Biden’s Theft of the Good Trump Economy: Democrats will steal anything

If you ever had doubts about how Democrats and specifically the Biden administration steals from those around them, then look no further than the jobs report from May 2021.  Biden quickly claimed that there had been 2 million jobs created since he started his term in January.  But the phony counting comes from the fact that most of those jobs were Covid jobs put on hold due to the shutting down of the economy.  They are, as I said in the video, Trump jobs created during his term.  Those jobs were put on the shelf while we fooled around with Covid-19.  Once we pushed the button to reopen the economy, the positions were reactivated.  The Biden administration did not create them.  They are simply the latest example of Democrats taking credit for the work that Republicans do.  But for those who don’t believe it, it just happened right in front of all our faces. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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