Trump’s Challenge to Big Tech: The result will be 12 total years as president

Trump’s Challenge to Big Tech

As we’ve been talking about since the beginning of the Big Tech censorship against President Trump, legal action of some kind was inevitable.  It’s good to see Trump initiate that activity as he has in July of 2021.  It takes time to build these cases.  It is also great to see so many people joining him in that effort.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest have it coming.  They abused their power and what they did was quite purposeful.  They used free speech to control speech, at least the legal premise of free speech.  Because they are also private companies, which is just another subtle attack on how corporations can become big and financially competitive with nations yet hide under the protection of the United States federal government to implement their will.  It would take a big name like Trump to take them on, and they kept poking and poking until he did it.  So now we will have the court battle we’ve needed for a long time to settle the matter, free speech against private companies and what role they can play in the election process, which based on the election fraud that is emerging has been vast.  Especially regarding Facebook.  As global companies now, the Big Tech social media companies have obviously no regard for American sovereignty and illustrate a problem that existed essentially since Andrew Jackson’s laissez-faire capitalism gave Cornelius Vanderbilt the ability to operate large corporations as a competitive rival of our own elected government. 

Up until recently, really where corporations started looking after that dangled carrot of communism in China with their 1.3 billion people, we’ve managed as a nation to walk that fine line between corporate influence and elected government.  Many of the skinny jean progressives of Silicone Valley don’t understand that China is not the lucrative market that has been sold to them.  Not all those people will be allowed to participate in the world’s economy; they are under tight controls there, so selling out America to the Chinese will always end only one way—with grave disappointment.  Film production companies have had to slowly learn that over the last decade, only to nearly be wiped out entirely by the Chinese bioweapon Covid-19 meant to torpedo the economy during an election year for retaliation over Trump’s trade deals.  (Where’s the proof—everywhere if you look at it.  Most don’t want to look at it) I’ve also mentioned in many other articles that the problem with tech companies, what Google collects on people, and how Facebook builds profiles is that people do not reveal their entire essence on social media platforms.  You may get consumer behavior or sexual behavior patterns, but learning the totality of human need has proven elusive to the tech companies.  The geeks who work in those places often don’t know what questions they need to pose under online tracking to understand a human intellect.  So even with all their tampering, they still ended up with a society that elected Donald Trump twice.  The first time the FBI tried to erase the results for them as they had promised government they would do.  The second time they participated in massive voter fraud with the help of Chinese tampering in four specific counties in crucial swing states, and they were caught.  But not before they made a real mess of things and declared victory even as they were recorded cheating.  The court cases for this will take years to sort out, but they have trouble on the horizon for their election tampering that most people haven’t been able to wrap their minds around yet. 

But the Big Tech skinny jean geeks didn’t care.  They were global corporations operating in many ways more significantly than the United States government that people had elected for a republic.  And they made their move that corporations had been toying with for well over a hundred years, steering their companies away from American sovereignty and toward a global government which they would influence from the inside out.  Cornelius Vanderbilt, in his day, for example, or even J.D. Rockefeller, were patriotic toward America, and when they could have, they avoided going total globalist.  But that was a day when trains ruled, and Europe was far behind.  A hundred years later, with a much smaller world brought together by Big Tech, it isn’t surprising that companies like Google and Facebook would abandon the American concept altogether in favor of something they created.  Even though Google told us ten years ago that they were libertarians and would never abuse their power, they have grossly abused their power and now have lots of trouble.  Many think that Google doesn’t care and that Facebook is too big to fail.  But as I say many times, the way to beat these guys is through their branding.  They care about their brand, and after the 2020 election, their brands have taken a massive hit.  The corrosive effects have not yet been measured, but they will show up in 2021 going into 2022, and it will be painful for them.  Many young people do not care about Facebook; it’s an older model and quickly has become the social media platform for older people.  And when you add election fraud to the mix, and that many young people from 18-25 are starting to turn to Trump despite the Marxism taught in public schools, the Big Tech companies have some serious problems with their brand. 

Yes, young people are looking toward the Republican party anyway, no matter what kind of influence Facebook and Google thought they had with censorship.  Their censorship worked in China, but the people there have been conquered for many thousands of years.  China has never recovered fully from the rule over the Mongols. They’ve had some ruling dynasties, such as the Han. Still, as a people, they have never evolved into the kind of independent people that Americans are, which I talk about extensively in my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  If only the skinny jeans execs in Silicon Vally had asked me, I could have saved them a lot of headaches.  But they took their shot, they put their chips on the wrong horse, and now they’ve been exposed.

The court case with Trump itself will be a tough one for the Supreme Court as measured today.  But by the time they hear the case, the world will be a much different place. Other factors will come into play, such as public sentiment, for the same reasons that the Supreme Court did not want to hear about election fraud after the 2020 election because they didn’t want the radicals in the Democrat party to burn down their homes.  They will be influenced by an angry public newly aware of Google and Facebook’s role in stealing the election from a person those same people voted for.  Right now, it’s too inconvenient to know.  Too many media executives are currently engaged in the cover-up.  But during this case, as it brews in the legal world, those execs will retire, move to the Bahamas to take their money and run, and the replacements will do what they do in every corporate culture, they’ll be thrown under the bus, and the cover-ups will be ended.  In the end, that’s how it will go down, and we’ll all be better off as a result.  And, we’ll get another four years of Trump anyway.  In this way, Trump will be able to be president effectively for 12 total years thanks to the follies of Big Tech and their powergrab at the expense of American sovereignty. 

Rich Hoffman

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