The Power of “Ghosting It”: Attacking Trump supporters isn’t enough

The Nature of Power

Nobody with a sane mind will dispute that what has been going on with Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg is an abuse of power in the extreme. The means of defending ourselves from the incursions is where the primary problem resides.  The frustration for the insurgents on the political left, which is global, is that the Trump Organization is attached to Donald Trump in a way it hasn’t seen a hit against its brand.  People still love and respect the Trump Organization even as there have been hits against its reputation by radicals looking to destroy the brand and destroying the business’s income.  That is how the left has operated for years, and it’s the only gas they have in the tank.  They have no actual means of destroying people or companies but hope to change the way people feel about them.  But, as we have seen through the election results of President Trump, even though on paper it showed that Joe Biden had won the election because the official titled participants certified the election, the truth about the vote comes out in math all across the country.  Despite all the attempts to tear down the Trump brand, well over 70 million people voted for Donald Trump in the election. They continue to support him even now at rallies and personal statements in every state across the country.  That is the actual vote by the people and is why the Trump Organization hasn’t been torn down yet.  The leftist’s attacks depend on people to stay in the lines created by society, manipulated by the legal system, and conform to the social controls of history to work.  But they haven’t been working, so the system itself is getting desperate and attacking anybody close to Trump that they can get a hold of to destroy any potential that Trump might resume his climb into the Executive Office as an elected representative.

This case illustrates perfectly why so many people in the world clammer for power or their perception of it.  One of the reasons my management method of “Ghosting It” is so effective is that it exists by living outside of the definitions for power that are generally instilled in our culture from its inception.  The reason people want power, whether it is political power, power within a community, a family, even within a friendship, is because they count on titles and official capacities to shape the world to their liking.  We all want to believe in our legal system. Still, unfortunately, such as the case with the Trump Organization, the New York prosecutors have gained power by title so that they could, in essence, control the definitions of law and order.  Since we have lost our connection to Natural Law in America, it thus allows for any tyrant to acquire power and use that power to destroy their enemies.  In this case of Trump, the left is terrified Trump will continue to break the rules and run for president yet again, which will destroy all their long-established plans.  Many of which have been in place for over a century.  The progressive effort in society has sought to remove Natural Law, family strength, and an economic grip on capitalism since the 19th century.  They intend to “progress” beyond those American concepts and seek to destroy any reference that might root the country to those ideas, and they are out for blood to continue that path.  That is why they have been working so hard to corrupt our legal system over so many decades.  They want desperately to have the kind of power they are showing in New York, to interpret the law, and to use it as a weapon to achieve their political desires.  We see the same behavior currently working against Rudy Giuliani where they have taken the law license of the former mayor just because he has been representing Donald Trump on legal matters. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been talking about two legal cases that came about before the progressive era took root, the Wild West period. In this case, Laurence Murphy gained control of the law in New Mexico to edge his rival, John Chism, out of the cattle baron business.  And we saw it again when the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, paid a killer to shoot Wild Bill before he could become sheriff and clean the city up from the crimes that were happening there that were making a lot of money for a lot of people.  I point those out because comparing things to western history, relatively simple politics shows the intent of vile evil people wonderfully.  Most people can agree on the facts when presented against the context of history long over the horizon of concern.  It is much harder for people to decide that the same type of thing was going on against Trump with James Comey, for instance, who had weaponized the FBI to control the kind of people who could be elected into representation roles in the American government. The message to us all has been that if we elect someone, the intelligence community from a Deep State perspective doesn’t approve of, those people will be destroyed by the law, which has been happening to Donald Trump since he announced he was running.  None of the enemies thought Trump would survive, and they are perplexed that he continues to survive.  So for them, the next best thing is to go after people close to Trump, hoping to erode him with a lack of support.  The other method they utilize, which they were caught on this past year, was election fraud.  If a candidate isn’t destroyed by some miracle in the media and people vote for them anyway, they will cheat.  This has likely been going on for many years.  It was just this past election where Trump was the one who had over 80 million votes, not Joe Biden, where they had to cheat so bad that they got caught this time. 

But to their minds, getting caught isn’t the worst thing in the world because they still have the power of the law to abuse to hide their crimes, which is why they have spent so much time and energy trying to acquire control over many years.  They always wanted to have James Comey types out there running the FBI for the political insurgency.  And they always wish to have liberal prosecutors to go after their political enemies, which is the whole intent of attacking the Trump Organization.  Thus, the way to beat these villains is to keep our law and order rooted in Natural Law.  And to stay committed to that fight, the public conflict must come from “ghosting it.” Trump has an instinct for it, as do most great leaders; they always have.  I have lately put a definition to it that allows others to utilize the tactic.  The way to beat progressives of radical leftism is to be bigger than them, have more maneuverability than they do, and take away the fear they expect to utilize by controlling the legal process.  Trump is “ghosting it,” so they will never catch him.  No matter who they attack, Trump has made himself untouchable by using his legendary status built over a lifetime and is unleashing it now in a way that no institutional controls can manage.  And that is the sunny side of the gruesome stuff we see now, especially coming out of New York legally.  The old tricks won’t work anymore, because as the Trump Organization proves, people still have all the power.  And maybe for the first time in history, controlling law and order from a government standpoint isn’t working.  Cheating the vote wasn’t enough because there are still many Americans and supporters worldwide who know better, and they aren’t giving up.

Rich Hoffman

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