Now Everyone Wants Net Neutrality: People running to government for protection from actions the government committed.

Everyone suddenly is excited about Ohio’s Attorney General David Yost suing the government over control of the internet as a public utility explicitly targeting Google’s use of search engines to limit conservative speech.  Doesn’t everyone remember Net Neutrality that the government desperately wanted?  What everyone is cheering on with Yost is essentially the passage of Net Neutrality.  Because in free internet, we have seen a government alliance with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others where they have gone out and done the crimes of government, Chinese style censorship and all, and now people are saying “uncle,” they can’t take it.  Are these too big to fail? Tech companies have become villains, and now we are crying to the government to help us?  When it was government working both sides against the middle.  Doesn’t everyone smell the rat? 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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