Transgender Policies Destroy the Foundations of Feminism: Democrats always plan the journey but never know what to do once they get there

It is almost a parody of the coyote from Road Runner cartoons, which young people wouldn’t even know about these days due to cancel culture. Still, the progressive Democrats keep running into the same walls over and over again.  Now that all these women are mad at transgender policies putting men into women sports making it so they can’t compete equally, the basic foundations of feminism are challenged in a way none of them ever anticipated.  We get into the details in the video above, but how stupid are Democrats not to see this coming?  For a century, they advocated for equal strength, equal pay, equal everything between men and women, only to show the concept that anybody can be anything any time they want. When thrown together equally, a man’s body is revealed through direct evidence to be superior regarding sports instead of women who are physically built for entirely different biological reasons?  But guess what, everything Democrats come up with is just as stupid. They always plan the journey but never know what to do once they get there. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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