Dr. Fauci: The criminal of Covid theft and election tampering

I call Dr. Fauci lots of things, such as Dr. Doom, Dr. Dumbass, even worse—but under no circumstances did I think during the whole pandemic, even before, that he was some great scientific mind.  To be as old as he is and still working for the government says to me that there is something wrong with this guy. He’s been a broken person since his days as the spokesman for how to deal with AIDs.  Much of this was only confirmed for me when I read the first of Judy Mikovits’ books several years ago on infectious diseases that touched on the Plague of Corruption that often takes place in the medical industry that touched on the way people like Fauci ran the NIH.   I have never trusted the CDC, the World Health Organization, or China.  There was always a lot wrong with all these relationships in the early days of the Covid lockdowns.  I talked openly about them at the time. Given what kind of criminal conduct Fauci and others are now guilty of, I feel it’s only appropriate to spike the football a bit.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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