How America Defeats China: ‘The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business’ shows you the way

How To Defeat China

As I said in the video above, the strategy guide I just wrote, which is released on August 28th to everyone else, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, can and will stop China’s aggression in its tracks and send it tumbling the other way.  I wrote the book as a very anti-Marx answer to the incredibly audacious Marxism that has been brewing worldwide for more than a century now.  In America, the cycle goes something like this, Democrats were defeated in the Civil War, and slaves were freed.  Democrats took reconstruction as a personal assault and repositioned themselves for revenge by adopting European progressivism, and a means to undo the Republic for which defeated them in the war.  30 to 40 years later, they partnered with various mobsters, most notably Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, to strategically destroy the Christian purity of America with gradually more audacious progressive policies.  During the Cold War, the Soviet KGB infiltrated the Democrat party with open doors and many American institutions with outright communism to destroy their primary rival from within.  In the 1990s, after Russia went bankrupt, China became the next global carrier for collapsing America with communism which they have stated openly they wish to do by 2035.  Even the Biden administration has warned that this is the intention of the Chinese as he has shown to have an open arms policy with them to help them with their cause.  That leaves the rest of us with this long history to sort out and defeat for the continuation of our Republic.  And there aren’t many friends in the publishing industry, print media, or on the networks who aren’t in on the flip from a capitalist country into a communist one.  Many have already placed their bets on the American collapse and want to see it happen.  Yet, to me, it’s straightforward.  Not that it won’t take work from us to perform, but I would offer that the collapse of the entire Chinese communist push and global commitment to it could be destroyed by the contents of my new book.  Most specifically, by the very definition of one word…………………..gunfighter. 

The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business

Gunfighters were a new invention in the world created in America under American ideas.  The very notion that any individual could grab a gun and carve out space for themselves for their interests divorced from the rules of the rest of the world was completely new when Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill were carving out a name for themselves during the late period of western expansion.  The romantic notions of a lone sheriff like Wyatt Earp standing alone against a band of desperados with a gun on their hip and against all odds became the very nature of American character that the rest of the world wanted to follow.  It also posed the greatest threat to the global communists that anybody could imagine.  Immediately as America found itself united with the Buffalo Bill Wild West show up until the turn of the century, liberals had discovered their means to erode at it with their pick of the American Indian to use as their Asian counterpart, their means to begin the guilt trip that would go on for the next 100 years.  Communists wanting to spread the works of Karl Marx in Europe were concerned that if America wasn’t brought down, the rest of the world would never catch up.  So they pointed their sharp tongues at American media and avoided the guns of the gunslingers, and attempted to fight on that front.  They avoided a direct conflict of deadly duals that had been settled many times over on dusty streets in the now mythical Wild West because they knew they couldn’t win that way.

But the little secret that nobody has been talking about is that the rest of the world, especially communists, fear the American gunfighter’s notion.  In much the same way that when we think of Japan, we think of the samurai sword.  When the world thinks of Americans, they think of the cowboy, the gunfighter, and the myths and legends of rugged individuals who braved the unknown without a government to tell them what to do.  This concept is the terrifying one in the world to them and is the greatest weapon that our free society could wield in our own defense.  So what I have done in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is to take readers back to the way of thinking that occurred before the rise of progressivism in America to the gunfighters seeking fame and fortune as free people after Republicans freed the slaves in the Civil War.  The period that followed showed the greatness of American industry off the backs of the gunfighters who paved the way for the rise of the greatest economy ever.  And the divorce from Europe that made it possible was by the gunsmoke of gun ownership empowering individuals to govern themselves. 

The great weakness of Marxism that nobody wants to talk about is that it collapses when aligned to the choices of individuals.  And even those below-the-line thinkers who vote for liberal causes and Democrats generally have individual desires.  What they do in their private lives undoes Marxism at its core, which is why communism always fails.  It’s falling in China presently.  Yet, the deep roots of liberal society have sought to cover up those failures by propping up the Chinese communists falsely, and the clock is running out on them as we speak.  Their desperation knows it, which is why they are so desperate now to make their global push toward a one-world communist government, with China leading all the nations from the United Nations.  That added pressure has caused them to make lots of mistakes that are poised to be exploited.  And the way to pour salt in that wound is to remind them that the American Gunfighter is alive and well.  We will not have a dual in the streets with the Chinese and fight them to the death with guns. Instead, the symbol of individualism that comes with gun ownership and the desire to self-govern as armed citizens is enough to undo all their plans.  As scary as things look, they are more terrified than you are, dear reader.  Which I also address in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  As I talk about in that book, I often tell poker stories, and we have a good hand.  A winning hand.  The river card will confirm it soon.  All we have to do is keep pushing up the bets because the Chinese communists are bluffing.  They don’t have what they need to win.  And for them, the reminder that Americans are ultimately not what their government shows the world but are more like those old gunfighters than anybody dared to admit.  At our core, we are still like those individuals who traveled west with our guns and ambitions to live unburdened by any means.  That realization to the communists of the world, whether they are the Marxists attempting to infiltrate America or the honey pots of the Chinese spy network looking to extort people like Eric Swalwell and Nancy Pelosi at the source of corruption.  Americans are not defined by leaders but by their rights and desires protected by private gun ownership.  And that reality is how China can and will be undone, and the script will be flipped, and the American Gunfighter will be the symbol of Truth, Justice, and the American Way well into the future by free people of all colors and sexes.  But first, Marxism must be defeated everywhere. 

Rich Hoffman

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