The Government is in a Panic: Their lack of control terrifies them

The Government is in a Panic Over their Lack of Power

I’ll talk to anybody anytime, anywhere, and that’s been my policy for many years.  But it’s been a while for me speaking at the West Chester Tea Party in Ohio, where I’ve been affiliated with them for many years—going back 11 years to the year of 2010.  Well, these are crazy times, and I was happy to be invited back to give a little presentation to a very large audience about Critical Race Theory in Lakota schools.  But as I was speaking, I was thinking through the years to the first times I told an audience in public about the Marxism that was integrated into the John Dewey public education system and what kind of reaction I had as a result.  People, of course, didn’t want to believe it, the free babysitting service that is public education was just too lucrative for most parents, and they didn’t want to deal with the fact that they were sending their kids to Marxist education camps.  Now, a decade later, I was saying pretty much the same thing, and all the heads in the audience, and everywhere really, were nodding in agreement.  Finally, they understood what had always been there and were ready to take action against it.  I was thrilled to see such warm faces that used to be pretty hostile, listening to what steps they could take to alleviate the situation in the public schools.  Yet, it also provoked in me a bit of frustration.  I am always right about these things, and I’m not a young pup.  I have a long history of pointing out these problems, and people are always slow to listen. 

But I’ll repeat it, I’ll go out on a limb and explain the circumstances of our present, what the vaccines are all about, what the masks are for, what and why the government is behaving the way they are.  What I’m saying is not a conspiracy theory; it’s an understanding realized ahead of the facts arriving to confirm it.  Yet, I hope that people will listen and make adjustments to their lives so they can get through it all well.  The government is not all-powerful.  But they want to be; they fantasized that they would be. That’s why many government workers entered government service because the secret little bullies that were deep inside their subconscious wanted to push people around.  Maybe they are second children in their families and were always picked on by an older sibling, which inspired them into government work. Perhaps they were themselves the oldest child and want to remain always the bully throughout their lives.  Maybe they aren’t brilliant people, and they want authority to mask their lack of intelligence.  Whatever it is, the government is full of people who are not very smart and have deep authority issues that remain unresolved throughout their lives.  I would say that my take on government is that you need it and that we as a society should work hard to put the best people we can in government to manage things, just like we would a business.  But that approach is not yet in the majority opinion.  The founding fathers envisioned such a society, but that is not what we have today.  We have all been too lazy to manage government in that way, and the results have been that the worst and least intelligent end up in government, and they want to rule the world to prove that they are worth something. 

The need for authority is why many government types gravitate to Marxism and soft-edged socialism.  It is a vehicle for them to rule over the masses while looking like a benefactor of goodness along the way.  That is precisely how the Marxist literature moved through state school boards to be imposed on public schools all across America.  As government officials, it was the secret need that they had to embrace Marxism to justify their desire for ultimate control over everyone and everything.  And that brings us to the big test which had long been planned in 2020, a “Great Reset” of the world’s economic and political system into outright Marxism led by China on the world stage.  After the Tea Party movement in America scattered around the world to the Brexit situation in the United Kingdom, the protests in Hong Kong, and many other places, the Davos characters needed to protect their global investments. They turned to socialism and communism to do so.  That put all the world’s countries at the doorstep of China to consume, and scientists created the Wuhan virus to invoke the Great Reset through mass panic globally.  It was the standard Cloward and Piven crush that so many government villains were engaged in so that the Kotter change state would give rise to a new global government that had long been planned. 

These authoritarian characters worked hard through money and influence to get rid of our elected President Trump, and they picked his final year in office to unleash their plan.  Covid was released to facilitate that change state, and off it went into the destruction we see presently.  Yet now there is a problem.  It didn’t work.   There are still too many people who think independently, and this little problem hadn’t been figured out in Davos by the billionaire planners.  They did not accommodate the necessity of all human beings, the desire to self-govern.  Not everyone has the guts to self-govern, but most people want to have that option.  The Covid protocols did not create the planned change state, and now there is egg on the face of everyone in on the scam, the governments of the world, the media bootlicking what they thought were going to be the party leaders under communism.  The many academics who embraced communism over one hundred years ago. It’s the kind of topic that doesn’t usually come up when taking the kids to soccer practice.  Or when we go out to dinner, nobody talks about these things.  People don’t often share thoughts about their political beliefs, even though they probably should.  That way, people would have known just how radical their kid’s teacher was or their school’s principal.  Or their CEO.  Their water meter checker. Everyone.  If people had been more honest with each other, nobody would be as surprised as they are now. 

But now, with the election fraud being exposed and China’s role in unleashing the coronavirus, the government is turning to the grand cover-up; they want to have lockdowns again because they worked before.  They want to bring back the mask mandates.  They want mandatory vaccinations because they are testing their ability to control mass society.  And what they are getting in return is a rejection.  Sure, some people are going along with whatever the government says, but there will always be those 20% to 30% of the population that will refuse.  Because of that refusal, that leaves the government exposed to their crimes, and that truly terrifies them.  This is why they are panicking now, doing everything they can to impose authoritarian rule because they fear getting caught and being exposed more than they fear being constitutionally wrong.  Most of them do what they do because they are Marxists and looking to get rid of the constitution anyway. They’ve gone too far already ever to go back.  They are all in; they’ve pushed their chips into the center of the table and are betting everything on total authoritarianism.  And you can bet that they are terrified of losing it all.  Which, I would say, will be the result.  We have the winning hand.  They don’t, and they will lose.  But until they realize that, it’s going to look a lot scarier than it is.  Because going total authoritarianism is the only move they have to make. 

Rich Hoffman

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