The Compliance Parasites Come After Amazon: One of the biggest shakedowns known these days creates a climate of political activism

I’m not the biggest fan these days.  So much so that after what they did to Parler, I removed my upcoming book from their Bookbaby Publishing business and went somewhere else.  They are using their power to try to steer political theater into a direction favorable to them.  But they are a business, and they do an excellent job at what they do, so it burns me up that there are accident reports that are starting to come out against them recently announcing that their workplace injuries have doubled.  I explain the details in the video above, but the essence of this story is a large part of how government turns allies toward them through threats of activism by their compliance culture is one of the biggest problems of our modern time.  Government makes activists out of companies like Amazon with a gun to their head to work against us, and we all must deal with this problem eventually. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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