Debate is Great: Just so long as the other side shuts up and listens

Despite what many think about me, I encourage debate with those who are not so enlightened.  I can’t promise that my mind will be changed, but I am often very accommodating toward people who don’t think the way I do unless the opposite party decides to get pushy and threatening.  When that happens, and it has, I will get mad and retaliatory.  But over just the ideas themselves, I’ll debate people with other ideas in a polite way all day long and then some.  I figure all knowledge is just a matter of the participants’ education level, and many people aren’t that far along on what a proper thought on anything is.  Debate isn’t about concessions or compromise; it’s about discovering the truth on a matter.  If that is not the goal, then any exchange is a useless endeavor.  And when it comes to debate, I consider it a win/win no matter the outcomes.  There is always the chance that I will learn something in the exchange.  Or, if people listen to me, they’ll learn something and will become better as a result.  But avoiding debate or being bullied into not having a conversation at all for me isn’t ever an option. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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