The Terrorists of American Government: Hiding their crimes behind a January 6th Commission

Of course, a government that has turned to crime for their glory and financial sustenance will view any threat to them as a “terrorist” act.  But this criminal government, under the handpicked antics of corporate sponsorship and malicious intent of billionaire globalists, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, this criminal government has painted itself in a corner this time.  Their diversion of using some fictional uprising such as the January 6th commission they are trying to stick on Trump supporters with a defensive position is ridiculous.  They are the terrorists, not the angry people who were watching an election being stolen right in front of their faces.  Compared to the anger at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 is not the fault of the people themselves, but of a government who acted aggressively against them, then tried to blame what they are doing on the people who were at the Capitol.  For Biden to say that white supremacy is the number one threat to American security, not the Taliban or any other global terrorist organization, is a guy who was a white supremacist as a KKK Democrat cheering on the south against blacks and trying to hide it now with all these false claims hoping nobody notices.  Yeah, the terrorists were never the Trump supporters, they are currently in the Executive Branch, and they have been caught.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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