Of Course, Biden Was Never In Charge: The Deep State is warning us for next time

The Deep State is Letting You Know They Are In Charge by Showing How Stupid Biden Is

Wait, don’t tell me you thought Joe Biden was in charge?  No, you couldn’t have thought that; you’re too smart.  But obviously, the people who put Joe Biden in the White House for 2021 think you are that stupid.  They are showing off a concept that was spelled out clearly in Carroll Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope.  We don’t have free and open elections; we don’t actually pick our representatives.  The world and at least the American government are run by a cabal of bankers who play all the world’s governments like puppets on a marionette as children’s entertainment.  The idea that free people would vote and self-govern to them is laughable.  At least, that’s what they think, and they are showing off by picking Biden, a guy who can barely string together two sentences and stay awake for longer than 12 hours at a time.  It’s not a cognitive problem that we are seeing. It’s the self-proclaimed elite that wants to show off just how much in charge they actually are by putting a brain-dead caricature-like Biden in the White House right in front of our faces and get away with it. It’s the criminals going back to the scene of the crime to show off how they pulled off the heist that we are seeing.   But Biden being in charge, no, nobody ever thought that he was making any decisions. 

Now, of course, I am not accepting that reality.  It may be the view of people like Quigley, who is very much in abundance of Beltway culture.  They would like the world to be that way, but it’s not theirs to take.  It’s one of the reasons that I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  The same rules that make a company great can be applied to a country.  It’s all management, and the same kind of tyrannies that Tragedy and Hope talked about can be seen in most companies.  There isn’t some magical boon that these people know that the rest of us don’t.

How It Works in the World

The difference is that they are just more pretentious about it.  Naturally, they are below-the-line thinkers who look toward collectivism to hide their insecurities, which is the essence of why globalists think the way they do.  They want to believe that through the acquisition of power and collective reflection that they can mask their frailties from the eyes of judgment.  So for them, to pull the levers of power to get Biden elected, through rules, through finance, through public manipulation, they seek to mask their lack of management skill.  But as I always say, you can’t hide the good from the bad, and so long as we don’t hide our goodness, they will forever choke on it.  The answer to these problems is not scary, not once you understand what you are dealing with.  No matter how many Joe Bidens are put in power for corporate controllers to maintain, they still are no match for a self-determined being armed with their ability to defend themselves.  The gunfighter proved that the power players of the world did not run anything.  They sat back like leeches and waited for the brave and the strong to pave the way for prosperity for them.  Then once they thought it safe, they would claim jump and attempt to kill off the gunfighters and steal what was captured. That’s kind of the world we are living in.

And you can tell if you look at where investments have been made why a corporate alliance to manipulate politics is so desired.   When corporations invest so heavily in foreign countries, of course, they will want to steer the direction of those countries that protect those investments.  This danger of corporate control over politics has been around since the beginning of America, since the Andrew Jackson administration. His laissez-faire economics from that administration may have created an open book for risk-taking and significant economic growth. Still, it also gave rise to the corporation’s rise, as best exhibited by Cornelius Vanderbilt.  Now I’m a big fan of Cornelius.  Not so much his kids, but the Commodore was a great mind who built great wealth in America.  Many of those characters who hung around with Quigley when writing his book would have done much bootlicking to be near such a power.  But Vanderbilt, the elder, was a great capitalist, and America would do well to have more people like him.  But as I report in many different ways in my book, the world of politics is built by looters and other parasites who claim jump off bold efforts then lay claim to the riches.  And to protect that theft, they seek, as do those modern globalists, to use that stolen wealth to control politics and the justice system so that they never find themselves prosecuted for their antics. 

Eventually, they get cocky, as they have in the 2020 election.  They couldn’t stand that we elected Trump, a very Cornelius Vanderbilt type of character, a very American creation.  They thought they contained the danger in 2016, but Trump was elected anyway.  So in 2020, they had their hands in all kinds of ways to provide safety to the system of politics they built to keep it from happening again—everything from election fraud on a mass scale to creating a Covid conspiracy to mask the political antics.  Notice how Bill Gates is no longer being talked about.  The Gates family conveniently had a divorce which took them off the stage.  Are we to believe that suddenly Bill and Melinda Gates, who was on the news almost every day talking about Covid and saving the world from global warming, couldn’t live with each other under a marriage?  That the divorce gave them cover for not going on air for a while as the Wuhan conspiracy with China became unraveled by the unwashed masses who could smell the rat rotting behind a decaying wall of media cover.  Remember, it was Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci who walked into Trump’s White House office in an election year where it was a no-win situation for the President and told him he had to shut down the economy otherwise, millions of deaths would be on his hands.  Trump learned pretty quickly that Gates and Fauci had overstated the danger by a lot, and he tried to open the economy back up by Easter of 2020.  But by then, Mike Pence was deep into managing Covid and Fauci, and the media had their torpedo to kill the red hot economy of Trump so that the President would get the blame for the election.  And if you go and watch the short-selling behavior, many of the world’s most affluent and influential moved their money to reflect gains that could be made off the tragedy.  When they say the rich get richer and the poor poorer, we’re not talking about capitalism.  We are talking about managed government economies where a corporate alliance does these kinds of manipulations then makes wealth off the tragedy.  Such as what is happening now with the vaccines.  Big pharma is making a killing of the government mandates, and they love it.  Because ultimately, they are in charge anyway.  They can get Biden to say anything they want him to say.  And they get rich doing it.

But don’t think for a second that Biden was ever supposed to appear in charge.  He was always going to be a stark warning to the rest of us what would happen if we dared to ever vote for a Donald Trump type again.  Yes, they are that audacious.  However, to my way of thinking, they can be easily beaten.  But before you can beat them, you have to see them.  And never have they made themselves more evident than they have now, with Biden looking like a puppet, obviously not in charge, and a slap in the face to the rest of us.  If ever you were to doubt a deep state of corporate conspirators, the evidence is now well-known due to the audaciousness of the Joe Biden presidency. 

Rich Hoffman

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