forced him to prove that he would take the virus seriously and follow CDC protocols.  These protocols were already baked into the narrative to destroy the American economy in 2020.  There wasn’t time for Trump to be rational because the pressure from the left was meant to knock him off his game.  So to avoid the accusation during an election year, Trump and Sean Hannity, and many others listened to the Marxist scientists and put their advice into policy so that nobody could claim later that Trump didn’t care about human life.  But in truth, and it’s easy to see in hindsight, it was all a ruse from day one and had been carefully planned out to consider all the personalities.  It wasn’t a vast conspiracy; just a plan hatched from the billionaire class as a way to remove Trump.  Their goal was the global manipulation of currency and politics.  The Bill Gates goal was to underline his zero-emission world policies for the greenie weenie objectives and implement the strategy; they had to get Trump to bite on something he couldn’t refuse, saving lives.  It didn’t matter that Covid-19 wasn’t that deadly.  Statistically, any analysis will produce deaths.  If you conduct a study of people who drive cars or eat chicken soup out of a can, you will find extreme data points on people who die in the process.  But part of that plan that the media willingly participated in was taking those anomalies and making them the star of the show reported daily.  All it took was for well-known personalities like Tom Hanks and Herman Cain to come down with the virus and have them report the danger, and the rest of society would be hooked. 

That is how we were all suckered by the governments of the world over Covid and convinced to lock ourselves away for a virus that wasn’t all that deadly.  Those same governments had conspired ahead of time to ruin the lives of millions of people by tampering with a coronavirus typical in animals and to make this particular virus transmissible to humans.  In most cases, humans quickly fought off the disease, all by themselves, just as they have for millions of years.  But this time, instead of letting things play out the way we would a common cold, the government started measuring things differently, by the actual cases instead of the deaths. They did so to perform a Kotter change state of the world’s entire social-political order.  The old antics of Socialist International and the Chinese desire to spread communism to every corner of the world were really at play, and they had their targets on America’s capitalism.  And we listened obediently because we trusted Trump.  So to pull off the ruse, it didn’t have to involve a whole swarm of people, just a few key people like Trump or Sean Hannity.  Once they got them to bite on all this change, the attackers had their means of destroying the world to save mythical lives made up in thin air. 

Of course, in hindsight, it is all obvious.  We can see that this whole delta variant of Covid-19 is a fantasy of the Biden administration that is in trouble over the tampering of China in our elections of 2020, which are being exposed in Mike Lindell’s Symposium in the great state of South Dakota.   Also, the Biden administration is doing economically poor.  The jobs numbers which came out today are showing alarm due to the mass economic tampering of the socialist-oriented Biden policies, and they need an excuse.  Covid is the perfect cover story to explain why the economy is flatlining.  They are trying to make the pain about saving lives, not about the reality of government tampering destroying ambition.  China and their influence-peddling of the Biden family are paying off, and they are enjoying the results.  Covid-19 has proven to be more effective as an attack on America than Pearl Harbor ever was.  The Japanese attack that started World War II for America was something people could rally behind and activate to the cause.  But Covid, that was an invisible attack mainly residing in our imaginations.  It forced us to let go of our trust in government to see the villainies clearly, and for a lot of people, that is hard to do.  Yet that’s how we arrived here, at this point.

People like Trump and Sean Hannity can’t appear wrong and say everything I have told about Covid because they bought into the original narrative of how dangerous Covid was.  Essentially how a common cold was now going to be managed by the government.  Trump ran and won his election in 2020 despite all the government tampering with his campaign.  This dug the hole even deeper for the conspirators, but that required Trump to report that he had saved millions of lives by taking action in shutting down the economy the first time and denying Chinese to fly into America to visit with a travel ban.  And he must still stick to that story because it did work, Trump did not lose votes in 2020, he instead gained them, and that came about because people saw that Trump took action to protect America from the virus.  So you can’t go back and change the story now and say that Covid was always a farce from the beginning.  That the reporting was phony, the deadliness was phony; the government tampering drove the story, not the virus itself.  Everything about Covid-19 and the subsequent Delta variants was artificial. Still, even the hardest line conservatives couldn’t say so because the political left had trapped them into answering the false accusation at the start. What’s worse, now that the world has seen how easy it was to manipulate Americans with a false premise, they are going to try it again and again until they are forced to pay for it.  This is a shame because now we will have to work much harder to say no. 

But that’s the game and how we arrived here.  A lot of good intentions were manipulated by some of the most manipulative characters on planet earth for their selfish reasons.  I called them terrorists from the outset.  It was apparent what was happening.  Trump probably knew it, too, as did Sean Hannity.  But it was a trap either way that none of us had seen before.  I mean, who doesn’t want to trust doctors.  Trump did what he does with most things, which Bill Gates figured he would embrace the problem and correct it with enthusiasm, which primarily worked.  But in so doing, they pulled Trump in on the plan, just as in the example of the wife accusing the husband of cheating on her.  She likely knew that he wasn’t cheating. Still, just the accusation gave her power in the relationship. It wasted his time proving how much he loved her by wasting his happiness on answering such a negative question created purely to entrap him either way.  Except for this time, it wasn’t a married couple’s manipulations; it was the nations of the world wanting communism globally.  It wasn’t easy to see initially for a lot of people.  But it’s self-evident now.

Rich Hoffman

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