The Government is Losing Their Cover: Removing masks from public policy

The Masks are Almost Gone!

I saw a public transportation bus advertising even after June 2nd in Ohio to please wear a mask, spelled “pleaz” to sound hip and cool.  Government is desperate to keep the Covid garbage going to provide cover for their many crimes.  Now under force, as Governor DeWine had to reopen the state under tremendous pressure from the legislature, the world is moving on.   Getting rid of their Covid masks without the government anyway was happening. I was somewhat proud of most people who started taking off their masks well ahead of the deadline.  As the masks were coming off, Joe Biden, in a bit of a panic, indicated he would give out free beer to keep the issue alive with a 70% goal to have the population vaccinated by July 4th.  As I’ve said, the vaccinations aren’t about health; they are about cover for the government that is very guilty of terrible things regarding Covid-19.  And without the masks, they have no shelter.  So their desperation now that they’ve been uncovered is fun to see.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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