Nice to See Parents Fighting Back: Finally, people are beginning to see what a scam public education has always been

I have been enjoying lately the company of people who are just starting to figure out how bad public education truly is.  Maybe the best thing about Covid and its disaster has been forcing parents to think of alternative babysitting services for their children.  You know how I always say that liberals love to plan, but they never know what to do once they get where they want to go.  That is what liberals did to themselves over Covid and using it as an excuse to stay home from work.  Now that people have had a taste of life without public schools, now they can afford to ask questions about it that they may have never dared to ask before.  And now they can see just what vile institutions of progressive intrusions that they have been all along.  Now that they are speaking out against Critical Race Theory and other liberal causes taught in taxpayer-funded schools, we may see a ray of hope yet in a future for education in general.  And that is a good thing.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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