Obama is Losing Control: Its good to see

I am enjoying watching former president Obama wiggle with reality as the progressive hard laid plans of deceit and malice fall apart in front of their faces.  Like I explained to some people recently about how crazy the world appears to be, it’s a good thing.  For years all this stuff was pushed under the rug, and now the carpet has been pulled up, and we realize what a mess everything is.  But before, we were kidding ourselves.  It was always a mess, but it was just hidden carefully from sight.  And that’s how Obama, the communist radical terrorist, was trained to enter the White House under the guilt of racism and begin to demolish our country, for which Joe Biden has been tasked to finish.  Only, people are not following the way they are supposed to, and this has left progressives exposed and baking under the hot sun of the light of day, a place they don’t like to be.  Yet, I would say it’s a good thing to be tested like this and to punish those who have attacked us with the realization that they will not be successful.  And to see the color go from their faces as to what happens next.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Obama is Losing Control: Its good to see

  1. I pray that the truth of the 2020 Presidential election tampering comes to light with the audit of the votes cast in Maricopa County AZ. Our Communist County Board of Supervisors colluded with our Communist Sec. of State Katie Hobbs to make a “DEAL WITH THE DEVIL’S DOMINION” vote mis-tabulation machines with “TAMPERING WITH THE VOTE” programmed right in by the Evil Eric Coomer. I think he originally designed it for Hugo Chavez and then for Maduro, Oh and the stinking swamp gas DEMOCRATIC PARTY.


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