Sometimes Doing the Right Thing is to Break All the Rules: The answer to Mark Levin’s ‘American Marxism’ question

Sometimes Doing the Right Things Means You Have to Break the Rules

One of my favorite lines from my new book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is that it “is the losers of the world who make up the rules of life.” There are many lines like that in what I’m calling a conservative book on strategy, but that one is more relevant to me due to the nature of our current politics and wokeness in our corporate structures. I’ve read many hundreds of books from conservatives and liberals over the years. It’s always been frustrating to see liberals putting out books like Rules for Radicals and The Coming Insurrection while we have failed to answer. In contrast, on the conservative side of things, the books come out as warnings about what’s coming rather than giving people a means of dealing with them.  Liberals have been audacious in assuming they were important enough to steer the entire human race in the direction of their choosing, making up rules that we as conservatives always follow to the letter.  The essence of all our outstanding literary achievements and countless hours of talk radio has been to work within those rules and be good people by pointing out the evils of liberalism.  All the while, the rules were made by radicals and losers from the beginning to doom us all, and we have been following those rules right over a cliff to our peril.   I love books, all books, by all people, even by the other side politically.  If it’s a book with binding on it, I likely love it.  Because even books by those I disagree with teach me something.  And as I said, I have read a lot of them and have been waiting for someone on the conservative side to come up with some book on conservative strategy.  But it never came, and now with things the way they are now, I figured I would just sit down and do it myself, resulting in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.   The publisher sent me a few advanced copies ahead of the August 28th release date, where the book will be available wherever books are sold.  Yet, I did take a moment to enjoy holding the book and going through it due to the long journey it took to produce it.  Finally, a book on conservative strategy was here.  I didn’t care if I wrote it or if somebody else had.  I was just happy to have it in my hands.

Its been the most frustrating thing to watch, liberals creating rules we all live by, then as we were killing ourselves with terrible thinking, such as Critical Race Theory, a lack of defense about capitalism, a lack of defense of our family structures, our religions, our president, our businesses—everything, the liberals who have been writing these books on strategy for years were rolling in the mud like pigs after a feeding frenzy.  How could we help facilitate so much evil in the world just by following the rules?  Well, that has been their trick, the liberals, and they figured that out about us many years ago among the gangsters of Al Capone and Bonnie and Clyde.  The gangster era was what was left of the old gunslingers of the Wild West. It was a direct result of progressivism that crept into American society at the end of western expansion.  Instead of facing down our enemies on a dusty street in a duel to the death in the pursuit of justice, our criminals hid in the shadows and functioned outside of our Christian sentiments.  Once Democrats in Chicago observed the Midwest antics of Capone’s mob and the elusiveness of Bonnie and Clyde all up and down the Mississippi River, they had their game plan, which they use aggressively to this day.  The book was Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, and the top people of the Democrat Party used it to create the kind of world we are dealing with now.  They made the rules because they had been losing as a progressive movement that desperately wanted to take over America from Europe. We followed those rules to our present circumstances. 

I read the books, especially Rules for Radicals and The Coming Insurrection, and was thinking, “these aren’t very good books.  Why are they so popular?” They looked to be self-published, poorly written monstrosities that I wouldn’t think would survive the book reviewer critics of liberalism.  Yet they made it through, picked up some big endorsements, such as Hillary Clinton, who was obsessed with Saul Alinsky for many years, those works made it to the top of the Democrat platform at the national and international level.  Meanwhile, as I said in the video above, this isn’t negative toward Mark Levin’s new book selling like hotcakes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, American Marxism—conservatives read and write books pointing out the problem. Still, we never are pretentious enough to write our strategy guides to answer those problems once we see them.   I think Mark’s new book is excellent.  It points out the history of Marxism as it has infiltrated America for years. I’ve been pointing that out on this blog for decades too, but what are we supposed to do about it?  American Marxism says we need a movement to stand up to Marxism.  But how do we do it?  Well, that’s when I decided to sit down and write a counterpoint to one of my favorite books of all time, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, which is 2500 years old.  I thought it was time the human race has an update and one from an American perspective.  Something that would answer the question that Mark Levin and Sean Hannity have framed for us.  But a means to achieve success at all the levels of our lives in a way that hasn’t been done before. 

So if I was you, dear reader, which I have been, the question on your mind is why did I write the book and not some genius war general or former president of the United States?  What makes me qualified?  I tell quite a story of my background, which you can find on the sidebar of this website that will offer insight into that very question.  But honestly, I think many of us could have written The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  Most of us already know the answers, but we are too nice and too good to do often what needs to be done.  We need to understand why breaking many of the conventional rules that have been imprisoning us morally is the correct action.  And of those rules that have been holding us back is this notion of pretention.  That any of us should never assume that we have the answers to save humanity, well, I would say, why not?  Why not you?  Why not me?  Why should we surrender to a hostile political left full of hate and evil?  Because the rules of our life tell us too?  Well, that’s why one of my favorite lines from the book states that the losers often make the rules of our life because they have to find some way to cripple the good and just so that they can have a shot at winning the future.  And we have generally accepted this sabotage gleefully because our value judgments were in being good people who follow the rules.  But when the bad guys made the rules, then what?  Well, that’s what The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is all about, and I’m very proud that it’s coming out to offer options where many of us just haven’t had them before.  Sometimes, to do the right thing, you have to break the rules.

Rich Hoffman

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