The Biden Trap: It’s not about money, its about communism

I’m going to call it a trap, the whole discussion about Biden’s infrastructure plan, the multitrillion-dollar monstrosity that only feeds the DC culture’s swamp creatures.  As I said in the video above, I don’t think any Democrats care about infrastructure.  They want to help sell Chinese communism by showing how gridlocked our government is compared to how China operates.  They don’t like democratic processes, and China intends to control those they have paid off. According to the Biden laptop, the Biden family certainly belongs to China to show how slow and ineffective the American government is.  Biden and the Democrats knew there would be a fight in Congress; they hoped there would be.  They counted on it because it’s not the budget they want to be passed.  It’s to convince weak-kneed Americans to give up on our current representative government and to accept Chinese communism.  It was always the plan, and China has it worked out, so they win no matter what happens.  Except if it is shown that Biden isn’t the president.  Now that, that is something nobody is prepared for.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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