What January 6th Was Really About: People are sick and tired of being lied to

Government Has Lied to Us One Too Many Times

It continues to be a talking point, this desire of Democrats, and some Republicans, to abuse their positions of power to hide outright crimes committed within the Beltway culture of Washington D.C.  That is what the January 6th Commission is all about.  It’s just another witch hunt meant to hide the crimes that politicians have committed, in their alliance with China as a hostile foreign nation, their part in committing election fraud, in the active coup of a sitting American president.  Of their knowledge of the Covid origins as a man-made virus unleashed upon the world to create a “change state” socialist economy for which the political class would rule over.  The desire to distract from those crimes is why they have picked January 6th as a hill to die on.  And in the end, that’s just what will metaphorically happen to them. I’ve said it in other places; think of the IRS abuse with Lois Lerner, think of Benghazi, the Hillary Clinton emails.  Think of the FBI working with Democrats to destroy Donald Trump before he ever got to the office.  Think of all that, then take away the hope of justice from another Trump term, and yes, you have some outraged people out there.  But instead of dealing with that, the criminals in our government have sought to dig their hole even deeper, pissing people off even more.  It is the finest example of arrogance that can be displayed for public view on a mass scale.  And that, in essence, is what all the drama is all about.  The criminals need a cover story from the judgment of the good.

The truth of the matter is, some people, enough people, are waking up.   Being woke isn’t so much about editorializing people and their free speech as much as it is the realization that we had a nightmare of compliance that everyone had been functioning from for many hundreds of years.  Suddenly through the miracles of options created in the free culture of America, it has exposed these kinds of crimes so that they are apparent.  Where Nancy Pelosi hopes that the emperor has no clothes apply to her and her friends, the evidence has shown that people can see her naked and aren’t willing to go along with the gag any longer.  Some people are, but many are not, enough to make things rough for the future of Democrats and RINO Republicans who just wanted to play along with the game enough to enrich themselves.  The old rules of the Beltway are being challenged.  People are tired of the games and in paying for them.  And the start of the fissure started on January 6th when the old rules were put to the test and what scared the politicians was that the public wasn’t willing to go back to sleep only to be consumed with that same old nightmare over and over again.  This time they were awake for good. 

I know it’s scary to see how bad some of these people are and witness how many of them are so devoid of character that they would participate in the destruction of America over just making a few dollars.  This temps many to rationalize that money is the root of all evil, but as I say in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, money reveals this kind of behavior which is great.  Money shows us all what people will do to get it, even if it’s committing crimes.  Otherwise, how would we know the difference between a criminal and a hard worker?  Money brings people their values to see, so there is value in seeing the truth from behavior.  Just as in Trump, his presidency was valuable because the pressure of him wanting to do a good job, in wanting to drain the swamp, has shown us just how nasty that swamp was.  I think a lot of us suspected it.  Every year, we would talk about it around the Thanksgiving table with our families before the football games started.  But so long as we were somewhat left alone in our lives, we were generally unwilling to do anything about the criminals in government who were getting away with murder, literally in many cases. 

But now we know, and we have seen a lot over the last decade, really going back to the start of the Tea Party movement.  I remember how scared the politicians were of the Tea Party. This education organization was formed without a leader to evoke reform in government and get the nation back to constitutional ideas.  I remember how stunned the bad guys were when Glenn Beck filled the Mall over a Labor Day weekend speech he made in 2009, a year after Barack Obama was president.  We remembered that Bill Ayers, the American terrorist, had launched Obama’s campaign in his living room.  And now we had a socialist in the White House, and we weren’t happy about it.  Tea Party members would peaceably gather, and they were made fun of, belittled everywhere, and ostracized to no end for just wanting goodness out of our government.  Trump was born out of that movement.  Trump did not create the movement.  None of the government criminals is willing to consider that admission; it would be the end of them.  Trump was put in place to finish what the Tea Party started.  And when that criminal government took Trump away, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

January 6th was just the start.  The Mike Lindell symposium that he is about to unleash over the election results, the continued Trump rallies, and many thousands of blogs and podcasters have only become angrier over what was witnessed over 2020 and into 2021.  There are too many of them to change their mind, and they are not willing to be as serene as they were in the early days of the Tea Party because now, unlike then, we know better.  The bad guys have been revealed.  They have been hostile.  And they have worked with foreign powers to undo our nation.  Sure, the internet, which our governments and their corporate sponsors control, will try to remove my ability to say what I am saying here, but it doesn’t matter because we are all thinking it.  And they can’t remove thoughts as much as they’d like to.  People don’t like the government.  People don’t trust the government.  And now that the government has taken away their happiness, with mask mandates, threats to put their daughters in a draft, threats to make kids go to school with drag queens, CRT in those public schools that are too expensive for the worth of free babysitting service, people who otherwise wouldn’t have been politically activated are now active.  They tried to do the right thing and solve these matters with a vote, but the government criminals took that away from them too.  So the result is anger and lots of it.  Anger that won’t go away quickly.  It won’t send people back to complaining about the government at Thanksgiving dinners before football games.  Now it’s carried over into everyday life.  When people cannot enjoy their life, they will turn against the government that gets in the way of that happiness.  And that is the consideration that nobody on that criminal side figured out before they dug this deep grave for themselves.  And why they will be so surprised as we start filling that grave in with metaphorical dirt.

Rich Hoffman

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