Biden Folding Under Pressure: The way to beat the bad guys

Biden Folding Under Pressure

For a while, I thought we might have to have an armed conflict to restore order to our nation.  But over time, which is reflected in my new hat and is part of why I bought it in Jackson, Wyoming, I have come to think of a different strategy that keeps us all on the moral high ground.  Immediately after the election, I set to work to finish my book on strategy, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, to help implement this new approach.  And to finish the book and get all the elements it needed that had been missing, my wife and I hit the road for a significant part of 2021 and traveled the west to get a good bead on what our country is and where it’s going.  I had to do that because the media presentation of our country was a bad one and could be traced back to corporate leaders who were guiding their companies toward global Marxism for the specific purpose of securing new markets for their products.  It was a gamble made by big companies looking to leverage their bets with some illegal gaming.  And they were looking to use the gray area of corporate influence in government to implement the strategy.  But how much of America had fallen, and how much was there to work with.  To know that, I had to do the traveling and edit in the field to get this strategy right. At a gut level, I felt I understood things well.  Yet validation of that gut feeling was needed, and that’s what I did, and at the end of it, I bought that nice white hat because it represented where my mind was on the matter.  It wasn’t a fight in the streets or an invasion of the Capitol that was needed.  We had to remove the cancer of progressivism from our lives without killing the patient of capitalism, which was the threat by that other side to protect themselves.  And we had to do it door to door, corporation by corporation, and nation to nation, essentially all at the same time. After my quest, I felt I had a way to do that, and I intend to share that with everyone out there. 

The first thing you must do, which is reflected in my white hat for my personal life, is realizing that we are the ones who have been correct and remain the protectors of Natural Law and the Order that must come from that direction.  We are not criminals.  We are the law, so there is no need to do anything, to invade anything as an action.  It’s not even our job to “go do” anything except for standing by what we already have.  The goal of these attackers of our laws and our country want to put us into a chasing our tail position.  They want to provoke us into action, and you can look around and see that they have most of us in a reactionary state based on a feeling of victimhood.  After all, how the news is presented to us, we are losing something over here, and we are supposed to cry about how unfair it is. We find ourselves protesting and crying about it as if by doing so, we admit that we have lost control of these new forces, validating their existence and intentions as a true threat.  Instead, the real solution to these insurgency problems is to use pressure to crush the enemy. An excellent example of this has been the Trump family going around and giving speeches criticizing the Biden administration and progressivism in general as if they were still in the White House.  That pressure is causing Joe Biden and his handlers in the Democrat party a lot of trouble, as I talk about in the above video.  Much of what I talk about in my new book is a kind of step-by-step guide for building that pressure and applying it to aggressors in your life no matter what level of life they present themselves.  And to teach everyone how to do what Trump is doing, apply pressure as a management resource to the bad characters out there.  Trump knows how to perform these methods as a successful executive over many years.  But to help him, more freedom fighters need to understand how to apply those same methods because that is the best method of fighting back against the insurgency of our government that we have witnessed over the last several years.

And you can see it in Biden as he has had to answer the expectations that have come from the recent Trump speeches.  The plan was for a complete conversion of American life by now; after a year of Covid and a stolen election, the American people were supposed to be broken like a bucking horse that finally gives up.  They are not prepared for the kind of resistance they are seeing.  And what I did see which I needed to, is how much of that fight is still in America.  Well, I did see it, and I saw it first hand.  After all my travel, there aren’t 80 million people who voted for Joe Biden; like everyone tells us happened, the math isn’t there.  So we are all like those white-hatted sheriffs of a Wild West town overtaken by outlaws, cattle rustlers, and other criminals who have taken advantage of good people to make a lot of money for themselves.  The Biden family is an excellent example of the kind of money we are talking about, which is why nobody wants to discuss the Hunter laptop and all the criminal conduct shown on it, which directly connects the Biden family to criminal enterprises.  There are many other criminals out there, especially in the media, looking for easy money who have allowed corruption to direct them toward these insurrections that we are now concerned with.  And what is needed to fight them is a refusal to accept that state of existence and use that pressure to apply law and order to a criminal class in our government that isn’t prepared to deal with that pressure.  By refusing to accept the election results, for example, the scam on their end falls apart quickly, and they don’t have a plan to deal with it, which is why they are now refusing to talk about it in the White House.  They know they don’t belong there, and their biggest worry is that the ordinary everyday person will figure that out. 

Desperation and hopelessness do not need to be a part of our vocabulary, dear reader.  It’s not so bad out there, as they want you to think.  The way to beat them is to stand by Natural Law and Order.  One of the things I did while traveling was to go to Mt. Rushmore.  I would advise everyone who worries about these kinds of things to take a similar pilgrimage.  Mt. Rushmore spells all this out nicely.  We must remember that we are a republic, not a socialist-leaning democracy.  And that we are a nation of laws, not of humankind’s whims for power grabs. We must stand by natural law and be those white-hatted sheriffs who use the pressure of goodness to smoke out the villainy with our refusal to go along to get along.  We must take away that leverage from our vocabulary and leave them alone, afraid, and exposed.  We have all the tools to do that right now without firing a shot by adhering to our constitutions, state and federal.  And by doing that, we take away the threat to our existence because they do not have the power to do what they are threatening.  After my travels and hundreds and hundreds of hours of reading, I have done with founding documents since that election and finishing my book, its as clear to me as a skyscraper window on the top floor looking out over vast distances on a clear day.  It’s not nearly as bad as they want us to think it is.  The truth is, the bad people are very vulnerable and much easier to beat than they can admit to themselves.

Rich Hoffman

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